My case against men wearing open toed shoes

A few weeks ago I polled people about men’s summer wear. Namely, what kinda shorts that men wear that are okay with girls. As things often do when dealing with the internet, the conversation spun wildly out of control and landed on the topic of men’s footwear. Not just any footwear though. I’m talking about open toed shoes on men. Sandals, flip flops, jesus’ shoes…those type of things.
Like most people living in a urban environment , I’ve long been deeply anti-open toe shoes for men. I’ll get to the reasons later but , for now, let’s cover when it’s okay to wear these types of shoes:

1)At the beach, poolside or really anywhere where a large mass of water that people swim in.

2)In your back yard.

3)Short walks to the store. kinda the same way one might throw on basketball shorts and wife beater just to go get some eggs from around the corner.

4)In your car if you’re running errands that don’t involve anything remotely social (things like going to the post office, getting a coffee, picking up laundry)

5)On a boat.

6)At a spa (duh)

7)Around your home.

See that? That’s the complete list. There is no other time EVER that man should be wearing Flip flops or sandals. Now, I’m sure some of you sandal wearing people are all ready to argue this with me until you’re blue in the face and the smell of your petrulli oil wears thin. Surely, some of you live in small towns or suburbs where the open toed look on men is mostly accepted and probably pretty typical. For you people, I give you a SLIGHT pass. I don’t approve of your footwear but I can understand how it’s kinda the norm out there. That’s fine. However, even you out of the city folk must know that , if you own a penis, wearing those “shoes” anywhere social, is not okay. To a bar? go fuck yourself. On a date? You should die a virgin. To a party? I hope you stub your toes drunkenly for the rest of your life. That said, this is less about you people than it is the urban open toed people.

Now, you city people, you’re window is much smaller (assuming you don’t live in a city where all you do is drive all day). Basically, if you’re walking around in public , it’s not alright. NEVER. A walk to the corner store is forgivable but anything beyond that, get the fuck outta here. Beyond just social events, I’m talking on public transportation (Being on the L train is like being tortured by a sea of disgusting feet. If I could hack peoples feet off on the train, i would), going out to eat anywhere, even walking to the gym…No one should ever have to look at your feet. Also, have you seen what streets look like? Unless you’re roaming around singapore, they’re fucking filthy. You’re feet are basically just magnets for whatever is near you. good luck stepping in dog shit in your flip flops. I’d imagine that feeling of the shit foaming around the corners as it touched your bare skin is one you’ll never forget…but totally worth it, right?

Now, you might be wondering why this matters and why I’m so against it. Well, in reality, it doesn’t matter. Everything I’m writing is hyperbolized for fun but still, it’s a peeve of mine (and many others) because men’s feet are atrocious looking. They’re big and hairy. They’re veiny and probably smell bad. They’re simply not something that need to be trotted out in public for people to have to look at. It’s kinda like how women who just gave birth don’t go around wearing belly shirts that show off their stretch marks. It’s just common decency to your fellow human.

Common arguments for why men wear these things are that they’re comfy , they’re easy to put on and because in the summer it gets too hot for anything that’s not open toed. Let me make my case…
1)They’re not that comfy.
I’ve worn them before in my life. flip flops are actually straight up uncomfortable. The cut into your toes and they’re not easy to walk in cause, well, they flip and flop. Sandals are slightly better but still, they’re limiting in how you can walk. basically you gotta just kinda walk slowly and shuffle you feet. God forbid you have to run in those things. Sneakers, in general, are far more comfortable as they have more support for you foot and ankle and they have better padding. On top of that, they also look a million times better and make it so no one has to look at that awesome hangnail you have on your big toe.

2) Okay, They’re easy to put on.
I can’t lie, they are…but you know what else is? my sneakers that I just slip on and off like sandals. I haven’t tied them since the first week i got them. Besides, If you’re losing too many minutes in your day taking on and off footwear, I’m pretty sure your hectic job does not include open toed shoes.

3)It’s NEVER too hot for sneakers.

This one is my biggest peeve because it’s such a pussy reason. Grown men complaining about the warmth level of their feet is not okay. Unless you’re walking on hot coals, shut the fuck up about it cause it’s simply never THAT bad.
I’ve been all over this country. I’ve been in horrific heat more times than I can count. I’ve always worn sneakers. Was I hot? Sure. But my whole body was hot…cause it was fucking hot outside. I’ll tell you what didn’t ever cross my mind at any point “Man, I’m dying out here, if only my toes were exposed…” . This is one of those “just deal with it and man up” kinda situations. Sure, i suppose an open toed shoe in 115 degree weather would be SLIGHTLY cooler…but does it really fucking matter? You’re gonna be way too hot no matter what and I guarantee you’re not sitting there just obsessing over how hot you’re feet are. It’s not like you’re forced to wear a sweater , long wool socks and slacks in that heat. You’re wearing shorts and a t-shirt. You’re as cool as you’re gonna get. Basically, worrying about how hot you feet are in a situation like that is like drinking diet coke with your super sized #2 meal from McDonalds. It’s a small thing that won’t make a big enough difference to ever matter.

