Let me ask you a question. Do you consider yourself a pussy? I don’t mean that in an “Are you willing to get violent if need be” kinda way. I mean that in the emotional, thin skinned way. Do you find yourself consistently offended by words? Are you often in situations where people are joking around and you’re secretly uncomfortable? Do you consider the context and intent of how a word it used to be secondary to the word merely being used? Hell, did the fact I used the word “pussy” , at all, offend you? If so, I hate to break it to you, but you are a big old pussy. A gaping, floppy , whimpering pussy.

Now, this doesn’t make you a bad person. In fact, you’re probably a really good person. Fueled by empathy and sympathy for things outside your world, but there has to be a line drawn in the sand where sensitivity is concerned.

I mentioned in a recent blog entry I did about the show “Girls” that we’re in the middle of a deep pussification in america. Everyone is offended and outraged by everything. It’s inescapable. At some point, everyone became an over protective mother on a crusade against all things even remotely politically incorrect.. About 3 times a week, a story will pop up about some religious person or advocate group or single mother who is “outraged” by something someone they don’t know said about something they have no attachment to. Sure, there are real outrageous things that get said all the time but I feel like , by paying any attention to the lesser stories, it’s diluting the importance of the stories that actually do resonate.
Is this something we really want to water down? For every real racial epithet thrown, there’s a white dude in sandals correcting another white dude in sandals for saying “black” instead of “African American”. And that’s the problem…
Sensitivity police. I think the worst thing about it is, it’s usually some asshole so far removed from the cause that it’s almost offensive. An Outrage ,even! Not to mention, it’s also typically preaching to the choir. Like a left wing liberal person, condemning another left wing liberal person over semantics. Deep down, I gotta think the person doing the policing knows that this person means no ill will, but they still feel the need to let them know they’ve crossed some imaginary line.

While real fucked up things are going down, you got people writing 3 page letters to magazines for not calling Midgets “little people”. No disrespect to little people (or midgets) but it’s shit like that that’s part of the problem. People have been calling them midgets forever…and , as far as I know, it wasn’t an issue until someone decided to make it an issue. All of a sudden, it’s a bad word. And it’s not like the words “Faggot” or “nigger” cause no one was using midget as a derogatory word. It was just what they were called. The same way i’m a “white” guy. Man, you can’t even call an person who is literally retarded, “retarded” anymore. Sure, i can see how using it negatively can be hurtful but using the word for what it means (and has always meant) should not be an issue. I know this is a blanket and generalized statement with many holes in it, but these are just words. Not actions.

A month or so ago, there was an article about how PETA was outraged about how a real Squirrel was killed in the movie Winter’s Bone
A fucking squirrel.

I read this and laughed at how much time on their hands the people at PETA must have set aside for daily bouts of rage over things that don’t fucking matter at all.
Upon reading this, I rattled off a bunch of tweets under the “If PETA were a person” hash tag. The whole point was just to point out that PETA is ridiculous in how they publicly carry themselves. Basically comparing them to a terrible , uptight hippie type who would lecture you about the ins and outs of recycling diapers for 2 hours. Some of those tweets were:

If PETA were a person, I bet it would SUCK to get stuck in a conversation with them at a party.

If PETA were your girlfriend, she’d tell you to have fun with your friends but be a total bitch about it when you got home.

If PETA was a girl, if DEFINITELY would not give head.

If PETA were a person, he/she would get livid at someone using the word “Bitch”. Regardless of context.

If PETA were a dude, he could not take a punch very well.

The immediate reaction was what I expected. Some people got the jokes and others were livid and immediately assumed I was against animals being treated humanely. This is a prime example of people just wanting to be outraged. hell, one dude from Cali basically told me he’d punch me in the face. Do you know how crazy that sounds? Save the animals! Punch a human! The thing is, I’m all for the ethical treatment of animals, and I don’t even particularly like animals. At no point did I come out saying “Man, fuck these animals! They’re food and coats and nothing else!” Like I’m fucking Ted Nugent. But people just want to find a reason to be “outraged”. It’s like thye see a certain word , notice that the sentence it’s within is not in a positive tone, and stop all reasoning there. There comes a time when you got to pick your battles. Mike Vick kills and tortures dogs? By all means, get mad. A squirrel dies on the set of a movie? Maybe let that one slide. What are you gonna do next? Get mad at highways for creating a place where roadkill happens?

In my eyes, a lot of this comes down to context and intent. HOW a person uses a word is much different from IF a person uses a word. Case in point, in my own comment section from the piece I wrote about “Girls” someone posted this, as a way to point out that the writers for “Girls” are ,in fact ,racist:
“‘Nigger’ is a great word. It just packs so much punch. The two g’s next to each other are like literal two G’s, broin’ out, tough as nails, them against the world. It gives me chills that a word can hold so much power, it really makes me feel like I chose the right profession.” – one of the white chicks that writes for the show.

This is someone missing the point. Nowhere does that statement made support using the word as a way to put down another person. It’s literally about the sound of the word. The paragraph is about the word, not it’s meaning. The fact this person couldn’t separate something being subversive with being racist speaks volumes.

