Song of the day 8/10/12

You would if you could By Mystikal
There are a few schools of thought concerning Mystikal. Lots of people hate him, lots of people love him, and lots of people just think he’s a raping extortionist.
While I can’t argue that last point, he’s honestly one of my favorite rappers alive right now. I obviously can’t excuse the crimes he’s committed (wiki that shit if you’re not aware) but I also can’t deny that he’s one of the most entertaining and original rappers doing it today. NO ONE raps like Mystikal. The fact he’s now 40 years old and shit making good shit is even more impressive.
This song I’ve posted is an older one but here is his new video and another video of him kicking a hilarious rhyme on the radio:

(Props to him for the honesty. Lots of rappers rap about jail but not like this…)

3 thoughts on “Song of the day 8/10/12

  1. I saw that you had a Morly Grey song as one of your “songs of the day” a couple of years back.
    What made me want to leave a comment was the fact that the particular song you mentioned was written on a rainy day. Thanks, Mark Roller (Morly Grey)

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