The Robin Byrd Mixtape

As you may know, my new album “Interludes after midnight” drops in about two weeks (April 30th, on Ninja Tune records). As a lead in, my boy Dj Pizzo from did me a major solid and made a hour and 15 minute mix of some of my older music. He did a really awesome job and I hope it whets your appetite for the new stuff coming soon.
Anyway, here’s the link:
Listen to it there, download it, masturbate to it…do whatever you like. Just peep it.

Here’s the description from the man who made it himself:
Back in 2005, HipHopSite.Com pressed up a special promotional CD for pre-orders of Blockhead’s “Downtown Science” LP called “The Block Is Hot Part 2”. Limited to 1000 copies, the disc included a handful of unreleased joints from Block, but more importantly a live recording of a performance in NYC. Block had mixed tracks from his first two albums together into one super-chilled out mix before a live audience, and it was captured there.

Fast-forward to 2011, Blockhead had since released two more albums, “Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book” and “The Music Scene”, both of which had become lexicon for this DJ. So, while out in L.A. for a gig, my manager and I constantly were listening to “The Block Is Hot Part 2” and it’s live mix, marveling how years later it still held up. I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be great if Block did another one of these mixes for his last couple of LP’s?”

I called up Block and asked him if he had any plans to do so, and he seemed overwhelmed with finishing his new LP, “Interludes After Midnight”. I then pitched to him the idea of doing it myself as some kind of lead-in project for the new LP. I then started to think about all of those cool bootlegs and unreleased tracks he threw out on his Phat Friend blog, and thus, “The Robin Byrd Mixtape” was born.

This mix is mainly built around “Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book” (my personal favorite Blockhead LP) and “The Music Scene”, and also includes a handful of semi-exclusive remixes that Blockhead did for fun, as well as a strange demo he did for some chick named Lizzy Grant (who you might recognize now as Lana Del Rey). I also threw in a handful of other beats, collabos, b -sides, unreleased cuts, and even some of his discarded “throwaway” demos, which in reality ain’t all that bad. So, enjoy this 80 minute mix of Blockhead classics and rarities until Midnight arrives……. – DJ Pizzo

8 thoughts on “The Robin Byrd Mixtape

  1. While I admit to downloading songs “illegally”, I mainly use it to test out something before I go buy it. If its good, I want the real thing and I like knowing that my money helps keep my favorite musicians creating music. I’ve always wondered though, when I buy something that is still new(in that it is not being sold “used”), but maybe has been out for sometime and is pretty obscure, like say The Perceptionists “Black Dialogue”, do artists ever recieve a check for like only a few dollars. I sometimes imagine them opening a check only to see an amount for like $2.12, which sounds depressing, but then I imagine them buying a bunch of Ramen noodles or some shit, helping them survive, or at the least smile that someone is still bumping their shit. If only one person buys your old album in a month, do they pay you for that or do you have to meet a quota before a check is generated. Thoughts?

  2. Thanks BH & DJP !!!! These obscurely evocative melodies touch my hypothetical soul!
    Some GREAT stuff here.

    – As I bit into the nectarine, it had a crisp juiciness about it that was very pleasurable – until I realized it wasn’t a nectarine at all, but A HUMAN HEAD!” – Jack Handy

  3. I’m astonished by how smooth the mixtape works. Great job creating a tapestry of Block’s beats.

    Also, I have to mention that the Lizzy Grant vocals really caught my attention. I’ve avoided most of the Lana del Rey hype so it took me a moment to place her voice. But she clearly has vocal talent and it was intriguing to hear an excerpt from Block’s brief collaboration with her.

  4. Wow. The mix heads into an unexpected futuristic place around 32 minutes in. Great stuff. Fantastic job crafting a tapestry of themes and emotions from all of these elements.

    Also, the Lizzie Grant excerpt was good. Nice to know Lana Del Rey has some real vocal talent.

  5. Ok….who knew that Blockhead listens to Regina Spektor? I would never have guessed. That jazzy Spektor mix around 60 minutes in is insane!

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