A bunch of stuff…Music, clips, and other things

Instead of making 5 little posts, I’ll just save us all some time and condense all these goodies into one entry. I know how busy you are. You’re welcome.

To start things off…The new Sir Jarlsberg video. This time, our hero goes to see “Wizards” play basketball. He’s pretty bummed out when he learns that these Wizards are actually just really tall, normal men…but it all works out in the end.

Secondly, here’s a link to a new song I did with my boy Selfsays. I like it. It’s fun. Perfect for the upcoming summer. Peep it:

Next, My homeboy Dj Pawl of Hangar 18 has been working on a documentary (that I actually took part in and gave music too) about what happens to rappers when they grow up. The problem is, he needs a little money to finish it. So, here’s a preview of what you might be seeing with a touch of Kickstarter thrown in.

Here’s an interview I did for the “Shape of things” podcast. It’s long and thorough. Just like you like it. Also, admire how fucking fast I talk. Micro machine status.

Lastly, this is not a common thing for this blog but I figured I’d throw it out there…
I recently heard this rock group called The Skins. It’s basically a band of high school students from NYC. Most of them are actually related. Anyway, it’s some straight up rock shit but I have a feeling, in the next few years, these people are going to be extremely famous. So, if for no other reason, check it out so you can say “Oh shit, I remember when blockhead posted about them 3 years ago! He’s must be a magical truth teller from the future!!”…also, this lead singer can sing her ass off.

Here’s another song for download:

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