A fun article with a surprise at the end…

I recently did a write up for Impose magazine listing songs/videos from my past , explaining why they held importance to me.

The surprise at the end is for all of you out there who’ve ever wondered what I sounded like as a rapper…Know you will know the truth and understand why I gave it up for beatmaking. Godspeed!

8 thoughts on “A fun article with a surprise at the end…

  1. Block, this is fun shit, I appreciate the reveal. You don’t sound THAAAAT bad, and I mean that. You wouldn’t have sounded out of place in an Indelibles cypher. As the worst one in the cypher, sure, but I digress.

    I lol’ed. Great article!

  2. I can’t help but to think of The Mythical Knights of the Visual Round Table during that…Quite the mental storm.

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