Answers for questions vol. 93

Hi everyone.
How bout this heat, huh? As a sweaty person, this has been a shut in type of week where I only leave the house to eat or go directly to a place with superior air conditioning. As i type this, my brow is glistening from the brisk movement of my fingers.
Anyway, if you have more questions, send them my way: or leave them in the comments below. As always, keep them interesting. I’m starting to just skip over lame ones. It’s felt good.
This week questions are pretty fucked up. One dude in particular is a big fan of making me do horrible things in dire situations. Thanks, bro.

You seem to wear a lot of baseball caps. What’s your opinion on babes wearing baseball caps? If you agree that attractive women should be banned from wearing them outside of sporting events (playing or spectating), which surely you must, what should men give up in exchange?

I’d rather tell you my opinion on dudes who use the word “Babes”.
I actually don’t have a problem with girls throwing on the occasional baseball hat. It doesn’t bother me. I liken it to girls shaving their heads or getting strange facial pierces. If they’re hot, they’re hot. A hot girl is not all of a sudden unattractive cause she has a hat on. That said, in all three situations, said hot girl would be way hotter without the shaved head, facial pierces and baseball hats. But it’s not ruining anything for me. i’ve never been the type who gets turned off by certain clothing or styles. Sure, i may judge them and think they’re corny but it doesn’t make them somehow ugly. More just a diamond in the rough.

You wake up and your girl has been kidnapped by some crazed lunatic who has left a note that says: “Come to the bronx zoo.” You go to the zoo and eventually find the guy with your girl. He’s got her suspended over a pit full of hungry lions. In order to get her down, you have to fuck either: a) a Nile Crocodile (they’re fucking huge and mean), b) A male elephant in must (super-angry mating time), or c) a Green Anaconda. Would you let your girl die or fuck one of the ferocious beasts? If you choose beast, please explain tactics to seal the deal.

You diabolical dickhead. Do snakes even have pussies? OR do you do anal on a snake?
There’s the thing, I feel like there’s no way I’d survive having sex with any of these animals, let alone be able to sustain erection during the process. This is one of those no win situations. Obviously, I’m not gonna let my girl die but this one is like that thing where you see your boy getting jumped by 10 dudes and , while you could help, it’s basically just you walking into a beatdown for no reason other than to keep up appearances. It’s the “right” thing to do, but it’s also a total death wish. So, in this situation, you’re pretty much asking me how I’d like to die…and who’s to say this crazy person is even going to let my girl live once I’ve been mauled to death by one of these three animals?
That said, i’d fuck the shit out of that snake, bro.

How do you feel about becoming a minor league FaceBook star overnight? It will give a lot more attention to your internet persona.

Ah yes…For those who don’t know, there was a fake facebook music page for me for years. It had over 13,000 followers and was totally worthless. I tried contacting the dude who made it but he never responded , so I made my own “The Real Blockhead“. Anyway, that page was getting minimal love for a long time (even though I was pretty active on it, the other page with more “Likes” kept getting more followers) then the dude who made the fake page finally contacted me. He posted a bunch of messages linking people to my actual page and eventually erased his page. Then, somehow, Facebook consolidated all the fake music pages for me into my “The real blockhead” page. I went from have about 2,000 followers to about 23,000 over the course of one day. This was totally awesome…until I realized that some of those followers were not feeling my updates. My twitter feed posts on my facebook wall and people who were only there cause they liked “Music by cavelight” 8 years ago were all of a sudden being bombarded with jokes. I got TONS of unfollows and a few “I’m a fan and I don’t appreciate your posts blah blah blah” type posts on my wall. It was awesome. I had forgotten how serious people take their social networks. Like the idea that a tweet (which is a quickly passing brain fart) can somehow effect their day negatively. Anyway, I wrote a post telling people it was alright to “unlike” me or whatever as I realized my facebook stylings are not for everyone. Since then, things have improved and I feel that, for the most part, my facebook fans and I are on the same page.
So, to answer the question, it was both great and depressing. Awesome that I was able to connect with that many more fans (which will definitely help in promoting my music to a much larger audience) but depressing that some of my fans are such humorless dickheads.
It’s been a month or two now and it seems to have evened out but , admittedly, I still do kinda watch what I say on my facebook page more than I would have before. Which is too bad…but necessary.

Deltron 3030 is finally putting out the follow up on July 21st. Do you give a shit?

I find anytime an artist does a sequel to an album that was heavily praised like 10 years after the fact, it’s usually done to appease fans and/or cause they’ve run out of ideas. It’s kinda like when people ask me “When are you gonna make another “music by cavelight”?” (worst question to ask an artist, ever, btw). Attempting to recapture something that’s long since passed never really pans out. It’s pandering that goes against your natural progression as an artist. I don’t doubt Del has another good album in him but I’m pretty sure this won’t be it. The Automater is dope as fuck though so, if he’s involved (which I doubt), it does have a chance.

what is the most RANDOM turn off you have about chicks when you (did) start talking to them initially? Example: When chicks are into horses is a huge turn off for me.

