Answers for questions vol. 90

What up peoplezzz. The extra Z’s mean i mean it.
Anyway, here’s another installment of me answering your deepest and darkest questions, concerning me, you and everything in between. I got some pretty creative questions in the chamber for the upcoming weeks so thanks to all of you going deeper than asking me what I think of Moombathon and who my greatest influences are. If you have fun or interesting questions you’d like me to answer, send them to my email: or leave them in the comments below. I’ve got enough of a queue of questions now that I can reserve the right to ignore lame questions so , you know, keep that in mind.
Anyway, here we go…

Have you ever had to tell a rapper/musician that you’re close with that you really don’t like some shit they made? Like obviously slandering shitty shit on your blog is all in good fun but say Aes sent you some new shit he was working on and you thought it was shit or you didn’t like the new El-P album or whatever, would you tell them? Has that ever happened where someone you are used to working with made some shitty shit and you had to be like “bro this is shit”? Or would you just let them do their thing mostly? Would this change if its your beats they’re rapping over and you don’t want them to kind of sully up your catalog with their bad bars or whatever?

I’ve been fortunate to never feel that way about a song that I cared about. The only times I’ve ever been iffy about some shit is when I’ve sold beats to people I don’t really know…part of the reason I don’t make a practice of doing that anymore.
I mean, listen, I’m not gonna like everything people I know make all the time. It’s impossible. And the idea of a few bars sullying my catalog is laughable. That simply isn’t possible. At this point, I feel like I could do a song with Pitbull and, as long as the beat was dope, my name is still intact. The bottom line is that my work is my work, and their work is their work. One shouldn’t dictate the other. As long as the quality is kept up on my end, only a fair-weather dickhead would hold anything against me for it.

President Obama, who also happens to be President of the Blockhead Fan Club, comes up to you for some advice. He is bored of the dead, old white dudes all over our money. To help boost his ratings before the up-coming election, he asks you, Blockhead, to re-vamp our american currency. No rules. You can put anything or anyone on the bills or coins (Example: Charlie Sheen $5 bill with a Big Mac on back). Add a denomination (example: $69 bill). Get rid of denominations (ex: Fuck Pennys!) Change shapes or sizes. Obama loves you so much, he doesn’t care what you do to our money! He doesn’t care what it costs! He’s so tired of trying to fix the economy, he says, “Fuck it!” and just wants to make things fun again. And you are just the man for the job!! So, what would you do to make our Money more bad-ass?

Hmm…I mean, I was trying to come up with some wacky answer here but , to be honest, I don’t think changing how currency looks would help the economy. I mean, sure, I could tell him to put Tim Dog’s face on a million dollar bill and make pennies edible but I doubt that is helping anything.
However, and I dunno if this would be out of my jurisdiction , I would try to make all prices rounded up or down. No “$7.99”. Just “$8”. And all change on bills would be rounded up or down depending on the tax. That just seems like it would simplify things. Eliminating change, while it would be a blow the homeless man’s economy, would be kinda nice. No reason really beyond really never wanting to wait behind a person in a long line who feels the need to pay via their change purse. Fuck those people.

Can we get the details of the screams in the woods story. What state where u in? Were u on tour? Was it just u in the home?? Did u think of deliverance? ? Just want to know more of the story and what was going through ur mind

To the readers who are not aware of what this is referring to, I mentioned being as scared as I’ve ever been one night in the woods. I didn’t give any details, so this a follow-up to that.
Okay, I was about 11 years old. I was in Cape Cod in a summer home. It was me, my brother (who was 13), my nephew Tom (who was like 4) and my niece Jasmine (who was around 6). All out parents were out for the evening so we had a baby sitter there too. The house we were in was a two-floor summer home type of spot with one catch…the walls were all glass. Meaning, aside from beams holding up the ceiling, the living room was just floor to ceiling glass windows. This was cool and all during the day but at night they worked like mirrors so you could never really see what was going on outside. Did I mention this house was in the middle of the woods? Yeah…it was desolate. We had neighbors but they weren’t really even visible through the woods. So, we’re all sitting in the main room watching TV. All of a sudden we hear an extremely loud scream. It sounded like a woman and it also sounded like she was being murdered. It was a straight up blood curdling scream. I’ll never forget it cause , to this day, it’ the craziest sound I’ve ever heard a human make. There was no doubt this scream was either related to extreme fear or pain. Because we were in the woods and nothing in the house was sound proof, you could hear everything outside. If a fox walked by, you could hear it. So, this scream vibrated the walls. Moments after that, we could hear multiple feet stomping through the forest. Now, keep in mind, we couldn’t see anything out those windows. So, crazy scream…multiple people stomping, then we heard dudes talking. I have no idea how close they were but it sounded as if they were like 10 feet from us. We were all pretty scared so we all went upstairs to my parents bedroom and locked the door (the only door with a lock in the entire house). I’m freaking out, Jasmine is crying. My brother is kinda out of it and my nephew Tom started vomiting in fear. Fear barfing is so real. The Babysitter was tying to keep her cool but it was clear she was pretty shaken up too. Then we hear the motorcycles. They start revving, almost taunting us. There must have been 5 or 6 of them. Added to that was the sounds of grown men howling. We could still hear people walking around but now it was accompanied by the sound of motorcycles and drunken screaming. We were all pretty much shitting our pants and waiting for the door to be kicked down. The baby sitter had the number to where our parents were and called them but no one picked up…makes sense cause everyone was probably drunk as shit at whatever cocktail party they were at and not trying to pick up a phone call.
Anyway, they eventually got home (quite buzzed) and we were locked in their room petrified. They calmed us down and assured us no one was outside and put us all to bed. Later i learned that there was a notorious group of bikers who had a place down the road. So that makes sense…but I still never found out what that blood curdling scream was about. I still have never heard anything quite like it.

