Song(s) of the day 6/8/12

Selected works of Freddie Foxxx

Freddie Foxxx is a rapper who never really got his due props from people who weren’t his peers. In Fact, I feel like people overlook him as some sort of tough guy gimmick and miss that he’s actually a pretty awesome rapper. Here we have a guy who’s been rapping since the 80’s who is possibly the most intimidating rapper of all time. He’s a guy who everyone of your favorite rappers had guest on their songs , in which he would steal the spotlight every time.
Unfortunately, his solo career never fully came together. His first album “Freddie Foxxx is here” missed with too many songs about girls and weak beats. His second album “Crazy like a foxxx” got shelved at a time when he was at his most popular. The album “Industry Shakedown” would definitely be his finest complete work , in my opinion, but it came out during the early 2000’s nerd rap boom and I feel a lot of people weren’t trying to hear that kinda shit at that point. It’s unfortunate cause it’s full of bangers. Whatever the case, it seems as if the stars never aligned for him the way they should have.

I recall seeing him perform live at the Wetlands (RIP) sometime in the 90’s. I’m not typically a crowd participation kinda guy but Foxxx was so intense and…well…scary that he had the full attention of everyone in there. After the show I gave him a pound and my hands (which are actually pretty big) felt like a chestnut inside his. It’s one of those rare cases of the hype (of how ill he is) living up to the reality. There are so many tough guy rappers out there but how many are actually tough? How many will shoot the fair one? How many are nicknamed “Bumpy Knuckles” for obvious reasons? Only one.
So, here’s a little EP of sorts of my favorite Freddie Foxxx Moments. Kinda similar to a super old Willie D appreciation post I made back in the early stages of this blog (That link still works, btw)
Anyway, enjoy the finest work of the hardest rapper ever. Trust, you will feel much tougher after listening to this…but don’t forget, you’re still a pussy. So am I. It’s okay.

1)24 hours
2)Money in the Bank (Kool G rap and polo)
3)Cook a niggaz ass (Feat. Kool G rap)
4)Ruff Ruff (Boogie Down Productions)
5)Rough Enough
6)The Master
7)Stock in the game
8)The Mastas
9)The Militia (Gangstarr)

6 thoughts on “Song(s) of the day 6/8/12

  1. I like the style of this post. It would be great if you did one for Mystikal. I am too lazy to download all his songs individually.

  2. Foxxx is a boss haven’t listened to his stuff in a loooong time. Intimidating might be an understatement.

    How about those demo reviews Block? You’re probably getting enough shit for it as it is but can we expect the next post soon? You got around 60 subs in a 4 hour span. You review 6 tracks per week, and you’ve got a solid two months of “Blockhead’s Weekly Demo Review!” Easier said than done, I’m sure, but idk just thought I’d throw that idea out there.

  3. Fuck yeah, bumpy’s awesome. You check the album album he just did with primo? Overall it just made me wish they’d done it years ago but there were a couple decent tracks.

    And I know exactly what you mean about his attitude on wax coming through in person. The first concert I went to was a gang Starr show and dude came charging out unannounced during the militia wearing an executioner’s mask and an orange prison jumpsuit with the sleeves cut off, swinging a mace. I’ve never met anyone else that could pull off that look (nh). Prob the best show I’ll ever attend

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