Answers for questions vol. 82

What up. I’m back from a weekend in Miami for a friends wedding. I’m feeling fairly brain dead but, hey, sometimes that can work to your advantage. Send me more questions! Leave them in the comments or email me them at Also, I still need “Ask Dr. Tony” questions. If you got problems, I can solve them. Love life shit? I got you. I know everything. Totally. Send those to the email above as well.
Anyway, on with it…

Would you rather someone download your album illegally and hate it so they never end up buying it or would you rather someone pay for the album and end up hating it? Keep in mind this is a general question to you as an artist. I’m not insinuating that your music sucks at all (I have all 4 of your solo albums as well as all of Aesop’s stuff and a whole bunch of other albums that you did production on and I paid for all of them. And I’m glad I did). Do you think it was okay for people to dub tapes back in the day? I realize that doesn’t even come close to getting an album off a blog but I’d be interested to get your take on that. Do you care if I burn one of your cds from a friend (at least you know one of us paid for it)?

Shit. well, listen, obviously I’d rather anyone buy the records , regardless of how they feel about the music. But if someone truly doesn’t like it, I can’t be mad at them not paying for it. In the end, that kinda shit doesn’t matter to me cause they’re not really fans of my music regardless. Fuck’em. They’re entitled to their opinion but I can’t feel bad for every person who buys one of my albums and hates it. They shoulda done more research!

As for dub tapes, I used to do those all day. I don’t see a problem with that, or burning friends copies of albums cause it’s on such a small scale. That’s kinda the nature in which we find out about new music. Other people. Back in the day, for many of my friends, I was the guy who was keeping tabs on new music so I would make cassette mixes of all the good new shit and dub them for my friends. I look at that type of shit as promotion so i could never be mad at it.

Lets talk packing. I for one, hate packing and like to just throw shit inside.. Are you a light packer? before going on tour, traveling in general, are you a duffel bag guy or full on luggage with your whole closet inside?

I’m an extremely light packer. I don’t bring anything I don’t need. THis is mostly cause I will do anything to not have to check luggage. I also don’t have an particularly varied wardrobe. I pretty much just pack as many socks, underwear and t-shirts as I need for the amount of days I’ll be gone and wear the same jeans the entire trip. The only downside to this is if I were to get something really dirty or tear a piece of clothing but that’s never happened yet so I’m good.

When you take a shit the morning after a spicy dinner, are you the type of person to use wet-wipes to cool your burning rimhole, or do you just say fuck it, dry wipe, and feel the burn? Would you have any advice either pre/post poo as how to remedy this situation?

These bathroom questions are like the new craze. I don’t get it…but I’m an honorable man and I will move forward.
I’m not that into spicy food. I mean, I eat it here and there but I don’t seek it out. So, a blazed out anus (MEGA PAUSE) due to eating 40 hot wings is not the norm in my life. That said, when I do eat something on the spicier side, I do feel the pain the next day. However, I just stick with normal toilet paper over wet wipes. Call me old fashioned, but that’s how I do it. Wet wipes are awesome and everything but , because they’re wet, you kinda just end up wiping forever cause there’s a constant feel of moisture there, where as the dryness of normal toilet paper clues you in on when you’ve finished. There. Happy? You sick, sick man.

Hey block
I’m a little bit of a conspiracy theorist and have always thought there was something fishy about sports in general. I have also heard this from friends that say they are seeing patterns and what not, this was when it first ever occurred to me that there is definitely a chance it could be. I think sports are rigged so as to fit the best interests of the people watching them (To generate more revenue and keep it interesting, of course). You remember when the Lakers got swept, possibly because they started losing money as the Lakers kept winning. One team cannot just dominate all the time. It would just get boring and less viewers would wanna watch. What do you think?

I think that’s total bullshit. Do you watch sports? IF so, you’d see that it would be hard to fix most games beyond a few small things here and there (without being overly obvious about showing the fix was in). I do think certain games and/or moments of games have been effected by outside things but to ay that all sports are fixed all the time is ludicrous.

Any predictions for the final season of Breaking Bad? Thoughts not yet shared about the show in general? 5,000-word dissertation on the morality of Walter White?

Well, aside from putting up what was probably the best 6 episode span of television I’ve ever seen (the last 6 episodes of the most recent season) , it’s hard to really say what will happen. I mean, shit, this is one of the least obvious tv shows ever. Obviously, the shit is gonna hit the fan and either jesse or walt is gonna die. In the end, I foresee Walt JR. standing on a pile of money while getting his dick sucked by a hot cholo girl.

I’m listening to Float right now, and its always bothered me that Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with Blockhead fade out so fast, when there’s clearly more stuff to come in the beats. Are there longer versions anywhere?

Nope. Those are just some short beats we put on the album to space it out a little. I will say this though, the beat for “Lunch with blockhead” fades out quickly cause the drums I used on the sample were pretty janky.
The other two pretty much are what they are.

for your Answers for Questions: this Norm MacDonald stand-up was on my recommended list on Netflix, and i watched it, and just thought it was the worst thing ever. if you have a chance and are interested in experiencing something mind-blowingly awful, you should watch it, and tell me if you thought it was as bad as i did. there are good reviews of it all over the internet, which blows my mind. he bombed like 5 minutes in, and then it stretched on for the whole hour. it also has 4 stars on netflix, and is rated 7/10 on imdb. so i remember reading that you were into standup so i thought youd be the one to ask, am i alone in thinking it was a huge failure? and were the crowd/fans just braindead? check it out if you’re interested its called Norm MacDonald: Me Doing Standup

I love Norm. Like, seriously, he’s one of the funniest people alive to me. I’ve seen the special, and I liked it a lot. Norm is weird and , if you’re not familiar with him prior to that special, I can see why it wouldn’t be your shit but I’ve been following him since the 80’s when he was on random stand up shows on cable. I don’t wanna say you have a shitty sense of humor or anything but that dude is hilarious. Granted, he’s not for everyone , but he’s fucking awesome.

