Answers for questions vol. 83

First things first, my new album “Interludes after midnight” is out TODAY. To to I-tunes, amazon, or wherever you go to buy music and cop dat shiiiiittttt.
Secondly, Hi there!
Send me more questions! I want weird ones. I want “Ask dr. Tony” type questions. I want it all.
Email me them at or leave them in the comments below.

I guess I was just wondering how important it is for you as a male that your lady friend be into things like a) your music, and b) since you’re all into sports and shit, how interested she should be in sports.
Like, if your lady is a fan of your music, to what point is that important. What’s enough and what’s too much?
And how important is it that she be into sports, I’ve always wondered that because I’ve dated guys that watch sports and as someone who’s not super into it myself, I was just wondering at what point that really matters. Interested to hear your opinion.

Well, sports and music are different so lemme just separate them.
Sports: I don’t think any guy expects his girl to be into sports. It’s a bonus if they are, but I doubt any guy holds that as a deal breaker. Honestly, the fact a girl doesn’t like sports is not always a bad thing as it can just be a break from each other. People should have their own hobbies and interests. If my girl wants to sit around watching “What not to wear” all sunday that’s fine with me as long as I don’t have to watch it with her. All i ask is that the girl don’t complain about sports. That’s some naggy shit that most girlfriends do at some point but it’s truly annoying. Ladies, let your man have his interests. Imposing your will on him will only make him resent you. There’s nothing sadder than a dude who’s scared to ask his girl if he can watch sports.

Music: In terms of the music I make? Ideally, I’d like the girl to respect it and maybe enjoy it but not be a hardcore fan. That kinda shit will make for an uneven balance in the relationship. Basically, just being supportive is enough for me. That said, I’m also not one of those type of guys who really needs his ego stroked constantly by a girl, concerning my music.
In terms of the music I listen to, I’d almost prefer she has slightly different taste. The last thing I wanna do with a girl is sit around and talk hip hop with her. I don’t really wanna do that with anyone nowadays, but especially not a girl I’m into. At the same time, I do want her to enjoy some of the same shit as me, if not just for the sake of a situation where we’re driving somewhere and we have to agree on some music.

You love Dominique. What were your thoughts when he was traded to the Clippers back in the day? This was the trade where I first realized what a bad trade really was. I am now, as I was then; a loyal Clippers fan.

I was bummed cause it meant I couldn’t watch him on TBS anymore. But, It didn’t bother me that much though cause I was more a fan of him than any team he was on.

not really a question, but, could you elaborate on the “madonna as a nude model for your dad” thing?

Just to clarify, I mentioned in last weeks “Trending topics” that Madonna had posed for my father , as an artists model, before she was famous. This is true. I must have been a baby or a very little kid at the time but she came to my house and posed nude for my dad. Who made sculpture of her. This must have been VERY early in her arrival to NYC cause she was broke as fuck and maybe not even making music at that point. Years later i asked him about it and he barely remembered her but said she was nice and very hairy. The best part of the whole thing is , he once pointed out the piece of art she modeled for and it was some tiny iron statue that literally could have been based on anything. It’s not like he painted her nude. He got her naked and made a sculpture out of iron that looked like a medieval butt plug. Props.

How great a rapper did Kane have to be to make a track like “To be your man” and still be considered one of the greatest of all time?

Kane gets a pass. He has made so many great songs that those handful of truly awful love ballads he made can just be ignored. I never did understand who those were for. I mean, i get that ladies like being talked to like they’re new born babies over shalamar throwaway tracks but leave that shit to Jodeci. Kane would have been much better suited if he just rapped aggressively about how he’d have sex with a girl. I feel the reaction would a same, considering this is the same man who made “Pimpin’ ain’t easy”.

do you have a philosophy about track lengths as a) a listener and b) a producer? I know that the ultimate answer is “it depends,” but hopefully you have some musings on the topic.

well…it does depend. As a listener and producer, I’d like to keep them under 7 minutes tops…and that’s pushing it extremely. Especially if we’re talking rap songs. Rap songs should never be more than 5 minutes long. There are exceptions but, unless the length serves a purpose (Pause), it’s just too masturbatory for my taste. Granted, i’ve made my share of 5/6 minute songs but, in my defense, they’re changing and evolving the entire length of the song. A motherfucker would have a lot of nerve to just let a loop run for 6 minutes.
Basically, use your better judgement. If you’ve expressed what needs to be expressed in 3.5 minutes, then end the song there. Adding another 2 minutes of self important music at the end isn’t helping anyone. It’s actually one of my biggest gripes about the last Kanye album. It would have been so much better had someone just said “hey, just end the song, bro…we don’t need the boston philharmonic string section playing two notes for the last 4 minutes of this song while rick ross grunts”.

Have you ever been to see midget wrestling? One of them pulled out his dick, it looked like a clit..and shoved his bare ass, cheeks spread, onto 2 different midgets.

Nope. I can’t say I’d have much interest in that though. Stuff like that is better seen in the form of 7 second long gifs than in person where you gotta sit there for a whole night.

do you ever listen to your own music on a regular basis?
well, like listening to a song regularly right after finishing it?
my friends think its weird that i do. i dont.

When i’m in the process of making and mixing an album, it’s all I listen to. It’s just a way to fine tune and trouble shoot your own work. However, when it’s done, I avoid it like it’s on fire. Mostly cause, at that point, I’m sick of it cause i’ve heard it so many times. Occasionally, I’ll go back and listen to my much older stuff just to see how it holds up but even that is rare.