What’s with the current state of hip hop. I’m not talking about established artists, I’m talking about the influx of absolute garbage that floods the internet right now. As I had mentioned, everyone is an MC these days. Every kid with a laptop and a microphone who can string together some words that sort of rhyme is a “major artist” with a “smash single,” a “hot up and comer in the rap scene,” and a “true lyricist” bringing back “real hip hop.”
I could give examples, but you’ve probably seen it, too.
How do you think we got here, and is it going to just get worse?

Oh, this question.
I get a variation of it once every few weeks. So, let’s just clear this up.
Honestly, I don’t care. If you’re still worrying about preserving hip hop and what’s real or not than you’re either mad young or stuck in a time warp.
There is good new hip hop. There is bad new hip hop. There are dipshits who are gonna have all sorts of dumb angles and try to sell themselves cause that’s the world we live in. It got to this point both naturally and because of the internet. It will only get worse , as far as the straight up amount of bad music that will be made, but that doesn’t mean it’s over.
The lesson here is: Be selective. Learn what you like and what you dislike. Acquire a keen ear so , when shuffling through new music you can tell quickly what you will and will not want to pursue.
I used to get mad at bad music all the time (I still get annoyed occasionally but, honestly, I play that anger up for the blog for humorous purposes). Now I just get indifferent towards the artists and disappointed by the people who support it. Other than that, what can you really do? It’s music. It’s been both great and terrible for as long as we’ve been alive. That will never change.

Yo Block! If you had pussy and dick at the same time, would you “masturbate” more often than now?

That’s hard to say. I think I’d be pretty bummed out in general so I might end up resenting my dual genitals. Also, I don’t think most people with both have function in both. Like either the dick works or the pussy works. i’m guessing the dick usually works better…Who knows?
But, in a hypothetical sense, it would be interesting to have three different type of orgasms to choose from. Male, female penetration and female clitoral. Maybe I’d have a day where I just feel like flicking the bean all day…maybe another I’d be more in a “blow a load” kinda mood. Who knows? Maybe I could do two things at once and really get the party started. Regardless I’d really hope no one would ever catch me doing it.

Nerd question, If you lived in Westeros(Game of Thrones) which side would you fight for and why?

That’s tough…The honorable pick is obviously the Stark Family as it seems like Winterfell is the least psychotic and most humane place to live…but I don’t think they will hold onto power so it would be a guaranteed death sentence. Honestly, I’d go live in Qarth and just eat good fruit with all those rich dock workers. No one seems to wanna fuck them up and, although they’re into some devious magic, the quality of living there is much higher than anywhere else.

I’m sure others have asked you this but how do deal with hitting “the wall”? Have you ever just hit a road block midway through an album or EP and just thought “I have no good ideas left, I’m screwed”? I know with making this type of music there’s no shortage of samples and sounds to choose from, but it gets overwhelming at certain points, wouldn’t you agree? I’ve been stuck in a rut. It’s hard to describe. I’ve only been at this for a few years now, really finding what sounds I like and don’t like, but it’s always been fairly easy for me. However in the past week or two, everything just sounds “meh”. Nothing is really wowing me at the moment, and I’m not sure if it’s my ears or where I get my samples from. I’m not claiming to be an expert beatmaker by any means. I genuinely enjoy making music for myself and my friends, and this “wall” has been frustrating the shit out of me. Any suggestions?

Sometimes you just gotta take a break. Walk away from making music for a little while. I’ve never been an obsessive worker, in the sense that I don’t feel compelled to make music all the time. I got in spurts. Two weeks of working then I chill. I don’t even do it consciously, it just sorta works like that.
I’ve hit many creative walls. In fact, I didn’t make a track for like 6 months once. But then I slowly got back into it and rediscovered why I like doing it so much. You can’t force creativity. You can fake it but , deep down, you know what you’re doing is bullshit.
So, basically, my advice is to just roll with the punches. If you’re in a rut, drop it for a while. It’s not like you got record labels hounding you for your next project. There is no time-table for this shit. Just work on your own clock.

11 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 90

  1. I was really hoping that when you were cowering in the woods it was when you were a grown man, 21+. so much for expectations…darn.

  2. Eliminating change being a blow to the homeless man’s economy almost made me do a spit take. Can you imagine bums stepping up on some “Can you spare some dollars” type shit?

  3. Raccoons’ screams sound very similar to a woman’s blood-curdling scream. They’re also nocturnal, so perhaps some people happened upon one and scared it…?

    There you have it, sir.

      • I don’t know about raccoons, but rabbits have EXTREMELY loud screams that sound EXACTLY like humans when they’re being murked/eaten– you should super snoop out a soundbyte of a rabbit scream, might be surprised.

        Also: memories don’t remember memories, they remember thoughts– on top of that, current schemas alter memory recall– that being said, while you probs heard a varmint deathscream, it may have bloomed into something more sinister with the uncertainty of the source in your adolescent mind, and has since transgressed into something altogether more dark and terrifying. The bikers might’ve just come across a wounded rabbit and were fucking with it.

        but that’s just my amateur evaluation!

  4. Speaking of Tim dog, did you catch that show about him and his grand larceny / internet dating shananigans on NBC or CBS or whatever? Any comments or thoughts? I was completely unaware of this ( not like I keep up on the latest Tim dog news) but it was interesting

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