SelfSays “April”

Selfsays is a dope rapper from detroit. A while back he released an EP called “Something out of nothing” that caught my ear. Since then, I’ve done a few songs with him, including a few on his brand new EP “April”. That’s available here:

So check him out. Especially all of you people who constantly complain about how there’s no good new rap. Well, here some is!

6 thoughts on “SelfSays “April”

  1. Very nice EP! Copped it from the man himself bout a month ago @ the Magic Stick show with Illogic & Zero Star. I was bummed that i missed him and Mike Eagle in Ferdale, last week. But i do have to say that it is my favorite album cover over the year. Very unique! And great work on that ‘Ball Dropper’s Anthem’ track!!!

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