At this point, I realize you’re either with me or against me on this one. So lemme throw this at you, from a more abstract angle. As men, we’re very lucky when it comes to clothing. We dress more casual than women and get away with it. While they’re wearing 4 inch heels, push up bras and spanks, we’re wearing a t-shirt with holes in it and some nikes to the same place. This is simply the one case where we, as men, gotta just deal with the most minuscule inconvenience (that actually isn’t even a real inconvenience) and suck it up. Listen, I’d love to wear sweat pants all winter but I don’t because I have self respect. If you respect yourself and those around you, do yourself a favor and put those goddamn sandals away in your beach bag. It’s the least we men can do. Trust me when I say that most women are not feeling it from both a fashion and more general visual perspective. Sandals aren’t shorts. You don’t HAVE to wear them when it’s hot out. You have choices. So, do us all a favor and fucking stop it. Please. FUCKING STOP IT…MAKE IT STOP.
Oh and obviously, it’s totally okay for women to wear them. They don’t typically have horrific looking feet and I feel as if , with all the sacrifices of comfort they’ve made to look good, they’ve earned the right.

161 thoughts on “My case against men wearing open toed shoes

  1. I agree pretty wholeheartedly with everything in this post. However, can you cut a brother some slack for wearing sandals before or after an athletic event?

  2. Feets are feets. Not wearing sandals because our feet is ugly is like saying to ugly people that they have to wear a mask or something.It’s ridiculous.

  3. I was at a mobile app design and development event in Austin this week (mostly dudes), and more than half of them were wearing sandals. Granted, I don’t really expect developers to have any fashion sense at all – they tend to dress utilitarian, comfort over all else. But, god damn if that conference room didn’t absolutely reek of foot odor. It was pretty awful.

    • Crocs are horrific shoes for doctors and dads who stopped caring. It’s funny too cause sandal wearers will diss them like they aren’t basically the same thing except uglier and more comfortable.

  4. Fuck sandals.
    What about the opposite of the “my feet get hot” argument?
    When I’m in the city, I’m astounded at the amount of men (and women) who are wearing beanies, jeans, and a northface jacket…with sandals.
    Major disgusters, b.


  5. airy and breathable? COME ON. every time I have worn sandals my shit gets all sweaty and slippery like I just dipped my feet into a bucket of KY. socks and nikes for life.

  6. Some girls like dude’s feet but I think that shit’s pretty rare. I had a chick randomly start sucking my toes while she was in reverse cowgirl. That was really disgusting, especially since it was extremely hot out and my dogs were barking something fierce. Needless to say, I haven’t spoken to that bitch since.

      • Lmfao!!! One of the BEST articles and commnt sections ever! I really CANT stand men in anything open toed. Or teen boys. Im a teen girl. I saw a dude with FF’s at the mall and i didnt dare to look past the corner of my eye at their feet. Pisses me off so bad! I really dont care if your feet are cute or not

  7. For the record, maybe I am blessed with feet that don’t suffer from all the humanity that you are used too. My feet aren’t very hairy at all, and they never smell like some of you nasty motherfuckers. Granted they are size 13 DD’s, but aside from that I keep my feet clean and not gross. I wear flip flops because I have a strange thing with heat and my feet, for instance I cannot sleep with socks on because once my feet get hot I am uncomfortable and generally pissed. Say what you want about being a pussy cause I don’t like my feet hot, its the same thing with cold water on my neck; it makes me want to murder people. Also, I wear low cut socks and sneakers in the summer if its not too hot but once that shit breaks 88-90, fuck you and your sensibilities I’m not wearing sneakers. Plus, my feet sweat much worse when I’m wearing short socks and sneakers, then when I wear flip flops and they are completely dry and therefore have a better chance of smelling. I understand you don’t want to smell feet, but you won’t be smelling mine, however if you don’t want to look at feet then quit chewing the open cut in your mouth and keep your eyes up.

    • No matter what you say, you still have gross feet simply because you’re a man.
      And who sleeps with socks?
      But lol at you not being able to handle 90 degree weather in your feet. Do you also not wear shirts everywhere when it’s hot out? It’s basically the same thing except , at least personally, my torso is far more effected by extreme heat than my feat could ever be.

      • No issues with shirts. Heat on my feet, and cold on my neck. Both of those things makes me want to beat people to death. I can’t stand having swamp toe, that shit is grosser than my feet in flip flops which are dry and never smell. I used to have the same problem with flip flops hurting my feet, but not anymore. I have worn some Air Jordan strapped flip flops before that had great arch support. I tried to hold onto them but they weren’t mine. However, if a person has nasty ass feet due to smell or grime or excessive hair, then that shit is nasty and no one else should have to know about it. And as for feet being magnets for whatever is around, no doubt but that is what bathing/showering is for. For the record, I have never gotten any feces, human or animal, on my bare feet (at least no more than you have).

