Answers for questions vol. 87

Hey, it’s a holiday or something today , right? So, happy whatever day it is to you and yours. I hope you’re out lighting a candle or having a BBQ or whatever is significant today. I sure as hell am gonna get some serious laundry done and maybe go bowling later. HOLIDAY!

Anyway, send me more questions! Leave them in the comments below or email them to me at As always, BE CREATIVE. The better your questions, the better my answers and we all win that way.

What do you think of saying, “bless you” after someone sneezes? I consider it a common courtesy (like in German, and Spanish, “salut”), not actually intending any religious blessings. Most of the time I slur it like, “blush you” to make myself feel better (not being the religious type). Considering they’re spewing their potentially pathogenic mucous particles everywhere, it would seem more fitting to say, “Watch the fuck out where you aim that shit!” Thoughts?

I too am a non-religious person who says “BLess you”. I’ll also throw “Gesundheit” in there at times. I honestly have no clue why I still do it aside from just seeing it as being polite.
It’s funny cause I’ve been in situations where a person of certain faith will sneeze in front of me and I sort of panic as to which thing I’m supposed to say. Like I obviously don’t say “gesundheit” to a muslim, right? or A jew? “Bless you” seems to be the most flexible but I don’t know enough about the ins and outs of what offends certain religious folk to know what’s proper. I’ve been thinking of replacing them all with a simple , yet effective “Hi-yooooooo!”.

I noticed that you recently played a show with Conspirator and I was just curious to hear your opinion on trancefusion and/or jam rock and if you do anything different in your live set when playing with bands that improvise?

It’s funny cause, from touring, I’ve been thrust into this world of Burning man type shit that I was never exposed to. I honestly don’t know if I “get” it. As I’ve said before, I don’t really listen to that kind of music (or instrumental hip hop) in my own time. To me, it’s very inoffensive music that’s generally pretty boring. That’s about it. I don’t know why that music appeals to the people it does but, whatever it does, it makes hula hoops, glow sticks and face paint appear. To me, that’s the funniest/weirdest thing about the entire scene.
As for my set when performing with these types of musicians, I don’t change. For better or for worse, my set still is my music mixed with all sorts of other shit with heavy hip hop overtones.

You seem to know a lot about movies. Does Jenny give Forrest and Forrest Jr. her AIDS in Forrest Gump? It never clarifies.
I assume they all died of full blown aids while the credits were running. Little known fact: Forrest Gump was a big fan of anal and never wore condoms cause “They make my thing feel tired”.

What is your opinion of “ducks”? And Who do you look up to for musical Influence? I like Madlib. BTW, I see what you did there on Panic in Funkytown (btw, good job on the new ablum. Not as zomg!!! as Music Scene, but I’m likeing it better with each listen, I listening to it doing homework). But this time I was wiser. Do you consciously seek out samples that resemble old-school hiphop songs, or does the Void handle that and you just go with it?

First off, thanks for the awesome backhanded compliment. Glad you kinda sorta like the new alum enough to tell me.
I have no idea who/what “ducks” are. Unless you mean the animal (which I know you don’t) , in which case, they’re delicious.
I don’t really look at anyone one in particular for musical influence. At this point in my career and life, especially, I’m pretty internal with everything I do. I just make music how I make it. I don’t really try and emulate other groups or styles that I hear. I’ve found doing that tends to date your music and , inevitably, when that style passes, it leaves you behind with it. Unless you’re a shapeshifting whore like madonna, in which case it allows you to stay relevant for 3 decades.
As for samples, I don’t seek anything in particular out at first. When I start a beat, I’m looking for a good foundation to build off of. Once I have that, then I can zero in on particular sounds like “Oh, a guitar would be good for right here”.

What do you think of the whole “Cute” vs. “Hot” debate? Isn’t it just semantics?

