Answers for questions vol. 88

G’day bros and hoes. Back again for the 88th time yet it only feels like 52nd. If you have questions for me, fire away…leave them in the comments or email them to me at
From here on out (after this installment), I will be ignoring boring questions about top five lists of things like movies and rappers as well as baiting questions asking for my opinion on musicians you don’t like and want me to talk shit about. It’s corny. stop doing that. Instead, get weird.

I’d like to ask how exactly you met Aes, like, what were you doing when you met Mr.Bavitz? Was is just fate or was is like a running friendship? I’d also like to ask if you met DJ Krush, seeing as Aesop did Kill Switch with him.

Next to “why is your name Blockhead?” this is probably the most frequently asked question of me in most interviews. I’m pretty sure it’s been covered here but that was also probably like 50 volumes ago.
I met Aesop when I went to Boston University for a year. We became quick buddies cause we were both huge hip hop nerds who rapped (I rapped at the time). I dropped out but we managed to keep in touch. He lived in NYC during the summers of his college years. He even lived with me at my moms house one summer. So, yeah, it’s certainly been a running friendship. We’ve known each other since the mid 90’s.

I’ve never met Krush though.

have you ever been robbed at gun/knife point? related question, have you ever thought you were going to die?

I’ve been robbed at both. I’ve only been mugged twice but each time it was at the hands of a weapon.
The first time I got robbed, I was walking back from a friends house when I was about 15. My friend lived in Tribeca and I was walking up to my house in the west village. If you’re not familiar with the layout of NYC, that walk is a desolate one. Not a lot of human traffic at night on the lower west side between those areas. So, I’m walking up hudson street and some dude just sidles up next to me. Once I figured out he wasn’t a gay dude trying to kick it to me (not uncommon for those parts),I immediately know what’s going down and he stuck a gun in my ribs. He told me to give me all my money, so I took out my velcro wallet and showed him that I literally didn’t have a single dollar. This scared the shit out of me cause i thought he’d flip out and do some crazy shit cause he thought I might be lying…or even just frustration. But he was strangely cool about it and just told me to get out of there. He even let me keep that awesome canal street wallet. Score one for being broke.

The Second time I got robbed, I was with a bunch of friends walking through Washington Square park at night (i was about 16). I’ve found, in most cases of trouble, you tend to see it coming. I was always pretty alert about that kind of thing and this night, I saw a pack of people making their way towards my group. I was with about 4 people and we were split up into two’s , you know, conversing and what not. My friend and I was leading the way and we pretty much walked right into it. Even though I saw them emerging, there was really nothing we could do. Our paths were destined to cross at that point. There were about 10 kids that stopped us and “asked” us for a dollar. That was always the beginning to getting robbed “Yo, you got a dollar?”. Worst 5 words to hear as a 16 year old in NYC in the early 90’s. My two friends who were trailing saw what was happening but wisely stayed out of it. I know some people will call them pussies for that but it was a robbery, not a murder. They basically just avoided losing their money and that’s it. Had they done something, I imagine it would have gotten physical and we would have lost that battle pretty soundly. Anyway, the ten kids were all teenagers all holding some sort of weapon. It was like “The Warriors” or some shit. Dudes had bats, one dude had a fucking chain like he was treach from Naughty By Nature. There were knives as well. The scariest shit to me was that the main guy who did all the talking had blood all over his jeans. That was enough for me to hand everything over. Anyway, all I had on me was 10 bucks and a bus pass. They took it (my velcro wallet) and bounced but the bus pass shit freaked me out a little cause it had my name and high school on it. Nothing ever came of that but it’s definitely the type of thing you think about when that kinda shit happens to you.

As for thinking I was gonna die…it’s hard to say. I’ve been in a car accident when the car flipped. I was scared shitless on 9/11. I’ve been in the middle of nowhere in a country house where I heard blood curdling screams coming from the woods and people stomping through the grass right outside the house. I just missed being shot by 2 minutes at a pool hall massacre. All those things read as potential death situations but I can’t say I was ever like “This is it! I’m gonna die!”. Maybe I’m strange but those realizations always came AFTER the situation happened.

If you could be any dinosaur, which kind would you be… and what instrument would you play (as a dinosaur)?

Smoke weed, bro.
I wish I was more familiar with Dinosaurs. I’d probably wanna be one of the flying types. I have no idea what you call them but that would definitely be the go to choice. Because I imagine flying requires arm usage, my instrument would have to be something I don’t need my hands for. So, obviously, i’d rock a kazoo.

If you had to choose just ONE MC from following groups/collectives: Juice Crew, Boot Camp, Wu-Tang, Dipset and AOTP to form supergroup, who would that be? Mind you, goal is to make group that would fuction well together on more than just one song, possibly be able to make an album or EP

hmmm…the catch her is making it functional. Just know, that effects my choices greatly…
Juice crew: Masta Ace
To me, he’s the most functional member still making music. He was never the best but the dude knows how to put together an album.