      • Never worn flip-flops or sandals in my life (when I wasn’t at the beach), because they are horribly uncomfortable and hard to walk in, but gotta say, I prefer not to wear a top anywhere when it’s hot. Some people seem to think it’s rude, or that I’m trying to show off my tatts or something, but really, I don’t think it’s my job to care.

  8. I dig everything you just said… because I feel the exact same way. I know this guy that wears nothing but sandals in all seasons. One time we had about 2 feet of snow (It’s NC so that’s a lot) in November. Guess what he wore? His explanation was, “My feet don’t get cold because I’m indian.”

    *NOTE* – There’s no indian in his family whatsoever. Found out through his relatives…

    He has shoes, but doesn’t wear them because he doesn’t like his feet being hot…

    People these days man…

  9. Must be an East Coast thing. In Santa Monica everyone is wearing flip flops. Plus, my feet are wide as fuck. If I have to go to somewhere like Disneyland, or somewhere else where I have to walk around all day, I will be tearing up in pain at the end of it, unless I’m in flip flops. I do wear sneakers to work and shit, but I simply cannot get Wide-Size DC’s. How about us wide feeted manly men, Block?

  10. Thank you, Tony, this is beautiful. Maybe it’s because I hate it when dudes wear this shit and this is just in my head, but it seems like those stupid things make a lot more noise when guys wear them. Get your ugly, nail fungus-ridden feet the fuck out of here. I like wearing normal shoes like an adult, thank you.

      • LOL no they don’t. this has nothing to do with hygiene. Unless you live in a city where people walk, this may never make sense to you. but trust me, it’s fucking disgusting.

      • I live in a city where people walk, that i know they don’t stand still. Maybe I misunderstood you.

      • I don’t see nothing not valid for women too, at least to me. But we can’t stay on whoever someone finds not likeable, someone might find not likeable something about you, so it’s all relative, as fashion is art and self expression.
        If you don’t like sandals it’s fine to me, I also never wore sandals but who knows? There are many sandals styles i find unelegant but unless in some despicable snobby-bored-exclusive clubs I can’t see how they are not acceptable. But ok I think our points are clear, no need to go on ok?

  11. Damn you opened my eyes. I’ve been a flip flop wearing simp my whole life without even knowing it. I always thought flip flops were aight but mandels were for the lames of the world. Now I see the error in my ways. I shall never wear them again. Although I live in Detroit so giving a fuck is kind of a waste of time. And once I did wear them on a date! Now I know why I don’t ever get laid.

  12. I fully disagree with everything you said, except about them being easy to put on.

    “feet are ugly” yea so? i take pride in my calloused man feet. I could walk on glass with these babies without getting a scratch.

    “not comfy” um that’s insanely wrong. I don’t need to say anything else about that.

    The main reason I wear sandals everyday is because I hate wearing socks. I hate going through my sock drawer all tired in the morning trying to find a nice pair that match. I understand I could organize that shit but still.

    Are you including non-open toed Keens in this? I’m sure at the right angle someone might see a toe. I don’t have to wear socks with those.

    My feet only smell when I wear socks and shoes all day. With some nice sandals, my feet smell like a summer meadow.

    Plus shoelaces are stupid.

  13. I destroyed my ACL a few years back, and had to get surgery… and one of the worst parts was not being able to reach my foot to lace anything up. I had to wear a sandle, and hated every minute of it. I remember a couple girls still calling me out for wearing that shit, even though I was walking around with crutches… and I don’t even blame them, it was still not a good enough excuse.

    I can’t stand the frat guy douches around here in their sandles, cargo shorts, polo shirt, seashell necklace, frayed baseball hat uniforms. Those are the same guys that will get in drunken fist fights over fantasy football, slap eachother in the balls, or totally bro out with some good old fashion gay chicken.

  14. 100% with you on this one!

    There are a LOT of shoes to wear on a hot summer day if you don’t want to sweat your toes off in that awesome pair of 2004 Nike Dunk Hi SB:

    – Chuck Taylors (lightweight, breathing, covering toes… plus looking like Snoop Doggy Dogg is always cool)
    – Boat shoes (try some suede Sperry Top-Siders, Hella comfy, breathing, more than appropriate on boats obviously, but also around pools)
    -Tennis shoes (canvas is the way to go)

    But please please please avoid the ugly route: Geox and Crocs are not okay.

    Which leads to another question: socks or no socks? or worse: semi-socks (the one not covering the ankle)?

  15. I put mad pressure, on phony wack rhymes that get hurt
    Shits played, like zodiac signs on sweatshirt
    That’s minimum, and feminine like sandals
    My minimum table stacks a verse on a gamble
    – GZA

  16. But my feet are beautiful. Feet were born to be free maaannn. To feel the wind blow through my toes, do you begrudge me this? However if GZA says sandals are feminine, i may have to reconsider my position. I don’t actually wear open toe footwear, but in principle it’s ok by me. As long as guys don’t complain about getting their toes stepped on. My problem with sandals is they lack versatility. You can’t really run properly, for example.