God, I wish all the questions were like this. Readers! Take note! this is a great question.
Anyway…I’ve given this topic tons of thought, as i am a man with a penis who like pretty girls.
To me: Cute>>>hot
Here’s why. Cute ages better. Cute is approachable. Cute has nuances to it that hot just doesn’t. Do i wanna fuck hot girls? Of course. But, for some reason, it’s just not as realistic as bagging a nice cute girl. Maybe it’s some personal thing that still lingers from high school, but hot girls are unattainable. Like a Megan Fox type. She is so blazingly hot to me, it’s like she’s not even human. Where as, you take a girl like Michelle williams, who’s no where near as hot as fox, but I’d probably be drawn to her more. Perhaps it’s cause , in my head, I know a Megan Fox type isn’t fucking with me or it’s just I see the cute type just having more depth to it. Who knows?
However, there is a factor here that cannot be overlooked. Sexiness. Both cute and hot girls can have it and it makes all the difference. Hell, I know pretty mediocre girls who are so sexy I’d take them over far hotter girls. It’s a feeling. If you strip sexiness down , it’s really just “Fuckability”. How badly do you want to have sex with this person, regardless of how hot or cute they are. A random example of this is the host of the show “Food wars”.

She’s a very pretty girl. I’ve certainly seen better. BUT, she’s sexy as fuck. In fact, she’s got what I like to call “whore eyes”. “Whore eyes” are a subtle , inviting, flirty gaze that some women just naturally have. They in no way means the girl is a whore at all, but there’s something about the looks they give that cuts to the soul of most men. Personally, I think it’s when a girl emits a certain warmth and comfort towards a dude and he just reads it as her flirting. Whatever it is, “Whore eyes” wine every time. Except all those times when guys misread those whore eyes and get friend zoned for life. But that’s neither here nor there.

Aesop working with Kimya Dawson: Is this some Yoko Ono and John Lennon high potential for disaster or does it have a chance? Are we going to see a whole new genre of rap and folk, like The GZA working with Jewel; that album would have to be called drooling jizz. Sick.

Oh, it’s definitely got a chance. The songs I’ve heard have been dope and Aesop kicks some pretty undeniable shit on there. Sure, some people are going to be put off by the lack of drums and boom bap but it is what it is. It’s definitely nothing any two artists like that have ever really done before. That said, I’d be surprised if it spawned a whole new genre. I mean, them as a group was born out of a friendship first so it grew naturally. I could see seriously disastrous music if people where to just try to attempt it out of thin air by forcing it.

Yo Block, if someone were to plant a 25 ft. magical rubber tree that gave you the most amazing orgasms when you slid down it, would you do so under the conditions that it would be in public and you have to lube your entire body? Oh, and you wouldn’t get hurt when you landed or thrown into jail for indecent exposure.

So, I’d be lubed up and naked , having intense orgasms from sliding down a rubber tree IN PUBLIC? Um…nah, it’s cool. As much as I like busting a good nut, I’m pretty sure no one needs to see that. I mean, hey, you put that tree in a private area, where I’m alone, I might give it a whirl, but, really, I don’t need to bust a nut that bad ever.

What are your top three comedy podcast and are there any out their that are under the radar and you could turn us on to? Always looking for some new ones.
I honestly don’t dig that deep for my podcasts. I listen to WTF, Mohr Stories, Comedy bang bang, doug loves movies and a little bit of the Joe Rogan experience. Have you peeped “Gelmainia” on ear wolf? It’s interesting for sure.

18 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 87

  1. Gusundheit is not offensive to muslims since it doenst have any religious connotations. It just means Good Health, like you are wishing someone good health. Its the same in Dutch (gezondheid). So if you wanna piss off muslims you have to come up with something else.

      • Dig the “Hiiiiyooooooo” resolution. “Gesundheit” isn’t innately offensive, but if you use it all the time people start thinking you’re a nazi (some stupid thing people have with German=Nazis). “Bless you” however, I feel the more tricky because I don’t want people thinking I’m religious… yet it is still a matter of politeness. I have an inkling suspicion this proliferated during the McCarthy era, but I cannot prove anything. It sort of becomes rote like the “under god” part of the pledge of allegiance. I only say “God bless you!” when I want to be cheeky.
        Speaking of the Dutch, “Drie keer, morgen mooi weer!” is an appropriate response to sneezing thrice in a row. Because they sure do need that nice weather!