Oh man…that’s a long list. There are certain things girls will say or do within a conversation with me where I would just check out. Granted, in my single days, that wouldn’t stop me from having sex with them but it definitely would put a cap on how far that particular relationship would go. They’re not that random but being deeply religious and loving cats too much are two that would send me running for the hills. but beyond those obvious ones, subtle clues of their taste would be a huge turn off. Like if I was talking to a girl and she was praising how great a movie “Party Monster”, I would immediately know I cannot hang with her. On a physical level, I’m totally turned off but girls with strong underbites. Dunno why…it’s just not my thing.

would you rather (which btw I don’t know why you don’t have a would you rather segment on this blog) eat pork rinds and rice krispies and only allowed to have orange soda for two weeks straight OR eat Precious’s pussy for 5 minutes? regardless of her getting off, 5 minutes hit and you’re done. thoughts?

I think i’d go with the pork rinds and rice cripsies. I dunno if my body would ever recover from that but it’s a far lesser punishment than waking up from night terrors for the rest of my life from laying eyes on Precious’s vagina.

One day you (and many others) wake up and have contracted some sort of disease where you can’t eat the meat of any animal ever again, aside from human meat. You don’t have the bloodlust to kill humans to get the meat, but there is a new butcher shop for people with your disease where you can go purchase human meat from people who have recently died. The meat is from healthy, non-sick people and is perfectly fine to eat. Many other people have this disease, so you will not be publicly shunned by the general public. The general non-diseased population is very understanding. You going vegetarian for life or eating peeps, bruh?

It really depends how the human meat tastes. But, in reality, I could very easily live life as a vegetarian (I’d much rather eat meat but , in this situation, you’d just kinda accept it and move on). However, if the choice was being vegan or eating the human jerky…that’s different. I need my dairy. I love cheese enough that I’d probably be willing to eat a dead guy steak every now and then. Especially considering that there would be no social stigma to it. If it was readily available…and I allowed me to eat other foods I love, sure.
If it was some back alley black market dead human meats being purchased out of the back of a truck? I’d pass. Partially cause that sounds gross but more so cause I’m simply too lazy to go that far out of my way to buy meat.

As a musician, how often do you look back at something that you’ve released and wish that you could go back and make changes to it?

Very Rarely. I mean, I definitely can listen to some shit I did 8 years ago and think “man, I wish I could change those drums” but , in general, I’m not the type to really question my choices. For better or for worse. I think, as a beatmaker, you’re aware of the short comings of everything you release. You know the parts that weren’t 100% how you wanted them to be. But, at some point, you just moved on cause it was time. I’ve got a few of those here and there but nothing that bothers me that much. And, honestly, Im pretty sure I’m the only one who would notice.

32 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 93

  1. What other professions did you consider before really committing to becoming a music artist? If there was a toss up, what finally made you focus fully on your music? You’ve mentioned before that you come from a family of artists. Has your family always been supportive of your music and career choice? Also, what was your worst job? Sorry, so many questions. None of them are crazy but they are questions I’ve been thinking about. Keep cool.

  2. Not tryin to nerd out on anyone, but Dan the Automator (from what i’ve heard) is supposed to be on that new Deltron. Having said that, it’s gonna be hard for Del to please every fan that has been jerkin it for the last ten years to there own image of what this album should be to them. . . but Del does work well with certain producers (D the A, Parallel Thought) and should make a good album with Dan the AutoMan. Not sure how accurate that date is though. . .
    P.S. I was @ El-p/ Killer Mike/ Despot last night in AnnArbor (like anyone cares about me. . .but i’m just sayin) They got that place LIVE!!! Had my ass jumpin and dancin like i was a schoolboy. Despot and Mike somehow convinced me to get a twitter acct. BUT, talkin with Killer Mike, i did make it a point to put him on that new Billy Woods. Those two would make a great collab!

    • Block’s right, people are going to be let down because you can’t recapture what once was and has now become a classic. However, Dan is incredibly talented and Del is very creative. With Koala on the cuts, I don’t really see it disappointing anyone who is truly open to good music.

  3. Here’s a question I’m not sure you’d have any insight on but I figure you probably have a better idea than me: What’s the relationship between EL-P and Aesop these days? They seemed to always be really close and tight with each other and I know Aes moving probably had something to do with it but still they don’t hardly even recognize each other anymore, at least publicly in social media. They both got new records that dropped/dropping and it seems they have different music circles now and went in two very different directions. My question to you I suppose is what do you know about all that and where do you stand?

      • Been very curious about this myself, but I respect you not wanting to say anything. It’s a shame, though, whatever happened. Both great artists.

  4. Dan the Automator is fully producing the new Deltron record. It’s not Deltron without both of them, and their conflicting schedules over the past few years is a big part of why its taken them like 4 years to finish the damn album, since they really seemed to want to do the whole record together.