Boot camp: Buckshot
I figure he and Masta Ace still know each other from the “Crooklyn Dodgers” era so we already know that could work.

Wu-Tang: Inspectah Deck
He’s a perfect super group member cause he does his best work when he’s not alone.

Dipset: Cam’ron
He might cause trouble in this group but he’s the only guy from dipset I’d wanna hear on anything nowadays so he’s the easy choice.

I have no idea who AOTP is though so, you know, sorry.

When an artist wants to remix another artist’s song… do they hit them up like, “Yo shoot me all your samples!” Obviously in hip-hop a remix is just a capellas over an entirely new instrumental… but in electronic there is an element of the original song preserved. I was just curious, have no intention of Blockhead remixes (at least until I blow up superstar status).
It totally depends. Some people work directly with the original artist and others just sorta take it upon themselves. I’d say the majority of people who have remixed me have gone directly through me or Ninja Tune.

– When you shake a woman’s hand, do you shake it exactly like you would shake a man’s hand? I noticed a few weeks ago that I tend to shake a woman’s hand lightly, it’s hard to explain, it’s almost like I just kind of slightly squeeze it, I don’t really “pump” it like I normally would with a guy and sometimes I kind of come into it from above, if get what I mean. I kinda all of a sudden noticed that I do this and I asked a few female coworkers about it, they said that’s a terrible way to shake a woman’s hand and they state that they want to be gripped and pumped as usual (pause). In other words, Equal Opportunity Handshaking. What do you think?

I certainly give girls firm handshakes. Not quite as firm as I would a man (though those dudes who go out of their way to crush your hand are the worst) but certainly not some limp wristed bullshit shake. Dudes who do that kinda thing are creeps. I mean the type who try and get all sensual with a handshake and they basically stop at kissing the girl on their hand like it’s 1258 AD. Women obviously want to be treated equally. Giving them some weak shit cause they have a vagina doesn’t come across as anything but patronizing and/or sleazy.

Do you have any tips on staying cool and dry while dj’ing?

Don’t move around much? I dunno…I’m a sweaty guy. If it’s warm where I’m playing, I will sweat. I guess wear dark colored shirts and deal with it.

Who would to say are your fav Comedians who are still living? 2nd is who is your fav comedian of all time?
Like I said above, I seriously hate these kinds of questions. Please stop sending them to me. I’mma answer this one just so I can further nail this point home: Don’t ask me for favorite lists of stuff or what i think of so and so artist. Shit’s boring , yo.

But, I’m a man of honor so lemme just answer this…
My favorite comedians? Louis CK, Paul F. Tompkins, Patton Oswalt, David Cross, Bill Burr, doug stanhope and Anthony Jesilnik. PAtrice O’neal would certainly be on the list too had he not passed away.

All time? I dunno….Eddie Murphy? Bill Cosby? Bill Hicks? That’s a tough call cause , as you get older, your taste changes. There was a time when I thought Howie Mandel was hilarious. Obviously, i was like 9 years old but you get my point. My favorite for life is whoever my favorite is right now. And I have no clear #1 favorite comedian right now.

What’s the deal with white people dismissively criticizing stuff as “white” or “the whitest?” Isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle…um…white?

White people dismissively use the word white kinda the same way we use “hipster”. It’s a great way to generalize a huge group of people negatively , but also with some subtlety. I think whites have a huge chip on their (our) shoulder about being uncultured and spoiled. Understandably so as most white are , in fact, uncultured and spoiled. Because of this, we will marginalize ourselves by calling things “white”. It’s one of those things that doesn’t have a real definition , yet, everyone knows exactly what you mean. Personally, I see no problem with it. White people are pretty ridiculous. As are black people…asian people…indian people ect…We’re all pretty fucked up in one way or another and , as non-PC as is may seem, I support when people have awareness enough to point it out about themselves. The only problem with white people doing it is that they (we) always talk about it like it’s that other person and not us. Like “Isn’t it funny how white people are so quick to put on shorts the at the first sign of spring” This is something I’ve been saying for years but I’m also the asshole throwing on my dickies when the temperature hits 65. Oh , white people! We’re so white.

31 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 88

  1. I’ve done the whole “White dudes be wearing shorts when it’s October.” It is usually really unsatisfying because white guys are completely unaware that everyone else makes fun of them for it and even when they do know they don’t care.

    • People make fun of white people for wearing shorts early in the summer? What is the reason for not wearing shorts when you are sweating balls? It is like a fashion thing, because pants look cooler or something?. I look ILL in my cargo shorts…or at least that’s what my grandma says.

      • Nah, it’s a jumping the gun thing. Like, on the east coast, the first time the temperature hits like 50 after the winter ends , you will inevitably see a few white dudes rocking shorts. It’s just a bit premature.