Shabazz Palaces tattoo. Good idea, or great idea?

TERRIBLE IDEA. I’m a big fan of Shabazz Palaces but I can’t stress to people enough that you should NEVER get music related tattoo’s. Especially when you’re young. Straight up, people change and , in 10 years, you will not be listening to the same music. In fact,you may even be resenting some of the music you listened to back in the day and look at it has being a foolish child.
Man, if I was the tattoo type , and was doing that shit when I was in my early 20’s, who knows what terrible tats I’d have. I’d probably have a whole Fu-Schnickens back piece and arms full of Boot Camp clique inspired artwork.
Don’t be that guy with the skrillex tattoo at age 40.

16 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 82

  1. Here are a few food related questions for you:

    1) I love mayo. It’s the perfect sauce for most sandwiches, and is also versatile for all sorts of other shit, be it dipping sauces for finger foods, main ingredient for little apps like deviled eggs, etc. Anyway, my question is – what is up with people who actively hate mayo? I’m not talking about people who just try to avoid it because of weight or they’re a little skeeved out by the tanginess of it… I’m talking about people who go out of their way to belittle anyone who likes it and has to go on a “I hate mayo!!!” tirade. I’ve also noticed that there seems to be some stereotype about blacks not liking mayo (there was even that whole running joke in Undercover Brother about it)… yes, I have seen Undercover Brother.

    2) Do you ever watch shows like Chopped or Top Chef? Not so much the Man v. Food-type shows that you’ve written about before. My question is – do you get annoyed at how much things like presentation, color, etc. are over emphasized in these shows? It always boggles my mind that pretentious chef-types will judge on anything besides taste alone. If it looks like a pile of shit but smells and tastes good, I’m down with it.

    3) Speaking of Man v. Food – what is your opinion on Man v. Food Nation in the sense that Adam no longer does the challenges himself? The idea annoyed me at first, but I still find the show enjoyable, aside from maybe those times where they have truly obnoxious people doing the competitions (a.k.a the LoCash Cowboys). Also, do you think they stopped Richman from doing the competitions because of the amount he ballooned up over the years?

    4) Any foods on tour that you didn’t think you’d like, but were more or less forced to eat out of convenience or whatever reason and now love?

    5) Now a fucked up one – For some reason, you wake up one morning and all of the variety of mom-and-pop food options in NYC have been replaced by mass-market chain locations. Like, the cool hole-in-the-wall Chinese spot and the awesome Korean BBQ joint are now both P.F. Changs. All your sandwich spots are now Panera Breads. Your pizza spots are now all either Papa Johns or Dominos. Every other major city is fine though – this vortex of mediocrity has only taken over NYC. Do you think it’d be enough for you to pick up and move to Toronto, Chicago, or any other NYC-like metropolis just for the plentiful food options? It should be noted that this switch in NYC is forever. You’re either all-in or all-out. Those cool places are never coming back.

  2. Would you be on twitter if you had nothing to promote? I feel like most ordinary people would use it as a news feed, to see what’s going on, but the average person seems more about replying to “celebrities” and hoping they respond. I have an account, made like 10 tweets. 9-10 of them replying to the people I am following. One or two have responded, Tim Burgess of The Charlatns being surprisingly willing to chat and quite a cool guy, but I almost feel like I am being that guy that I would normally dislike. I have a solid group of friends, few of which are on Twitter, so am I on their simply for celebrity worship? I would be willing to bet that the majority of people that use it for promoting their work and that of their friends don’t follow many or any of the people that are just “fans” and that makes sense. When I read that Blockhead lost his shoe in the subway, I think “oh I know who that guy is from his music”, but if I tweet I lost my shoe…I mean, who really, even among my own friends gives a shit? Do you ever read a fans profile enough to be like “Joe really hates paying taxes, how interesting!” or “wow my fans are kind of scary”? Now if (insert YOUR favorite artist) says the exact same shit, does it somehow become more interesting?

  3. Band or Rapper tattoos are a terrible idea. I wouldn’t be as worried about growing out of the music, as I would worry about other stuff..

    A Michael Jackson tattoo in 1985… not so bad. A Michael Jackson tattoo in 2005 takes on a whole new meaning.

    If you’re going to get one, at least wait until most of the people in the band are dead, so there are no surprises.

    I’m going to get a tattoo of Kurt Cobain, Tupac’s hologram, Biggie and J Dilla all running a train on Amy Whinehouse.

  4. Blockhead, isn’t yoru album out today? And never mind about that sample from Attack the Doctor, a youtuber helped me out with that. It wasn’t what I thought it was, but similar to the Pete Rock (Henry Mancini) sample for “Tha Game”

  5. A little bg info for my question: I recently started playing bball with my friends, we get some good 4v4 games going and sometimes we end up playing pick up games with other guys at the court. With my friends I’m the worst on the court but I still find ways to be useful. When I play with random people, they assume I’m very skilled because I’m really tall, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. I cover my man, play some D, make passes and I always keep up with the game. But some skills only come from practice and can’t be replaced by enthusiasm.

    So my question:
    Do you have any advice for pickup basketball games where you know you’re (one of) the least experienced players on the court? Do you have any “do’s and don’ts” for pickup games?

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