Song of the day 7/27/12

Four Walls By Eddie Holman

I’m pretty sure this was probably one of the first “song of the day” songs I ever posted and with good reason. It’s probably one of my all time favorite songs. I’m also pretty sure that link has been dead for years as Zshare tends to work like that. i figured it would be cool to repost this cause , for one, it’s an amazing song and , secondly, there’s more of a story to it since the last time I posted it.

Around the time I was making “The Music Scene” album, I was deeply obsessed with this song. I didn’t want to sample it cause that tends to ruin songs for me (it’s overkill from a listening perspective) but I wanted to somehow incorporate it. I had the idea of doing a cover of it. Thing is, while I know some singers, I didn’t want to simply try and have some person sing it all normally over a beat. It needed to be different in order for it to not only make it work within the context of the album, but also not ruin the original song for me as a fan.

So, after some consideration, I hollered at my boy Wilder Zoby , of the group Chin Chin. I knew he was nice with the vocoder and a vocoder version of “four walls” would be exactly the right move. Not only would it sound cool but it also would fit perfectly into the theme of “The music scene”. At the time, Autotune was huge in pop music. You couldn’t turn on the tv or radio without hearing some non-singer singing via a computer program. Seeing as my album was somewhat to an ode to how shitty the music scene had gotten, it was a perfect plan to throw on a song using a vocoder (something EXTREMELY different than Autotune but, to the average ear, fairly similar). I knew, once that song was up , some people (shitty music critics and youtube commenters)would jump all over it on some “I can’t believe blockhead is doing a song with autotune!”. That idea was funny to me so that fueled the fire of wanting to get the song done.
So, it happened. Wilder Came in a knocked it out the park. The result was this:

A song that didn’t ruin the original in my eyes , but still works on it’s own. Is it better? Fuck no. But at least its different. Oh and I also got great satisfaction from the times people did diss the song for me trend hopping auto-tune. SUCCESS.

11 thoughts on “Song of the day 7/27/12

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I looked for this so hard after your cover and couldn’t find anything about it. Fuckin awesome song! 🙂

  2. Fabulous track! One highlight among many on a top album. Bought it on Friday on iTunes and been thrashing it ever since. Appreciate you sharing the genesis of the tune. Cheers!

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