    • I don’t really begrudge anyone for their footwear. more just think they’re corny. That doesn’t mean they’re bad people…they’re just not MY type of people. We could be friendly acquaintances.

      • Yeah i’m not a fan personally either tbh. I could care less though really, just imagining what sandal wearing dudes might use for argument. Bottom line, article/enrtry whatever you call it cracked me up, so good job. Footwear has evolved since the days of Plato and Jesus. Fuck sandals!

        Plus without good arch support your feet go flat over time. Skate shoes are actually bad for that too, but i find them comfortable. And its easy to wipe out in sandals. The twisted/broken ankle ratio of sandals compared to shoes is probably off the charts. You got your heel just flapping around back there, its no good.

  17. That was not a sarcastic comment about GZA btw, favorite Wu member, and one of my favorite MC’s. Just to be clear about that. I’m actually familiar with the verse, just never occurred to me.

  18. Chacos for life.
    Block, until your standards are adopted by the least fashion-conscious region of the US (the PNW), I shall continue to expose my gross man-feet.

  19. “Nobody wants to see your toes”

    Nobody wants to see your hairy legs either.
    Shorts are part of the bum uniform. Put on some pants, you bums.

  20. I went to a Lions pre-season game last week. Mustve saw hundreds of fuckin open-toed sandal-wearing dick-burgers there. It was kinda cold and Detroit is gross. NOOOOO fuckin reason to wear your flop flips or Zapatos de HeyZues to a fuckin stadium football game. I gave at least ten people in open toed shoes flat tires while i was walking to and from concession stands ( i didnt mean it at first, but didnt feel bad for a second). Bet that felt great and totally worth having dry hairy feet! That is my new persuasion for those who want to argue over this- you will get a raw-heeled flat tire everytime you wear those fuckin things in my vacinity til you realize the wrong in your ways. Jesus didnt have the option of 1,000 Nikes to choose from, you do (I’m pretty sure he woulda rocked some fly suede Addidas if he had the option).
    Oh! And to the guy boasting his man calloused feet. . . 1) that makes your dogs much grosser and 2) If your feet are really as bad ass as you say, then just fuckin go Bare-foot everywhere you go like that large hippie guy on Dual Survivor. Why waste money on gay-ass mandals? Or are your feet not really that bad ass after you step on AIDS-infected broken glass? My moneys on the glass. . .

  21. Just back from Vancouver…..mad Canadian dudes rockin flip flops, sandals to a bachelor party. I’m pretty sure one of the brothers of the groom was wearin an actual bathing suit. granted it was in the 90’s during the day, so it was hot and humid that evening, but shit had me feeling over-dressed.

  22. This essay assumes that ALL men’s feet are gross when they’re not. Sneakers make your feet pale, sweaty, and smelly. Feet need sunlight and fresh air, a more natural connection with the earth. I don’t see anything disgusting with open-toed shoes as long as your feet are clean and groomed.

    • Nah dude, fuck your feet. Fuck me feet. They are men’s feet. Women’s feet aren’t even that attractive but they’re passable. This is bigger than just “ugly feet”. Open toed shoes just aren’t acceptable in some situations. Accept it and live with it.

  23. I am a guy that wears women’s open toe sandals 24/7/365. I am lucky to have beautiful feet that can fit in women’s size shoes. I get a pedicure every two weeks in a nail salon and my toes are always perfectly pedicured and polished with bright red nail polish. If you were to see my feet in women’s sandals with the red toenails you would be sure that you are looking at a girls foot. I get many compliments from women on my sandals and perfect pedicures and they all tell me that I have feet like a girl. Most women appreciate my feet and I love getting the compliments. If a guy has pretty feet like a girl and takes care of them with pedicures every two weeks with a pretty color of nail polish, then he can wear sandals like a girl. So guys if you have pretty feet then get to a nail salon and get a pedicure with colored nail polish so that you can wear men’s or women’s sandals and be proud of showing your pretty toes in public.

    • Even if I don’t go so far, I say cool, dude don’t mind what haters think, they want to make their preferences a law. And men feet are perfectly fine, I obvioulsy prefer women feet, but that’s obvious as I’m straight, I can’t understand guy who can’t stand other guy’s feet, first off they are not supposed to like them or being attracted by them, so I guess they have no voice in chapter. Mind that people have different style thank goodness, or it would be a dull world made of people fitting some official cultural preferences, and I know some people are in this mindsed, sadly.

  24. I never ceases how some people are so hypersensitive to such superfluous things in life. My gosh, all of that bellicose ranting over men wearing sandals is beyond ridiculous!! I thought people were a little more tolerant than that. A simple piece of comfortable, strappy footwear is suddenly demonized by the shallow minds of the radical fashion police.

