Song of the day 8/24/12

Slaves By The Cenobites

Just a little website note:
So, things have been a little slow round these parts where this blog is concerned cause my hard drive crapped out. Or, I should say, it almost crapped out and I had to get a new one and transfer everything from the old computer to the new one. Thus far, I’ve seemingly lost (at least for the time being) tons of shit and I’m in the midst of trying to recover as much as I can (YES, I HAVE AN EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE). It’s more a case of corrupted files than things just vanishing.
Anyway, I haven’t been able to write anything the last few days and in an hour I’m flying to San Francisco so I won’t be able to write much today either. I hope to have this thing running back to normal next week but it’s possible there might be a lull in content on here for a little bit while I get everything fixed.

Now, for this song…there’s a good chance I’ve posted this song here before. I’m pretty sure that link is very dead at this point so I figured there’s no harm in sharing it again. This is one of my quintessential old nerd rap anthems. Well, it’s not really nerd rap but it’s some deep underground shit so , you know how that goes…Anyway, it’s Kool Keith and Godfather Don shitting all over the music industry. Don’s verse in particular is one of my favorite steam on consciousness verses ever. So, Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Song of the day 8/24/12

  1. Rhymes I Sniff aka Carlos Died. NY Rap was pretty compelling in the late 90’s. Godfather Don is the most underrated rapper of all time. He could have been an honorary member of Wu-Tang but even those dudes we’re probably scared of being upstaged by him. I’m half joking of course but that dude just destroyed every track he appeared on.

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