Some video’s I’m enjoying

I don’t have much to write about this week so it would seem like now is the perfect time to just throw up some clips I’ve been watching over the last few weeks. Who doesn’t like videos? An asshole…that’s who.

Let’s start it off with two parts of a hilarious exchange between Danny Drown and ASAP Rocky.
These two need a podcast or something

Moving right along…Do you like watching fat middle aged men cut shit in half with swords? Of course you do. Stick around for the end cause him cutting a pig in half is pretty awesome.

Trust me, all you up and comers need this

Here’s a clip of one man band Gull from Wreckroom records. This dude is pretty fucking amazing.

Lastly, I give you Black Jesus. Aaron Macgruder (Creator of the BoonDocks)has something to do with this but I’m not sure what. Funny shit, regardless

3 thoughts on “Some video’s I’m enjoying

  1. oh yes in barcelona.
    but shit, there are like 3 o 4 interviews of him in barna, and he is so fucking high. the guy is crazy and he sounds so much like that crackhead from chappelle show!! hahah

    still the best rapper out there

  2. I wonder how many BBQ’s Cold Steel has annually? In every videos they chop up like ten whole pigs!! I wonder if the hippies know about this? I hope they find out so they can go to the cold steel product test site to protest or some shit. . . That way the fall sword catalogue will feature the chubby short dude driving into work each day hacking hippie protestors on his merry way with the sword of the day. “Cuts through malnutritioned hippie flesh like cold tofu, yet gentle enough to split dreadlocks and patchoulie incense with ease!”
    p.s. Am I the only one that knows that we, too, can own the Chinese War Sword for the mere price of $529.99 (plus S&H)? Sounds to me like a. . . Cold Steel!!!

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