    I’m just fortunate to live in a community where people are tolerant of others and are not victimized because we [males] choose to wear our sandals. I wear my Birkenstocks virtually all year, even my supervisor wears them on occasion. My doctor said that Birkenstocks are the best type of footwear available and he wears them.

    The popularity of sandals will only increase in today’s more casual society. For the anit sandal crowd out there, how about taking a chill pill and reduce your high revs. No one is ever going to receive any superlatives for displaying such impertinent essays that clearly demonstrates one’s intolerance, harshness, lack of diversity and vulgarity.

    • And here you are writing a three paragraph novel about it.
      It’s funny how , as mad as i am about this whole thing (I’m not really, this is all done in hyperbolized jest) there are people who feel the need to chime in like anyone gives a shit. I am not the judge and jury of your wardrobe, bro. If you want to wear sandals. Wear sandals. Just know, that some people are gonna look at you and think “look at this sandal wearing dipshit”. Which isn’t really that big a price to pay so do you, bro. Just save me the hippie sob story about fashion police. This is all just my opinion. Get over it.

    • He has a point, Dan, you wrote a three paragraph novel as if someone really gives a shit about his opinion and it was really relevant. It’s simply his preference, just hyperbolized, then one may or may not like his humour :).
      You could even find the one thinking you’re a dipshit just for your sandals a douchebag, as if you were to judge using his meter, closed toes in summer would be the ridiculous ones.

  25. Men never used to wear sandals or flip-flops outside of the beach or pool area until the damn fashion industry saw the potential to make a profit promoting men wearing sandals, like women had done. Blame profit-making (again) for this terrible fashion atrocity.

  26. I hate this society. Men get judged for everything. Its like men can’t do anything without being called gay or sissy. Its no ones buisness what people wear. You don’t like it then don’t look at it.

    • Oh shut the fuck up already. Just wear your sandals and accept that no one wants to look at your manly feet. there’s a difference between being tolerant and liking something. I’m not calling for all men in sandals to be stoned in the town center. But I am saying you look like a dipshit. That’s the full extent of it.

      • If you won’t call for it, I will. Every male who has ever worn sandals, ff’s or what the fucks, fucking stone ’em. enuff’s enuff.

    • NYC. Where this shit is NEVER acceptable. But, as far as place like L.A. go, I think I mention in the article (I forget as I wrote it three years ago) that if you’re just driving places it’s fine. Still, at a bar or restaurant? Cover your fucking feet.

  27. For all of you “hot feet” dumbfucks I have an easy solution. Buy full mesh tennis shoes or water shoes and wear them with no show socks. They’re very light, breathable, and look cool too. Now, I’m not talking about your standard mesh Asics or New Balance running sneakers (although those can still work better than full leather sneakers), but shoes that have only a single layer, see through mesh. They’re not easy to find, but it’s possible. I have a very nice looking pair from Land’s End. Too bad they stopped making this model years ago. I too hate open toe shoes on guys because it looks absolutely disgusting, yet cannot stand hot feet in summer. When you do physical activity outdoors while wearing leather sneakers in hot weather, the bottom of the foot can start burning pretty bad so it gets really uncomfortable. Solution – mesh shoes.

    Check these out –

  28. If you cannot stand looking at men’s feet, you have a psycho problem, seriously!
    But I agree – sandals are not all that comfortable. Barefoot is much much better!

    • It’s not a matter of of “I can’t stand it!”.It’s more “hey dude, no one wants to see your feet. If you’re at a beach or in a field, have at it. but otherwise, would it kill you to wear non-open toed shoes in public places?”
      It’s a matter of class,bro.

      • How about you pick something real to give a shAt about. Seriously. I wear shoes at work and while on my bike (or sometimes stiff flip flops on one of my bikes in summer) but otherwise, NO SHOES EVER! Freaking hate shoes, nasty harbors of bacteria, fungus, sweat, and countless other nasty things. How about you let people be the way they want to be.

        Oh yeah, here in the South, dudes EVERYWHERE wear flip flops all summer long.


      • Temper, temper. Consider just for a moment that the problem is with yourself and your own views of the world (and feet), and not some terrible behavior that others commit by wearing sandals.

    • Cool soul patch glamour shot, friendo. I live in the South and, thus, feel pretty entitled to wear flip-flops in July. But if ever you’re cruising around the East Village in sandals, I hope some rat makes a point of it to nibble on your bunions after depositing a fat used condom on your shit. Barefoot Alliance…Jesus, man, fightin’ that good fight. Keep hope alive.

  29. Barefooting and foot fetishism are COMPLETELY different things. Many people with a true “foot fetish” are actually very self-conscious and afraid to let their own feet be seen by anyone else, even at the beach or pool. Me? I don’t give a damn what people choose to put on their feet. I do what’s best for me, and that’s all that matters.

