“Matter of minutes” by Illogic and me

Here’s a video and download link to Illogic and my upcoming ep “Preparing for capture”. It will be a free release that’s gonna drop in early june.
The plan is to drop a free ep or two and then release the full length album “Capture the Sun”.
We’re both really excited for all of this. Peep it.
To download:

4 thoughts on ““Matter of minutes” by Illogic and me

  1. I really like Illogic. He has a way of using a deep vocabulary with making it seem effortless. I would also say this is one your better beats I have heard someone rap on. i like the piano sample a lot.

  2. That was great. From both an MC and producer perspective. And the video was cool too. On some Wong Kar Wai steez.

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