New video by Illogic and me! “Caffeine Budget”.

Coming June 5th! The “Preparing for capture” ep by Illogic and myself. Above is the second video from it.
The Ep will be free but we’re selling a deluxe version with 2 bonus tracks and a poster, you can pre-order it right now
For more, here are some words from Illogic:

It’s been a long time coming….Blockhead and I have been working on music for the past 2 years trying to discover what our sound is going to be. We have worked hard to really try to find our own identity as a duo and not to try recreate what I’ve done with other producers and what he has done with other artists. We have pumped out a ton of quality music and have been talking about when the right time was to share some of our hard work with you the people that we do it for in the first place. We the time has come. For me personally this release is probably the most rewarding of my career because of all of the work that I have put into this project. Not only the writing of the songs, but the completing of the project from conception to completion makes proud that I could share this experience with Blockhead and now with you This is the first of a series all leading to our album “Capture the Sun” so keep a look out for part two coming really soon. I hope that you enjoy listening to this as much as we did creating it. Thank you for your continued support.

3 thoughts on “New video by Illogic and me! “Caffeine Budget”.

  1. Killer Collab!!! Illogic has been one of my favorite rappers for like ten years now!!! And when you team him up with EVERYONE’s favorite producer, we have musical GOLD!!! I just pre-ordered a deluxe!! . . . and my ears just came twice! Anyone gotta tissue?

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