    • seriously, what linked you to this blog? This is ridiculous. Wear your sandals. You’re allowed to. Just as I’m allowed to think it’s corny. Deal? Deal.

  30. I am a guy and walk barefoot and my feet are tanned and beautiful and better looking than your ugly feet that have been deformed by high heels!

    • I’m a male you fucking idiot. Also, do you live in a jungle? or a moist field? I live in a city. where there are rats, dirt and bodily fluids on the street.

  31. Your assertion that “no one wants to look at your manly feet” is just flat wrong. I’m someone, and feel no disgust or irritation at the sight of feet. In fact, not only do I not mind the sight of feet, I actually really enjoy *gasp* /touching/ them, too. Yeah, shocking, I know. I’m a massage therapist, you see, and working with the feet is my favorite part of giving a massage. Of course, in your shallow brain, that makes me a foot fetishist, but you’re wrong there, too. I simply appreciate and admire feet as the marvels of engineering they are. I feel sorry for yours, having to put up with your hatred.

  32. Blockhead, every time you angrily punctuate your laughable rants with “fuck”, “shit”, “dipshit” you sound totally ignorant, stupid, and oh, about 12. If you were able to have an intelligent conversation using intelligent language that uses critical thinking it could be an interesting discussion, whether it’s hyperbole or not.. And I was in NYC frequently 40-something years ago. And there were at least some young people walking barefoot everywhere, and I don’t mean sandals and flip flops. It was considered hip and cool for a few years, especially in Greenwich Village. See NYT article from Sept 1 1970, reprinted 3 days later in this paper:,530375&dq=spokesman+review&hl=en
    Go to page 38. Notice that these people were not hippies.
    And guess what? I do not like seeing people with full sleeve tattoos. It looks dirty and ugly to me, no matter how beautiful the artwork may be, but I would never write a rant suggesting that those people should always wear long sleeve shirts, or wear them in certain contexts. I just ignore them and let them be.

    • Okay, I’m done responding to you people after this. I’ve made my point…OVER AND OVER AGAIN. The fact you all seem to be completely ignoring the point really makes this difficult. SO, I’ll spell it out for you in bullet points to make it easy to understand
      1)This IS Hyperbole. It is written int he form of a rant for comedic purposes. While I think men who wear open toed shoes in urban areas are missing the point and way too obsessed with a comfort that isn’t even that comfortable, I also, deep down, don’t really care. live you life.
      This is a sentence from the piece. Did everyone miss this?
      Now, you might be wondering why this matters and why I’m so against it. Well, in reality, it doesn’t matter. Everything I’m writing is hyperbolized for fun

      2)The language I’m using here has been spawned from frustration. Partially cause pretty much every response I’ve gotten over the last few days is someone flying off the handle about their bare feet to me when they clearly didn’t read past the first paragraph. I go into detail in this and explain my case. Also, it’s my opinion! An opinion I’m 100% allowed to have. Just as you are allowed to have yours. There is no discussion to be had here. I think one thing, you people think another. No one is changing each others mind. But, again, this entire thing (that I wrote over a year ago, btw) is not to be taken THAT seriously. I have no idea where all you people got linked to this blog from. In fact, I’m very curious cause this was a dormant post until about three days ago when i was flooded with angry comments from people who look at their sandals/flip flops the way NRA looks at their guns.

      3)You were in NY 40 years ago. 40 YEARS AGO! I’m born and raised here. I’ve lived here for almost 40 years. The last 40 years I might add. Every day. Every year. Things change. You cannot walk around barefoot in NYc unless you’re in a park on some grass. Not cause I say so but cause it’s a health hazard.

      So, in summation, wear your flip flops. Caress your sandals. Don’t even wear footwear. I truly don’t care what you people do cause I don’t know you. But just accept that, if you decide to do these things that are 100% within your rights as a human, I also have the right to make judgements on that choice. Judgements, i might add, that don’t effect your life in the slightest bit. Okay? great.
      I’m not approving anymore of your barefoot propaganda comments anymore so have a good day and please never visit my blog again.

  33. Hyperbole or not, when you put your opinion in out in public, it becomes more than just your opinion. I see a lot of comments agreeing with you, and using phrases such as “should never be allowed to”. It’s that sort of thinking that eventually creates laws that violate our rights, like the one in Wildwood, that passed, making it illegal to wear pants too low. I don’t like that either, but this is a free country! I understand that it’s your opinion, and that you don’t like the look of it, but telling others that they should abide by your opinion is very egotistical. What ever shoes someone wears (or does not wear) should be based on their own needs and fashion sense, and of course, the occasion – show others, and yourself, respect at formal functions and such, but otherwise who cares? If you keep your feet (and shoes) clean and dry, the fungus that smells won’t grow, and your feet will be healthy. What they look like is not really controllable.

