Song of the day 8/17/12

Might Morphin foreskin By Captain Murphy
I won’t lie…I really don’t know much about what’s going on with Captain Murphy. I’ve heard all sorts of things from it’s Flying Lotus rapping to it’s Zeroh to it’s tyler and Earl sweatshirt…But I honestly have no clue. All I do know is that they have a few songs that I think are dope. The one in that video above and the one I’m giving you to download.
If anyone has DEFINITIVE info on the story behind what this is all about, let the world know cause these two songs are my shit and I wanna know what I’m listening to.
But please, save all theories. If you know as much as I do about this project (which is basically nothing) I do not need to hear your thoughts on who it MAY be. Official info of GTFO.

15 thoughts on “Song of the day 8/17/12

  1. I’m pretty sure that the official story is still that no one knows for sure who Captain Murphy is. The 4 or 5 Captain Murphy tracks that have been released already are really dope though so I can’t wait for some official info to come out.

  2. there is definitely no definite answer to who Captain Murphy is yet…I think my favorite rumor is that its Flylo, Earl, and Tyler all rapping at the same time and then pitch-shifted…that would be a pretty cool effect – but I’m not convinced that’s what it sounds like

  3. that shows how awesome and fair the internet is..

    you got so many shitty bands promoting their music like crazy and not getting anything and a guy who makes awesome music puts 4 videos without even saying who he is or sth and gets our attention… man, i think we are living nice times!!

  4. Nah, those odd future cats don’t rap that dope. It’s not their flow and I don’t see them all of a sudden deciding to go super sayian to write better rhymes for a project their not marketing. It’s definitely three emcees.

    “Off a couple Sauki shots watching pac_______short shorts And some soggy crocs”

      • You think..hmmmmm well I admit I’m not a fan of them so my opinion is probably bias. The second rappers voice definitely had some Tyler in it but I don’t think it was him. Sounded like a older person in my opinion

      • I understand that people are not all crazy about OF but i think they’re popularity helped create that bias. Not all of them are dope and they can certainly be annoying but Earl is just a straight up good rapper. there’s no way around it really.

      • I think I’m mistaking earl with another person in there crew who rapped kinda simple. I will admit I don’t know all their names put to faces. I don’t care about the popularity, there no more popular then other artist I listen to. I just like other kinds of rap. They appeal a lot to junior high and high schoolers mostly from what I’ve seen.

      • Well , listen to the earl EP. The beats are hit and miss and topically, he can be kinda juvenile (he was 16 when he made it) but his skills are undeniable.

  5. Whoever Captain Murphy may be, I’m glad they collaborated with Flying Lotus…such a great track. I love when the beat turns around 2:25, it’s so unexpected yet it fits so well.

  6. Sea Lab 2021? Remember? Any way these are both dope tracks. As I predicted Tyler started rapping good again as soon as Earl got back. Earl is the rapper. I’m serious. Dude has skills like no other.

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