  2. Right on about the handshake thing. I don’t understand when a dude gets all gorilla on my hand like it’s not already obvious that he’s stronger than me. The guys on the other side of the coin remind me of the McPoyles.
    Bump it.

      • LOL! You’re not missing much. You know the rappers who constantly gets out-shined by every guest appearance on their cd. . . Well, Army of the Pharoahs is a group compiled entirely of those rappers. It’s as if they tried to mix gangster rap and indie hip-hop and failed miserably at both. I woulda been a fan. . , if i had never bought or listened to any of their music. . . Thank you AOTP for making ICP look like legitimate rappers. They make Paul Barman look like Rakim!!!

      • “Dooooood, space kangaroo, empire strikes back….dood, ton ton…..”
        You kind of had a hand in a diss track relating to one of AOTP’s members before.

  3. Can we get the details of the screams in the woods story. What state where u in? Were u on tour? Was it just u in the home?? Did u think of deliverance? ? Just want to know more of the story and what was going through ur mind

  4. Here’s as weird as I get. No one has answered this question straight. Rocke my world, Block; gimme a number.

    You are in a room. The walls are lined with glory holes. Jigsaw or maybe The Joker explains to you that there is a girl behind each hole, and putting your dick through guarantees you a beej (no one biting it off or anything). Except behind one of the holes is a blood relative. Like your mom or your sister, who will still give you the beej and you will never know it was her. What is the minimum number of holes where you’d be cool with this? Two is obviously too few, and a billion is probably ok. But realistically, would you be ok with 200 glory holes? 1000? And no bullshit like “well I just wouldn’t put it through any holes.” Dick goes through hole and Jigsaw or The Joker cures cancer and AIDS and herpes. Otherwise, nuclear bombs go off and everybody dies and shit.

    Pick a number.

  5. So when you say Aes hung out in NYC in the summer, does that mean he is from the suburbs? Always thought the line in “Catacomb Kids” …”screaming fuck the world from a parking lot in the suburbs”…was his coming out party. I grew up in the burbs…and I know more about rap than a lot of city people do…just saying…seems to be frowned upon..admitting the rap world…especially when you come out reppin’ NYC

  6. This question isn’t weird but I though you might have some thoughts. I grew up with cable, movie channels and shit(a lot of time it was free through parents work connections, not from being rich). I’ve noticed that people who did not grow up with cable, really do not get a lot of references to popular culture in music or just in general. I find that it is much easier to start talking with a person who had cable growing up and was exposed to a lot more. It’s not like anyone comes out and is like, ” I had cable”, but I have a short hand I can feel comfortable with when talking to people who knew Kids in the Hall when they were on HBO, who saw the very short lived Jon Stewart show on MTV, watched horror flicks at a very young age, soft core Shannon Tweed porn, the Sean Astin/Kevin Bacon classic White Water Summer, etc. Do you find that people who grew up with cable are more “aware” of more culture(not necessarily smarter) and this easier to develop a dialogue with? Sometimes i am just too tired to where some random reference is from..Also, what do you think about people who are so snobbishly against tv like it is cancer?

  7. I definitely like to give women a limp handshake, also its good to have your hand slightly moist. Then right after you shake their hand, put your hand up to your lips, kiss it, close your eyes and sigh and groan just a little. That’s what a true gentleman would do.

  8. I know what u’ve said about old sould vs. new soul, and I agree… first all of cause of the sound of the recordings… but check this out, is this not a fucking exception???? fuuuuuuck

      • I have no idea if I really ever did one. I’ve been a big proponent of old soul in general though. Perhaps where that’s where this came from.

      • yeah, I don’t know why I can’t reply to the right comment… yeah, that’s where it came from, I always agreed that new reggae and soul kinda sucks but I found this video and I loved it. The trumpet player is fucking drunk or something though!

  9. Yo Block
    I know in NYC you probably never heard of people being uptight about there grass/lawn being mowed but i want to know what you think.
    My cousin is kinda of a douche and I forgot to mow his grass while he was gone out of town and now he is treating me like a peice of shit hired worker whom he has no respect for. What is up with people taking so much pride in grass?
    and do you think this just a old white dude problem?

  10. Yo block, ive been noticing a growing trend of bad walkers, meaning people have absolutely no idea how to walk in a public setting. The main problem i have is with people that dont do the customary shoulder turn as you pass them, instead they square their shoulders almost daring people to run into them. I feel chicks get an occasional pass, but i am about to go bo jackson on pedestrians. What do you attest to this growing pandemic? Being from nyc, the home of shitty walkers you must have insight.

    Also feel free to use this as a jumping board for other pet peeves of yours, or maybe the term “pet peeve” is your pet peeve.

    On a side note your rant on tv snobs was perfect. I live with one and although she has “no time” for tv and it rots your brain, she manages to deticate 5 hours of facebook daily

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