If I’m with my friends and playfully call one of them a “bitch”, it’s wildly different than if I go up to some girl I don’t know and call her a bitch. Yes, there is power in a word, but simply saying it does not give it power. It’s how you say it and to whom. I’m sure what I just wrote above will get responses like “what about words like ‘nigger’ and ‘faggot’!”, and I stand my ground on those words being no different. Are they offensive? Sure. They both have deeply negative connotations. But , the fact is that I bet someone out there is offended simply just reading those words I just wrote down simply cause they are those words, completely ignoring the context of how I used them.

Everyone is so quick to commit to being bothered by something when, many times, they don’t even take the time to fully appreciate when a point is being made.
There are people who will read this and all they will get out of it is “Blockhead iz a racisttttt n’ a homofobik” and that’s fine. It’s expected on internet anytime you use these words, regardless of how.

The world we live in isn’t some hippie dippy fantasy land where everyone loves one another. There are terrible people out there. Life , by all accounts, is not easy for anyone. I think my point is, in all of this, is that people should use their time and energy towards things that matter. For all the injustice in the world, you sensitivity police types are like a teacher at the worst high school in america harping over chewing gum in class. Think of the big picture and leave the details alone. Just think of all the time you’ll save not badgering people. Hell, you might even enjoy yourself once in a while

18 thoughts on “Pussssyyyyyyy

  1. You have nailed it! I couldn’t have put it into words better than you just did… I’m sorry you have to deal with insecure idiots from Cali. You are preaching the truth.. carry on….

  2. My best friend is a vegan lesbian art student who couldn’t agree more. She’d say, “Fuckin pussies.”

  3. This reminds me of that Louis CK bit about the word faggot. “Someone from Phoenix is called a Phoenecian.”

  4. Dude I’ma let you finish, but….

    it’s a sound point.

    PETA is on a fucking nightmarish run that’s gone on far too long. These are the same people that champion putting animals to sleep but will go aggro for the squirrel dying on set. I think the only valid argument about it is the fact that when we go to movies, we expect that everything is smoke and mirrors. It usually is, sometimes it’s not. I think that if I see an animal being tortured or abused in a film I’m going to be watching it with the knowledge that it’s all simulated. If I found out later that it’s not I admit it WILL bother me. I’m a meat eater, etc, but still…I expect something out of my filmmakers and if they fuck up that trust that’s kinda fucked up. Not pull out the torches and pitchforks fucked up, but fucked up nonetheless.

    I still remember the scene in Apocalypse Now with the cow/bull or whatever getting chopped with a machete. That scene was fucking intense. That being said, Coppola wasn’t like “ok let’s kill this piece of shit.” He filmed a ritual and committed it to celluloid…that apparently was how they did shit in that particular hood. I would lean on the side of art for that one, as it wasn’t an intentional artifice being designed, it was more a photographer being available for the magic moment. And it was an amazing scene and that moment punctuated it into an unforgettable one.

    It’s wise to pick our battles, but I wouldn’t just sit on the bench. Sometimes people use stupid words for stupid reasons. As Todd Glass said on his last WTF podcast appearance, people should probably stop using the word “gay” around people who can’t understand/trust/decipher the meaning spouted by the user. It’s shitty lessons. I know it’s frustrating to dumb down the world for the stupid people, but some of those stupid people are really just inexperienced children who have a valid excuse for not knowing the difference between a joke and an epithet.

  5. Doesn’t this kinda tie in to the blog about bullies? Like maybe there’s some connection to overprotective parents and tattle-tales. More people need to do time (although ironically, I got punched in the eye in jail for calling someone a bitch… apparently there’s a moratorium on that word in there) or join the service or eat meat or be sailors and chew tobacco.

    At least with pussies like the lot out there, it makes a mediocre thick-skinned person like myself seem more cool (sometimes I still cry myself to sleep at night if my friends don’t save me a seat in the cafeteria).

    • I think you’re missing the point. I’m talking about white heterosexuals in this. It’s when THEY try to become the politically correct police about things that aren’t relatable to them. That’s my issue. For instance, If you’re a black dude who gets upset about when someone refers to you as a black dude (a opposed to an “african-american” , that’s fine. I mean, I personally think that’s ridiculous to get offended by but you’re certainly entitled to feeling that way. Where as if I hear a white guy say “umm…the correct term is “African american”, bro” , he can go fuck himself.

      It’s about entitlement and how the words we use are perceived within the context they’re used. Me being a straight white male shouldn’t have any bearing on understanding how and why certain words are used, taking that info and processing it realistically.

  6. Great read. I think it’s getting to the point now days where the pussies are not natural pussies. It’s actually pretty damn wack to think about.

  7. Top stories on my Homepage at work Today

    – Disney had to apologize to the “Adoption” Community because of a joke in the Avengers movie about adopted people being bad.

    – Clothing store H+M had to apologize for using a model with too much of a tan because alot of Swedish people die from skin Cancer(which is a shame, don’t get me wrong)

    -Some catholic or christian or something school forfeited they’re championship baseball game because the other team had a girl player.

    FUCKING PUSSIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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