Song of the day 8/31/12

Buck the Devil By Da Lench Mob

The anti-white person rap song was always a confusing thing to me as a younger hip hop head. One one hand, I didn’t wanna hear about what terrible a person I was from my idols but, on the other, I couldn’t really argue their points. In the early 90’s, being a white hip hop head was accepting that you just gotta kinda take your licking. I remember the day I bought home the first X-Clan album , “To the east , blackwards”, and just being so torn as to how awesome the album was and how much these dudes would probably spit in my face if I were ever in the same room with them. This is actually the exact thing Eminem spoke about in this song:

Anyway, over the years, I’ve grown a strange appreciation for these songs. Maybe it’s me being delusional but I’ve always felt “they aren’t talking about me!”. And by convincing myself of that probable untruth, I’ve been able to enjoy the harsh anti-white statements made by some of my favorite rappers. I was actually planning to put together a best of compilation but my computer getting fucked up erased a huge amount of my i-tunes library so that’s , unfortunately, off the table.
This particular song is by Ice cubes spin off group Da Lench Mob. While that name was what he called his entire post-NWA crew, it was more specifically rappers J-dee, Shorty, T-bone and Maulkie. One thing is for sure, these dudes were not feeling the caucasians. This song, in particular, is one of the more direct “fuck you’s” to white ever made. Quite simple put “Buck the devil”. Why not?

While on the topic, here’s another anti-devil song I’ve always loved by Channel live. I always found this one to be especially funny cause, while the sentiment is harsh, it was also being put forth by a rapper I uses to routinely see in washington square park picking up white girls. No judgements though…just an observation.

2 thoughts on “Song of the day 8/31/12

  1. da lench mob definitely humbled me as a kid…but damn i loved their shit! “white boys like godzilla but my super nigga named King Kong played his ass like ping pong” genius.

  2. I’m not from nyc but I’m taking a girl out on a first date here, I kinda just arrived here and was wondering if you knew any good places to take a girl out on a first date?

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