4 thoughts on “Trending topics vol. 81

  1. I don’t know who that is. I just wanted to bug Blockface because a sample he used in Attack the Doctor is bugging the hell out of me. It’s the orchestral sample that comes in at 3:45. It (or it’s variation) is used in another song and trying to at least remember that song has been the bain of my entire existence ever since I first heard it. I thought it was Rappaz RN Dainja, but that’s a different beat… maybe a J-Zone? Automator? Jeesuz!

    • I WILL eventually remember it. I had Vanilla Ice’s “Hooked” bassline stuck in my head for over a year (you can ask my co-workers how annoying I was trying to hum it in my tone-deaf hummvoice) but it eventually hit me. BTW I actually intended to post this on the first article/blog of yours I read about sampling tips, but figured since that was dates last year you wouldn’t read it.

      We have ways of making you talk…

      But seriously if you dn’t wanna mentin it cuz of hiding from royalties or tricks of the trade or whatever, I’ll drop it (on the boards… not in my head, never). Or I could name producers and we could play the “Hot-Cold” game. Or 20 Questions…

      • Oh, I have no clue what that is. There are like 200 samples on that album and I made it a long time ago. I really don’t keep track of that stuff unless I have to.

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