    • Robert I think you misunderstand the internet as a whole. For comedic purposes this was written and hopefully people who read it thought it was funny. “It’s that sort of thinking that eventually creates laws that violate our rights”- this part just…use logic to determine the point of posting something like this. Also from my understanding Wildwood is not even a real town, and if your hip to what Wildwood, GA (I’m assuming this is what you mean, I had a friend get clean there) is doing in the summer of ’13 you maybe shouldn’t be reading blogs based on free thinking and humor.

  34. I know this is an old blog. I got here from the newest one. The guy for the movement a bare feet retardation is hilarious. The one with butt in his name.

    The guy who wears girl flip flops was awesomely awkward with his painted toes and women commenting on them

    Anyways people who got mad at this and took offensive because they wear flip flops I hope it makes them realize or think twice at what people say about their ugly sandals in public haha

    I don’t know. This whole thing was funny to me. Thanks block

  35. Hey suburban-sandal-boys shopping at Home Depot on the weekend: put some real shoes on or I’ll drop a load of 2 x 4’s on your dainty lady toes.

  36. How about a “MAN PURSE” to go with those sandals. And flip flops are as attractive as their name “FLOPS”. I agree that men should keep there feet covered, massive turn off. And a lot of women should too though.

  37. i agree with the author 110% i am a guy and i hate the thought of wearing sandals or any open toed shoes first of i am self concious about my feet exposed to the public second i dont see any major difference in temp wearing sandals and as u said i like having protection and support from my sneakers i dont own a single pair of sandals and i live in California

  38. When I was in high school a lot of the guys wore sandals. Birlenstocks and Tevas were the rage then. I didn’t start wearing sandals (Birkenstock Milanos) until college. My physics professor, philosophy professor and chemistry professor wore Birkenstocks. I wore my Birkenstocks nearly everyday even in the winter. I had a few pairs of thick wool socks that complemented my Birkenstocks nicely. Unfortunately where I work sandals aren’t appropriate attire, but I keep a pair of Birkenstocks in my car so I can change from my formal work shoes to my ultra comfy sandals. I personally don’t understand why a few people out there find it necessary to critique clothing and shoes. It’s all about comfort and utility. Men look perfectly acceptable in a nice pair of leather sandals.

    • No, they really don’t.. There’s nothing more disgusting than adult male feet.. The author hit the nail on the ***king head..

  39. It’s never too hot for sneakers? Where do you live? Come live in Manhattan. Spend 20 minutes on the subway platform where is a comfortable 106 degrees and we’ll talk. When I wear open shoes I notice that I feel like a human being. On other days I do not.

  40. OMG, I cannot agree more.. This is one of those things that really bothers me, and it’s just hilarious that people do not understand?.. I went to a burger place today that uses a snake-like line where you order, much like the line at an amusement park ride, and almost every guy in line had on sandals.. One guy had a disgusting superman robe on, pjs, and sandals, and he had some hot girl hanging all over him.. Well, I announced as loud as I could… “as much as love to look at adult male toes, I’m ***king outta here”.. Then I told them exactly how disgusting they were..

    The sheer nerve to expose your feet in a restaurant?.. Unbelievable..

  41. I positively hate the look of flip-flops. The proverbial dime store flip-flop (thong) has evolved into a mass market of so-called designer flip-flops that look, well, dime store-ish. They’re the most vile looking concoctions a man can slip onto his feet. True sandals (the leather ones) with a back strap are barely acceptable on a guy.

    I live in a more rural community and most of the guys around these parts wear cowboy boots/harness boots and sneakers on the younger dwellers. It’s not too often that I see anyone in flip-flops unless it’s a kid or tourists and it makes me cringe to have to look at some dudes egregious tootsies.

  42. Every time I see a guy clad in flip flops I cringe and so do my friends. They make a guy look “lost.” Flip flops are absolutely the ugliest things a guy can wear aside from capri pants and skinny jeans! These inane fashion trends have cycled way too long (the sandal/flip flop thing in particular). I don’t care about those who contend that sandals and flip flops are comfortable. They really aren’t all that comfortable and they make a guy look like Simple Simon. Especially the nerds that wear the damn things in cold weather. Pair those fugly flip flops and sandals with socks and you’ve got Alfred E. Newman and Steve Urkel written all over you. Put on some real shoes guys!

  43. I agree 100%. I admit, I’m a guy that tried wearing flip flops last summer because everyone kept telling me how comfortable and cooler they are in the warm weather. That’s BS!! I tried buying a few pairs and they are horrible no matter what kind of flip flops I bought. They cut and blister my feet. That’s not my definition of comfortable. And yes, it’s VERY hard to walk in them. And they’re not cooler on your feet!! They actually make my feet warmer because it exposes my feet to the humidity and allows my feet to drip and sweat. And all that dirt from the street sticks on my sweaty feet when I flip flop around. Nasty!!! By wearing socks and sneakers, my feet are enclosed and gets protected from the humidity. And the socks absorb the sweat.

