How affectionate are you with you parents?

Alaska and I are taking the week off of Trending Topics (A much needed vacation from that crap) so i figured it I’d do a poll. I pretty much only do these things when the outside worlds opinion on something I’ve always assumed one way , in reality, may be totally different from how I see it. Past topics have included how people wipe their ass, how you jerk off, what type of chocolate is best and what kind of underwear you wear. They were all very informative and fun so I’d recommend you looking into those via this blog’s search engine. Trust, it’ll teach you things (I’m still getting over the insane amount of “Dry guys” out there).
Anyway, the topic this time is the affection levels between a parent and their child. To be exact, how they greet/say goodbye to their kids.
When I was a kid, I was often at a particular friends house when his parents got home from work. They greeted me with a waved “hello!”and proceeded to both kiss him (and his brother) on his mouth. The mom and the dad. Obviously, there was no tongue or anything but what I saw there blew my mind. Perhaps I didn’t grow up in the most affectionate household but a mouth on mouth kiss between kids and parents was just not something I knew existed. Since then, I’ve seen this various times.Not super commonly, but enough to notice it. It never ceases to skeeve me out…and it’s not like it bothers me cause i assume these kids are fucking their parents or anything , it just seems like a subtle line of affection that’s being crossed. That thin line that separates how family, friends and lovers greet each other. It’s one thing to kiss your baby on the lips or even your little kid…but once that child becomes an adult, it always struck me as totally fucking weird. Kinda like when kids call their parents by their first names (instead of some version of “Mom” and “dad”) but with an added layer of uncomfortableness.
So, lemme ask you…am I over reacting? Here’s a poll. it’s anonymous (even to me). I gave you various options. please pick the one that best describes how you say hi/bye to your parents/guardians. Seriously, no reason to lie here…it’s for sociological purposes. Trust me.

12 thoughts on “How affectionate are you with you parents?


  2. Dude, I was like 6 when this first weirded me out too. Even back then I knew it wasn’t normal. I see it like the breastfeeding mom but to a lesser degree. Sure they feel might feel it’s natural and normal, but ick.

  3. Interesting, I’ve always wondered this. I have no problem with hugging my mom or dad once in a while, but my family has never been physical, and I don’t remember the last time I touched one of my siblings.

    I’ve always thought it’s fucking weird when kids kiss their parent(s) on the mouth

  4. Too weird – I just had this conversation with my girlfriend last night when we both noticed a mouth-to-mouth kiss between a daughter/dad.. It seems so wrong.

  5. I couldn’t answer this poll because there was no option of just saying “hey” with no physical contact involved.

  6. Is that Lil’ Wayne in the picture? Pretty sure he kisses his road manager and his “dad” which really isn’t his dad. Either way. Handshake and a half hug is about as far as I go.

  7. I’m guessing there is going to be a big difference between guys, and girls. For a guy, there is obviously only one correct answer.

    I remember when I was in elementary, I went over to a friend’s house after school to play video games. My friend greeted his mom with a kiss, then his dad asked for one too. I got the impression this was a normal thing. His dad was like 5 ft tall, fat, and had a thick beard, so it made it even creepier. Needless to say, I didn’t go over there anymore.

    I met some girl like 8 years later, that had dude in her myspace friends. She apparently bought weed from him sometimes, and said the guy lived in an apartment with 6 free-range ferrets and was doing gay porn to pay his bills.

  8. i totally agree with you the first time i saw one of my friend kissing his mother on the mouth i was shocked and i still got this picture in my mind… its about time somebody writes a post about this topic. those weirdos have to stop making out with their parents

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