Song of the day 6/29/12

Cobra Commander By Open Mike Eagle Feat. Danny Brown

Open Mike Eagle has a new album out called “4NML HSPTL” and you should go buy it right now.
Mike has been one of the more prolific artists over the last few years dropping albums, ep’s and random tracks all over the place, all while maintaining a very high level of quality. The new album is no different. Good shit all around.
So , peep this song he did with Danny Brown. Also, Keep an eye out for music he and I will be making in the future. The wheels are rolling. I’m psyched. Yeah.

2 thoughts on “Song of the day 6/29/12

  1. I wanted to mention how tight the new album was earlier this week, but i didn’t want to spoil anything for the song of the day. Seriously though, I got my 4NML HSPTL in the mail last weekend and have been loving it ever since!! Definately a good play through from start to fin, with a bunch of rewinding and repeating along the way! I’ve been laughing all week to the “Back Pack Past” track (which is extra funny cuz i’m trying to listen to the new Del and the new de la, and this song keeps poppin in my head). But yeahhh, like you said everyone should go buy this album NOW!!!! Definately worth it! I’m probably gonna buy a few more copies just to give out at random birthdays and weddings. . .
    And since i finally put down HWAM, for a sec, i got to give a SOLID run on the Preparing for Capture with Illogic ( i got my Hard copy CD for $7.99 @ bandcamp!!! You can too!! ; ) Very Very Nice!! I really have to say this is an AMAZING collaboration you two are doing!! Looking foreward to seeing Illogic, July 12, in Detroit!!!

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