    Sorry, but no more flip flops for me. I’m glad this article convinced me that I’m not crazy. Everyone is like, “Ooooh! Flip flops are so comfortable and keep my feet so cool!!” Yeah, right!!!

  44. Hi my name is Rudy and I live in Bavaria, Germany. 10 years ago I got my feet tattooed in Lombok, Indonesia by Tattoo Artist “Sonteng”. My feet are covered with tropical flowers in vivd colours and I also keep my toenails painted. Whenever it is warm in Munich, I wear a pair of sandals or flip flops from my farely large collection. By the way, I am a straight guy married for 17 years. My body and feet are well groomed and I get a lot of compliments – mostly from women – for my style. Feet are a beautyful part of your body, if you treat them well. I very much enjoy living in a liberal society. I think, men should be liberated from the prison of being gender stereotypes. Life is much more colourful that way. Without being a fetishist, for me, nice feet can be quite erotic. Be liberal. Be open minded. Then you can be successful and creative – and – last but not least – happy. Go barefoot and feel that you are alive. It is easier to clean your feet, than your shoes. Thank you for taking my ideas into consideration. Cheers, Rudy

  45. I’m a gay guy with a foot fetish. I love men’s feet and love looking at toes! The hairier and smellier the better! My partner wears workboots all day and I love to pull his boots off and service his feet every day!!

  46. I go boat racing and every one there wears sandals and at races you cant get in the water and are not alowed on the beach
    Face it you all have worn sandals your whole life and look at your feet now and on the west coast boys and girls have ugly feet
    Blockhead you are the start of the revolotion

  47. I find this sexist, and I’m a women. Sure they don’t look as good as ours, but that doesn’t mean they have no right to wear sandals. I wear shoes like these because they are comfortable, I don’t want men to miss out.

  48. Totally agree! I would bet most guys wear flip flops because their girlfriend or wife tells them to. Sorry guys, its gross and I don’t want to look at your feet.

    And that applies to women at work, its completely inappropriate. And when I see a woman with a foot tattoo, anklet, toe ring, or any combination therein, two phrases come to mind: “Low Self Esteem” and “Prostitute and/or Stripper”.

  49. Blockhead, since you stated where others, and maybe yourself, wear any type of sandals now I’m wondering what your feet look like, lol.

    Also, I noticed the pictures you used (Maybe not the last one) are just normal looking feet, haha.

  50. I hate when women wear those pointy shoes. They look like the wicked witch from Wizard of Oz. Those are never, ever okay. Yet women keep wearing them. Shorts that look like skirts look stupid. Stop it. Capris suck. Don’t do it. Tube tops make you look slutty. Don’t. Men’s underwear like jockey shorts: if you don’t have a penis you look like an idiot in them. 6 inch heels: if you’re a hooker, fine. Skirts with the slit up the front. Dumb. Flipflops. Dumb. Pajamas in public. Incredibly lame. See-through yoga pants and bright thongs. Slut. Bell bottoms. Nope. Anything saying juicy or anything like it. Nope. This works both ways. Guys like sandals because our feet fet hot, especially in the summer and women start whining about it, and frankly it’s more comfortable. Let’s see you guys do one summer month where you only wear closed shoes.

  51. Yes yes yes!!
    But surely this must be extended to women too!!? I don’t understand how women (wrongly) think that they look great in open toed shoes/sandals, while jibing at men for doing the same thing! Can’t stand women turning up to a formal occasion wearing such informal footwear……weddings, for example. That’s like me turning up at a wedding wearing PJs, ffs! Or out to a restaurant for dinner……I really don’t want to accidentally catch a glimpse of anyone’s feet while I’m trying to eat!…….including yours, women!!! It’s not nice, it doesn’t look good, it’s not ok. If you really must….on holiday where it’s 30 degrees and your on the beach or by the pool. But, on a night out at the bar/club at 2am in temperatures of 0 degrees in a skirt and open toed shoes/sandals……..yuck yuck yuck!!! Wise up!!!

  52. This is fucking awesome, I enjoyed every moment of this….. I agree with you 100%. My father always said , “never trust a man who shows his toes” lol. Thank you for this lol

    • As a kid, I remember my parents arguing. My mother wanted to buy me sandals and my father was VERY against it saying they were for girls.

  53. The author has HIDEOUS feet (I’ve seen them) and that’s why all the venom. Jealousy is ugly and so is the author without triple-layered toe-to-knee socks. As a tattoo artist, I have seen more than my fair share of feet. Let me tell you….WOMEN have the most reptilian feet imaginable. Those stupid high heels they wear deformed their feet by the time they’re 25 years old. And the worst feet I have ever smelled has always been from the females! Men typically take better care of their feet than women from what I have seen. I’ve also noticed that men with unattractive feet tend to realize it and therefore don’t uncover their feet in public. Women seem to be oblivious to this. And for education purposes, Mandel‘s = sandals… Not flip-flops. Mandel’s look ridiculous. Flip-flops are awesome.

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