The Sir Jarlsberg album has arrived!

If you don’t know by now, you better ask somebody. Sir Jarlsberg has been a staple of this blog forever and it’s all come to fruition with the release of his full length album “Hark Thou”.
If you don’t what this is all about, get your learn on…Go to his new website:
The website includes music, videos, pictures and the story behind the man himself.
Here’s a weird new video he made recently

anyway, here’s a link to the the album on I-tunes:

If you like strange, wildly creative stuff, this will be your right up your alley. Cop dat shit!

5 thoughts on “The Sir Jarlsberg album has arrived!

  1. Are there any hard copies of this i can buy or is it all download? PS- you look quite similar to that Druke guy, with his “hideous puns & woeful sensitive ‘singing’ ” Haha!

  2. Woah, I was surprised to see that the Mexican David Cross you’re always posting pictures of was actually in the video as Little King K but imagine my shock to see that you are Druke!!!!! Thought I saw a glimpse of you in the first video but I definitely saw you on his website…your secret has been found out, Block…or should I say DRUKE?

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