  2. Have you ever had to tell a rapper/musician that you’re close with that you really don’t like some shit they made? Like obviously slandering shitty shit on your blog is all in good fun but say Aes sent you some new shit he was working on and you thought it was shit or you didn’t like the new El-P album or whatever, would you tell them? Has that ever happened where someone you are used to working with made some shitty shit and you had to be like “bro this is shit”? Or would you just let them do their thing mostly? Would this change if its your beats they’re rapping over and you don’t want them to kind of sully up your catalog with their bad bars or whatever?

  3. Thanks for clearing up the Gump/AIDS question. I have been losing a lot of sleep over it. I mean..I knew the answer but needed someone with your insight to verify it. ;/ Only a heartless hippie would infect her retarded boyfriend AND son. Oh Jenny, Jenny, Jenny.

    • I’ve always felt that Philadelphia is the sequel to Forest Gump or at the very least… it’s spiritual successor.

  4. I’m sure others have asked you this but how do deal with hitting “the wall”? Have you ever just hit a road block midway through an album or EP and just thought “I have no good ideas left, I’m screwed”? I know with making this type of music there’s no shortage of samples and sounds to choose from, but it gets overwhelming at certain points, wouldn’t you agree? I’ve been stuck in a rut. It’s hard to describe. I’ve only been at this for a few years now, really finding what sounds I like and don’t like, but it’s always been fairly easy for me. However in the past week or two, everything just sounds “meh”. Nothing is really wowing me at the moment, and I’m not sure if it’s my ears or where I get my samples from. I’m not claiming to be an expert beatmaker by any means. I genuinely enjoy making music for myself and my friends, and this “wall” has been frustrating the shit out of me. Any suggestions?

  5. on what criteria do you select the image used in this post and the others like it? where do you find these kind of images? do you think the hamster likes it?

    • I’ve answered this before so I’ll just re=answer here. I tend to find all my images by googling “cute animals”. The criteria being that the animals are cute, but not cats.

  6. man, aesop is one of my favorites, but i feel like in his collabs w/ kimya dawson she fuckin SMOTHERS him….not to downplay his lyrics (they’re great as usual) but she really digs deep. big fan of uncluded

  7. Two unrelated questions.
    1) not sure you know or are willing to answer this one, but what drugs (and how much of them) is El-P using? Dope new album not withstanding, but no way is he sober (why should he be sober when god is so clearing dusted out of his mind?).

    2) Related to the cute / hot semantics: do you see a difference between a bro, a douchebag,and a hipster. If so, please describe.

  8. Do you and the basketball fans you know in Manhattan give a shit that Brooklyn is getting a NBA team? Could a rivalry be brewing between these boroughs or could you careless what happens in Kings County? Just wondering what the local vibe is there and in Kings County about the issue.

  9. First off, I must say, “Interludes” is an absolutely AWESOME album! EVERYONE should buy IT!! And I would like to add that it makes a great gift idea for ANY occasion! Very excited to hear what you and Illogic been workin on.
    Now, I was gonna ask you what you thought of every album that has dropped in 2012 one-by-one, but since you added the demo review, i’ll this question slide. So, on to my question/ scenario (inspired by the commemorative coin featuring the dudes who killed Osama Bin Laden):
    President Obama, who also happens to be President of the Blockhead Fan Club, comes up to you for some advice. He is bored of the dead, old white dudes all over our money. To help boost his ratings before the up-coming election, he asks you, Blockhead, to re-vamp our american currency. No rules. You can put anything or anyone on the bills or coins (Example: Charlie Sheen $5 bill with a Big Mac on back). Add a denomination (example: $69 bill). Get rid of denominations (ex: Fuck Pennys!) Change shapes or sizes. Obama loves you so much, he doesn’t care what you do to our money! He doesn’t care what it costs! He’s so tired of trying to fix the economy, he says, “Fuck it!” and just wants to make things fun again. And you are just the man for the job!! So, what would you do to make our Money more bad-ass?

  10. I gotta mention again here how much I dig the rubber tree question. Something about it keeps popping in my head… better than the typical “Would you do *blank* if no one ever found out about it?” But something about the public humiliation part… at what cost do you sacrifice your dignity to the observing public in order to get that high?

    (downtown here there’s a street where they got nothing but rubber-trees being slid down)

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