Tour Dates: I’m finally hitting Europe again

I’m writing this post to announce that I’ll be hitting europe for some shows with DJ Cam this september. I haven’t been out there for shows in probably 6 or 7 years. Why? No clue. I literally just didn’t get any offers. While I’d like to tell you I’m coming to all sorts of places while I’m there, unfortunately, this is a pretty limited tour. Places like the UK and France, where I’ve played in the past, are not on the list. In fact, western europe in general is not well represented. Ideally, these shows go well and I get to go back out again and hit some more familiar spots. That said, I’m getting to go to pretty much all places I’ve never been to before (minus Berlin) so that’s pretty exciting. For all the people who tweet and facebook me about playing where they live, you can help. contact local promoters who put on shows. Tell them to book me. The more they realize that I can sell tickets there, the better chance there is that I get out there. If you got real connections, hit up my booking agent Colin at
Anyway, here are the dates. There are only 5 but if you live anywhere near these places, come out and say hi. I’d love to see you.

9.25.12 Berlin, Germany @Cassiopeia
9.27.12 Budapest, Hungary @Akvarium Klub
9.28.12 Vilnius, Lithuania @Loftas
9.29.12 Moscow, Russia @Pravda club
9.30.12 St. Petersburg Russia @ Dusche Club

17 thoughts on “Tour Dates: I’m finally hitting Europe again

  1. hey, i just emailed some promoters in innsbruck about your tour. do i remember correctly that you have been here once? if so do you remember where you did your show? i could ask nicely if they would book you again. hehe

  2. Might hitch hike to Berlin just for this 😀 I’ve been waiting for european tour dates from you for ages, and still they’re all far away!

  3. Please come to Columbus OH! Might as well, Illogic is from here. I missed MC Chris last week at the basement and I’m still pissed.

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  5. What a pity no southern europe dates…. Hope you will once make a live performance in the south of France, there are so many crazy places where your live would be amazing!!! People that have the chance to see you: Enjoy the real blockhead!!!

  6. well just “sayan”: theres a portuguese dude somewhere looking for european tour dates in 2013… and all he found was this.

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