Song of the day 5/17/12

The Morning Sun By Baby Dayliner
Baby Dayliner is a name you might recognize when affiliated with my solo albums. He’s mixed 3 of them, played instruments on a few of them and is featured on the newest one. What you may not know, is that he’s an amazing artist himself. He’s been making music for as long as I can remember and it’s possibly the hardest to define genre ever. So, here’s a free song by him (one that was actually never released).
While we’re here, though, I figured I throw up some other youtube clips of his just so you could all see the versatility:

Oh, and it might be a good time to go into a little detail behind our collaboration on my newest album. The song “Beyond Reach”.

A lot of people have been asking me about this song , as it’s the only song with vocals I’ve ever had on any of my solo albums…So let me just clear things up.
While this is a song with vocals, technically , it’s sampled. The vocals and piano on this song were actually sampled of a song Baby Dayliner did in the mid 90’s. It’s a song that I always loved and wanted to do something with but never really got around to it. When I began working on this album, it popped up in my head and I asked him if he’d mind if I basically just remixed it. All we had to work with was an MP# ripped from a cassette. No multi tracks. This song was originally made on a four track and pretty much was only heard by like 10 people ever. The original was just Dayliner singing over the piano piece , while an old piano timer clicked away quietly in the background. Really, the lack of any percussion made me playing with it possible.
Aside from loving the song, I figured it fit well into the theme of my album as it was made in the years that the album is dedicated to. The early/mid 90’s was a much different time but there is a timeless aspect to it in my mind. No matter how ridiculous our cloths were or what kinda shit we were into, that era will always resonate with me more than any other. This song, much like my entire new album, is an ode to that time.

5 thoughts on “Song of the day 5/17/12

  1. Love dayliner. I wanted to travel to NYC when bloc babies was happening. I think my favorite song is hoodlums in the hit parade. Or raid

  2. I read something online in june about a series of Baby Dayliner eps supposedly being released by brassland this fall. I’ve been checking recently, and can’t find any thing else about it. Do you by chance, have any inside info?

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