“Preparing for Capture” By Illogic and Blockhead is here!

Hey everyone,
It’s june 5th and first release by Illogic and myself is here. It’s a free EP just giving you all a taste what we got coming in the future in the form of a full length called “Capture the sun”.
So, go download it. like I said, IT’S FREE, YO! Also, if you want a hard copy with a few bonus tracks and poster, you can buy that too for a measly $7.99. Regardless, both the free download link and the order form for the cd can be found here. Have at it!

Here are a few videos that we’ve had done from the EP thus for.

There’s also this, that was given away free a few months back. If you want it, just search for “illogic” on this blog.

5 thoughts on ““Preparing for Capture” By Illogic and Blockhead is here!

  1. I haven’t listened yet, but am expecting good things. Any chance the physical copies will be available on Amazon.com soon, or should I just buy from that bandcamp link now?

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