Trending topics vol. 82 (with a little bonus)

This week, Alaska and I discuss Ron Artest’s elbow, disgusting octomom and Florence Colgate AKA Britain’s most mathematically beautiful woman. Also, Alaska’s Pro Jimmy Fallon stance is not supported by this blog on any level. FOR SHAME, ALASKA!

Also, I’ve done a bunch of live radio and podcasts lately. You should peep them as they’re mostly pretty funny and entertaining. If you got tons of time to kill, these will work.
This one is a baltimore based podcast called Digression sessions. The two hosts are funny motherfuckers and things got pretty silly.

This is one I did last night for Benchwarmer radio out of seattle. We talk about all sorts of shit from music to sports. We also play a fun game of live “fuck/marry/kill”.–wednesday-night-w-blockhead

And here’s me and Dapwell (of Das Racist) on East village radio. This one as awesome cause we took phone calls and made fun of people.

13 thoughts on “Trending topics vol. 82 (with a little bonus)

  1. Block…you are 5’3″?…you look taller. Also, Alaska has seen Kiss of the Spider Woman? At first I was like, I get that joke, then I was all like that is not a movie that is on tv all the time, so he must own it, then I was like, hold up bro, I’ve seen that movie, it’s Raul Julialicious. And now I’m all like does that make me gay? And then I was all like, stop say “I was all like”…and now I’m like…what was I saying?

    • Also re: that same radio show, glad to find out some awesome dudes in hip-hop don’t smoke weed. It’s a little depressing, considering how affluent it is in hip-hop culture, to personally not smoke weed yet love everything (almost everything) else about the culture. Sometimes I get the feeling that to be a head you have to puff the snaps.

      In fact I just got on a huge flamewar with a youtube troll (I was bored) because he was trolling some other dude that commented on one of your songs (carnivores unite, don’t go read my comments… uploader deleted half of them and the troll got banned so it’s very disjointed).

      The original commenter posted how it sucked that a lot of the music he liked was generally aimed towards/appreciated by potheads and that you don’t need marijuana to enjoy good music. I’m sure non-smokers had the same frustrations in the Great Jazz Era as well. A lot of musicians during the Great Jazz Era also turned to heroin because the greats like Bird and Miles were doing it. Anyway just wanted to say thanks for being a reinforcing influence.

  2. Blockface, why does it seem like everyone is leaving Def Jux to go to Rhymesayers? Why didn’t Aes let you produce any of his new album? When are you gonna come out with a dubstep album?

    • 1)By everyone you mean aesop? I guess Rob counts too but they work together so I dunno if I’d count that.
      2)It wasn’t a matter of “letting” me. He wanted to make all the beats. He’s gotten pretty heavily into production recently so it kinda makes sense. He’s good too.

      • I know Evidence wasn’t on Jux, but it’s just seems like Rhymesayers is snatching up fools from other labels.
        Yeah, I dig Aesop’s beats too. I agree he’s definitely multifaceted. It just seemed like you guys were a team, like Slug and Ant, Primo and Guru, Bert and Ernie…

      • okay, yeah… I guess it’s just the two of them. Forgive me I’m not into sports, so this is kinda like “ooh they traded a player” type of thing for me.

  3. Block I just downloaded the bench warmer podcast and it was pretty cool. Is there anyway to download the other 2 or can you only stream them or whatever from the links? I’d really like to listen to them in my car so any help is appreciated. Thanks again

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