Song of the day 5/10/12

Skrung out By Fam-Lay
This song is truly a song of the day in the sense that it’s related to something happening at this very moment.
So, My apartment is in the back of the building I live in. For the past two weeks , there has been major construction going on, on the back wall wall of the building AKA the back wall of my apartment. This means, at 8:30 every morning, I am violently awoken by the sounds of drilling. Not just regular drilling…but room rattling sounds that don’t stop till around noon. I literally cannot even hear my TV at full blast while this is occurring. I sleep with ear plugs but it’s pretty much like using a napkin as a condom. It’s kinda what I’d imagine sleeping in a foxhole might be like. Now, I’d imagine some of you job having people are rolling your eyes at this, as you get up at 7am every day and hate life. Well, fair play to you…but I’m not you. Regardless of what time I wake up, I’m pretty much incapable of falling asleep before 2am at the earliest. It’s just how things are for me and my fragile bitch of a sleep cycle.
Needless to say, I’ve felt like a zombie for the last two weeks and , according to the construction plan, this will be going on well into July.
“What does this have to do with the song of the day?” you might be asking…
Well, as I was rattled awake this morning to the sound of dual drills coming from all angles, this song popped into my head. Perhaps cause it’s what I envision drills would sound like if they were made into enjoyable music. Who knows? But I actually like this song, even though it reminds me of the fucking hell my ear get confronted with 5 days a week.

On a side note…here’s an idea: Hey, people who do loud construction, what say you shift your work hours. Instead of 8:30 am to noon, why not 11 to 3:30? Would that really be a fucking problem? God forbid people who don’t have normal jobs would ever have to sleep or anything. If I was a bartender , I’d have murdered already.

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