I’ve been using “Kamutao” as my artist name for a while and just discovered that u had this friend called Camu Tao. I check his stuff and it’s pretty cool and was even thinking of changing my name but fuck it, ala ASAP Rocky and Aesop Rock…

but anyway… I found this clip on youtube of the guy and aesop killing it over your “jet son” beat and… the question! is… what was the whole idea with music by cavelight? were they beats u made for rappers and never used or were u actually planning to start a solo career, difficult to imagine as you’ve been always saying u dont like instrumental hip-hop. I’m just curious

First off, definitely change your name. That one has been taken. It’s not the same as ASAP and Aesop cause those are actually a little different. Yours is the exact same and , if you keep it, that’s all people will ever talk about when they speak of your music. Trust me…new name.

As for “Music by cavelight”, that kinda came out of nowhere. I had made “Blockheads broke beats” on Mush records and they asked me if I’d be into doing an instrumental album. At the time, I had just made the song “Forrest crunk” but, aside from hearing “Entroducing” a few times in passing , I really had no idea what “Instrumental hip hop” meant. So, I just set my mind on making beats that had a lot of changes so they would stand on their own. All the beats on that album were made prior to me even conceptualizing what an instrumental album would be. I suppose you could say they were beats that got passed over by rappers but many of them were just a little too odd for rappers to use. At the time, i was just making beats all the time. I wasn’t thinking about what beat would get used for what, I was just turning them out, regarldess of what kinda sound they had. Sometimes, I’d bug out a little and make tracks that I liked but didn’t have a home for. Those were mostly what made up that album.
So, I made the album, assuming Mush would put it out and they never returned my calls. It wasn’t like they even heard the album, they simply fell off the map. So, my manager just started sending the album around to different labels and the rest is history.

25 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 83

  1. Do you collect tons of these insanely cute animal pics on your computer for future answers posts or do you look up a new one each time? Is there a reason you started using animals or did you just do it on the first post and run with it?

    • I’ve actually answered this one before. I’m lazy and I just go to and find a random pic to put up. my only rules is “NO CATS”. My reasoning? I don’t really even know. It’s just something I find kinda funny so I stuck with it.

      • Sorry, I may have been the one who asked the first time. Sometimes the adorableness factor is enough to momentarily warm my ice cold cynical heart. Pretty impressive.

        Fuck cats.

  2. I was gonna email you a question about this, but since you’re on Music By Cavelight today… I’m fascinated that you went into it with no overarching plan. I’ve always thought of it as a really cohesive record. Also, I’m a bass player, and I nerded out right away on the bass part in “Triptych Pt 3.” I love the progression and feel, I sat down with it and learned to play it. But I’ve always wondered about it — is it live (and if so, who played it?), sampled, synth bass? It sounds real (the sound of wound strings sliding over frets, the percussive strike of a pick, etc.), but these days you never know. So…what’s the deal?

    Also… I’m hyped to check out your new album. Thanks.

  3. I noticed that you recently played a show with Conspirator and I was just curious to hear your opinion on trancefusion and/or jam rock and if you do anything different in your live set when playing with bands that improvise?

  4. What is your opinion of “ducks”? And Who do you look up to for musical Influence? I like Madlib. BTW, I see what you did there on Panic in Funkytown (btw, good job on the new ablum. Not as zomg!!! as Music Scene, but I’m likeing it better with each listen, I listening to it doing homework). But this time I was wiser. Do you consciously seek out samples that resemble old-school hiphop songs, or does the Void handle that and you just go with it?

      • Never mind (it was 3am and I braindead from studying). I just realized that it’s like asking an architect, “How you do that?” when I’m just referring to the flourishes and style. Let’s just say I appreciate them and leave it at that. As far as the actual meat of the building, the architectural structure, I think you covered a lot in that blog about sampling. Love is love.

        P.S. I don’t give a fuck, I love flutes. Oh and BTW, you’re right about sampling acoustic guitar… no matter how much synth I added or other bass-lines, I couldn’t escape the hokey-ness of the sound and ended up giving up on the song.

  5. “If not just for the sake of a situation where we’re driving somewhere and we have to agree on some music.”

    Go ahead and file that one under “highly hypothetical.”

    Your Girl
    (Whom, It Turns Out, Does Read your Little Blog)

  6. You seem to know a lot about movies. Does Jenny give Forrest and Forrest Jr. her AIDS in Forrest Gump? It never clarifies.

  7. What do you think of saying, “bless you” after someone sneezes? I consider it a common courtesy (like in German, “gesundheit” and Spanish, “salut”), not actually intending any religious blessings. Most of the time I slur it like, “blush you” to make myself feel better (not being the religious type). Considering they’re spewing their potentially pathogenic mucous particles everywhere, it would seem more fitting to say, “Watch the fuck out where you aim that shit!” Thoughts?

  8. Aesop working with Kimya Dawson: Is this some Yoko Ono and John Lennon high potential for disaster or does it have a chance? Are we going to see a whole new genre of rap and folk, like The GZA working with Jewel; that album would have to be called drooling jizz. Sick.

  9. another question, probably answered (but this time I legitimately tried to google it first). How do you charge for a beat? Especially since you’re friends with your rappers, how does the business side work? Is it a flat rate or do you get royalties? I mean obviously once you’re signed the label takes care of that… but do you ever do freelance I guess?

    • It all depends but I tend to only work with people who I know in real life or respect musically. I don’t have a set prive but the less I know you and worse you are, the higher the price.

      • I like that. Kick business to the curb, respect favors and friendships. I’m glad to see that even on a pro-level that sharing is caring.

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