  5. I would like to begin by saying that your mean muggin avatar has frightened me away from commenting on several occasions, but I have something of grave importance to discuss with you. After viewing the art you produced as a child, it has become clear to me that your perception of this earthly existence may be very similar to my own. With that being said, I ask what you think might be your essence on the other side of the illusive “black hole”. Is hip hop so imbedded in your soul that it may merely be the same dope ass beats backwards? Or do you feel that is something that can only happen in a reality where physicality is, in fact, the board-um that imprisons us all. This is of course in reference to the soul……..Also for your sake, I hope that snakes have very nice pussies!

      • Sorry to seem to ramble (my poetry sounds like ramblings at times as well) Okay so…Who do you think you are in a parallel universe. Do you think that you are so connected to the beat that you inspire music there as well? I ask this because your beats are so hard and dark that it could only have been inspired by that part of the soul that few are able to access. Do you think that music transcends time and space?? And if you do what would be your parallel handle.

      • hmmm…I honestly have no clue. I don’t really think about that kind of stuff.cYou should read a post I wrote about my music making process. It’ll shed a lot of light on this subject.

      • Ive got a huge amount of respect for ur ability to be just a regular ass dude who enjoys the finer things in life (reality tv, air conditioning, chillin on the couch, good food, etc.) and at the same time make incredibly full music that contains as much feeling, emotion, and thought-provoking “ness” as u do. Based solely on ur music, one would expect u to be some dark and deep brooding dude who reads weird books, likes super abstract art, and has a bunch of tatoos (honestly, i did before catching ur blog, and it took a minute for me to accept u werent that dude). Honestly dude, the fact that u exist and are as u are kinda fucked my wurld up for a minute, in a good “this is reality” sort of way. Respect.

    • I’m astonished I (think I) understand what you’re asking dianea. Let me try to translate… and please correct me if I’ve misunderstood you, I’m only trying to help because I’m kinda curious too.

      @Blockhead: If you were able to look at your soul in an opposing dimension, do you think that hip hop is so engrained into your perception of life that your soul would continue to pursue it in said opposing dimension? In other words, if you found a soul that perfectly complemented your soul do you think it would like hip hop as much as you do? Would it just be approaching hip hop from a different/complementary perspective? Or do you think it would be pursuing something completely different in life?

      My guess is that, just like you and I, our good friend Blockhead has many other facets of his life that are unrelated to hip hop that he doesn’t share with his fans. Music is a great motivator and an amazing way of communicating in life, but it is not life itself. His opposing soul fluctuates just as much as his current soul does. The question is: do they both like hip hop? My opposing soul, for example, probably likes and would try to create folk/indie rock/broadway music more than hip hop. The great thing about hip hop is that it really lets you show all those different sides of yourself through what you choose to sample. Sorry for the long reply! Hope this made sense.

      • Can I just clearly state that discussion of “souls” and “parallel universes” is just not my bag. Frankly, I don’t believe in any of that as a real thing and I can’t even put myself in a mind frame to even answer that kind of question seriously. I’m all for hypotheticals but once you bring some vague spirituality into it, I no longer care to play that game….Not a diss to those asking, I’m just not that guy.

      • You hit the nail directly on it’s dome. I would use nothing but my voice “there”….that is if I had one. @ Blockhead….. My apologies for muckin up ur shit with my whacked out lobotomized brain…..

  6. Here’s one… if you suddenly woke up and lost your hearing, would you still make music ala Beethoven? Or would you move on to something else? I saw a movie a few years back about a DJ who lost his hearing, got depressed but couldn’t shake his love for music (“It’s All Gone Pete Tong”). Or do you love music so much you’d sign a deal with the devil to trade your eyesight for your hearing back?

  7. Your new album is fantastic and i think it sounds closer to music by cavelight then your older albums except maybe for downtown science. The ones asking for a sequel to an instrumental album are fucking assholes.

    • Reason is my best experience so far. It doesn’t have VST’s (but it does have Rack Extensions now) and those who use Logic, Cubase, ProTools, Ableton, et cetera for creation and mastering will often claim they’re of higher grade, but the more human experience of Reason (with its UI and wiring system) has made it the most enjoyable system with the cleanest learning curve, though I’d tip my nose at using anything else…

      BECAUSE, most producers will end up just saying it’s personal preference, so see if you can find any free trials for all the programs you’ve considered and maybe a few more or something and give them a shot to see if anything really meshes.

      • that was supposed to say I wouldn’t tip my nose…

        It’s supposed to mean I’m cool with whatever.

  8. thank you for making great music. Q) I know Aesop has a new album in the works. any production from you on the album?

  9. Hangover 2 themed question. Waking up for a drunken blackout, would you rather: have a missing finger ( no chance of reattachment) or know you got banged by a tranny hooker (with no memory of it happening)?

  10. Chicks that are into horses? Did he mean equestrians, or chicks who like to suck horses off? Shoulda clarified that…

  11. The new album from Deltron 3030 is coming out this fall (november?) and not July. Don’t want to get peoples hopes up.

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