A little “me” time

I figure now is as good a time as ever to just do a big post updating all of you on what I’ve been up to, musically. Since I get about five tweets/facebook comments a day saying shit like “Hey dewd, instead of posting jokes how bout you make some new music!”. First off, blow me. Secondly, I am and always have been steadily making music. So here’s a run down of some newer shit I’ve been involved with and what’s coming up:

By now you should know my newest album “interludes after midnight” BEEN out. Buy it on I-tunes, or at a store or from a guy in an alley…Whatever…just cop that shit…or go here:

I also have a free EP I did with Illogic (more on that later) that you can download here:

What else? Oh yeah, I did this remix for aesop’s single “Zero Dark 30”

as well as a remix for Billy Woods “DMCA”

There’s also this remix I did for Premrock and Willie Green:

Okay, and now the stuff that’s coming up…

Illogic and I have another free EP “Preparing for capture part 2” dropping September 4th. After that, we plan to drop the full length album “Capture the sun” in 2013.

I’m working on an album with Billy Woods that’s mostly been recorded. It’s gonna be crazy. It was originally gonna be an ep but we decided to just make it a full length. I’m very hyped about this album.

I’m doing albums with Open Mike Eagle and Marq Spekt as well. both of those projects are still in the early stages but they should get rolling very soon. Mike told me he’s gonna bring out the Evil Mike Eagle for this record, which I responded “You should call your self Open Mike Evil” to which he responded “STFU”. Whatever, it’s gonna be awesome.

There’s also the album I’m doing with my group “The Mighty Jones” , which consists of singer Joanna Erdos, Guitarist Damien Paris (he’s the guy who’s played guitar on all my solo albums) , Jeremy Gibson (aka Sir Jarlsberg but he also plays like 20 instruments), and myself.
This is a song from that album…It’s gonna be ten songs long.

Beyond that, I plan to hit the road in the fall. There is talk of me finally getting back to Europe in late september…but it will be mostly eastern euro dates so, if you live in france or the UK get your local promoters to come holler at the kid. I’d love to get out there again…it’s literally been almost ten years. Regardless, I’ll announce all those dates when/if they get solidified.

As for US dates, I’m still working on that but I got a show in S.F. in august:

Okay? Cool. Well…thanks for reading this and supporting me. I’ve enjoyed it all.

25 thoughts on “A little “me” time

  1. interludes took me a minute but it’s pretty much on constant when i’m driving. just keep doing what you’re doing, you’re single handedly holding down intelligent melodic instro hippa for me and have been for a minute now.

  2. The Zero Dark Thirty remix is ri-god-damn-diculous (meaning it’s fucking great).

    I don’t know why, but I was recently thinking it would be cool if you and Blueprint put out an album and called yourselves “The Blue Blockers”.

  3. just wanted to say that ive been a huge fan since the first time i heard insomniac olympics 2-3 years ago and so far have heard and loved everything youve done so keep doing whatever you do and all the best for the future…also im from pakistan, bet you didnt know you had fans here too 😀

  4. yo thanks for the post and the latest info – psyched about your tour especially if you’ll be coming to eastern europe, can you let us in on where you’ll be? will you be coming to poland?

    keep up the jokes!!

  5. My Man, don’t forget that there is Poland in Europe. So far you’ve been to Białystok which is like rural Arizona in US. 😉 Come to Warsaw or Lodz and apart from the same cool people, you’ll taste way better food! For real!

  6. that flute or whatever on the hook of the zero dark thirty remix is perfect. Do you have a download link or something where we could get it?

  7. where’s that zero dark thirty remix for sale at? i bought the album, but can’t find where to buy that remix. i bought a physical copy, so maybe it’s a digital bonus track?

  8. i remember you talking about open mike eagle and how he was a current rapper you were enjoying now a days. Did he read that and reach out to you to work with him or did you? howd you guys get together?

    • Nah, I already sorta knew him at that point. That was probably before we did a little tour together but after we had gotten familiar via a message board we both frequent.

  9. i am pretty sure this mighty jones project is going to blow up this shit is awesome
    but a big part of the hip hop nerds who are reading this blog won’t like it

  10. Blockhead you are my favorite artist ever but I have never seen you live. I will be in Budapest for the next 4 months and would shit my pants if you came to Hungary. Do you know if you are going anywhere around there?

  11. Open Mike Eagle: I’m gonna work with They Might be Giants one day. I’ll just have to do something about the nervous gas I’m gonna have if I ever get to meet them. I want to work with John S. Hall, Bob Mould, Angelo from Fishbone, and somebody from Ween too. If i really get rich I’ma hire some people to hold D’Angelo at gunpoint so I can rap on something he’s singing on.

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