Answers for questions vol. 101

The labor day sloth above says “Happy labor day”. This is always a funny holiday for me cause I don’t really labor much. So while people are all psyched to be getting this day off work, to me, it just means it’s a monday. business as usual, yo. And what happens on mondays? I write this blog and answer your questions. If you have more questions, leave them in the comments below or send them to me at

Who do you think would win in a fight to the death, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy?

I think the tooth fairy would easily kill the easter bunny. No contest. For one, the tooth fairy can fly and , most likely, carries a bag of discarded teeth around with her. I could just see her pummeling the pussy ass eater bunny to death with that bag while the easter bunny would be scrambling around trying to shove eggs at her with his non-prehensile paws. On a side note, I bet the easter bunny would be delicious.

Have you ever thought of you using some of your Dads artwork as an album cover?

Not really. It would have to be a painting and most of his work with paint is either from WW2 or it’s of naked women. Both things don’t really play into my artwork very well. His sculptures would actually be dope but, alas, they are sculptures and it wouldn’t translate too well as just a photo of a sculpture for an album cover.

So this has been poking at me for a while now and I’m wondering if I’m the only one noticing it. I feel like a large portion of independent and/or acclaimed music (I don’t enjoy using either one of those words; not sure how else to say it) has become extremely happy-go-lucky. I mean shit, I’m happy too sometimes. But a lot of this stuff feels… off. What with the endless unrest and uncertainty in the world, seems to me there could be a few more minor keys. In fact, I bet that if there was some way to measure the amount of minor keys and major keys within critically acclaimed bands, the ratio would be much more skewed than in previous musical cycles. Not that major/minor is end all/be all of the feeling of a song, but everything is so consonant now: catchy, resonant hooks and melodies that make you wanna go do snow-angels or ice skate with your special someone (yep, from MN). There’s a place for that kind of thing, of course. But generally it loiters near the Top 40 side of the fence, only rarely walking over to the far side to say hi. What’s going on here? Are musicians making dance-friendly, carefree tunes to cope with what’s happening around them? Or are external conditions/circumstances simply not a factor? Do they have to be personal? What vibe have you noticed in your own music: has it gotten more light hearted, dark, or generally stayed the same the past couple years?

Hmm…I honestly haven’t noticed an upswing in happy music. I’m also not really listening to much that isn’t rap though so that might have something to do with it. Happy rap has rarely ever been a force.
But, to address you question about why this stuff gets made it’s pretty simple. happy music, on a pop level, sells. Kids like it. If kids and young people like music, it gets made. You put on “party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus in a room of drunk girls and watch what happens. I’m sure most of them will admit the song sucks but it serves a purpose. Happy music may not be what I feel like listening to all the time but, regardless of what’s going on in the world, there will always be a need for it.
It’s funny that you bring up how certain happy music gets made in tough times cause I’m the opposite. I’m , in real life, a very happy person who’s almost never down about things or even really serious yet , at times, I make music that people might cut themselves to. I’m sure the people making these happy songs don’t walk around smiling all day. I bet they’re actually kinda miserable (the old “sad clown” thing at work). But you make the music you make…if you’re sitting around with a guitar , stewing about global warming and taking those emotions and writing a song, that fine…but , in my experience, most artists don’t work like that.

How old were you when you started to make real money making music? Do you think music school is useful for anything? (I know you didn’t study. What about your other musician friends?)

I started making enough money to live off of around 2004. That’s when my first album dropped and I started touring. I also had money coming in from working with aesop as well. Basically, my whole life since then has been trying to keep that going as long as I can before I have to get a real job…and job I’m most likely not qualified for in the first place.
As for music school, sure. That’s a great way to learn how play an instrument or learn to be a studio engineer. Unlike something like art school, I feel music school can actually be parlayed into something bigger. Teaching art, to me, is weird cause you’re teaching something that isn’t fact. Whether a painting is good or not is really up to an individual. Beyond learning methods of creating, most of what they teach you in art school is pretty much just the opinions of the teachers. While the same could be said for music, there are definitive answers. A g chord is always a g chord. Things are either in key or they’re not. So, in my eyes, going to music school to hone a craft seems like a wise idea if you’re dedicated to doing that.

You said a few weeks ago in one of your music reviewing posts how you didn’t like those crazy busy drum heavy tracks that are just all over the place; so how do you feel about aesops new album? You gave a mellowed out remix of zero dark thirty and I’d really enjoy reading your thoughts on this.

I don’t think I said that but, if I did, I wasn’t referring to shit like Aesop’s new album. I was more likely referring to some electronic type music that I don’t give a shit about. Aesop’s drums are dope. They’re all crazy chopped up breaks. What’s not to like about that?
I think Aesop’s new album is awesome. His production has come a long way and he really knocked it out the park on this one. He’s always been a great rapper so that continuing didn’t surprise me at all. I do find it really cool that he’s carved such a niche for himself that he can basically make songs about whatever he wants and there’s an audience for that. Not many artists can say that.

What characteristics do you find most attractive on a woman and do you have any sexual fantasies you wish/hope to play out?
ass and titties. ass and titties.
This is an odd one. I don’t know if you mean physical characteristics or other…I like cute girls more than I like hot girls. Meaning, I’ll take the 5’4” girls with the normal body over the 6’1” skinny super model. I like a girl with good posture. Not that that’s at all a deal breaker but I’ve noticed some slouchy ass broads out there and you guys just sort of wear your insecurity on your sleeve. I’m attracted to people who are not crazy. You know how some dudes always have a girlfriend who, while she may be attractive, is a bit of a loose cannon? That’s not me. My girl is pretty fucking sane. There are tons of other things I could list but this isn’t a dating site and I got a girl anyway so what’s the point…
As for fantasies, eh…I think porn has ruined that for me. I don’t sit around getting my 50 shades of grey on thinking of different situations where I can seduce the korean girl at the corner store or submit fictional porn to penthouse forum. I just turn on the porn and let it fly. In 2012, I’d say that’s fairly standard.

9 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 101

  1. Don’t know if this is a general “Answers for Questions” type of thing or a Dr. Tony topic…

    Was wondering what are your thoughts on women using the “this is not a date” argument nowadays? It’s me and her, the attraction is there, the feelings are there, but most women consider it as “not a date”. i always found it kinda weird.

    To continue on the topic of the fairer sex, just the other day, I held the door open for a woman as common courtesy…but she thought I wanted to hit on her and gave me the eye-roll. And this has occurred numerous times on different occasions…different parts of the city. It’s truly the end of an era when chivalry is frowned on by women. Have you noticed this growing trend?

  2. I disagree. Art School has truly helped me develop my own process. At my school, anyway, even I was surprised to find out how supportive and knowledgeable and unbiased my professors were. It’s been more of a mentoring experience than teaching. All of my teachers had their own things, they definitely didn’t try to hide it, but things concerning taste has always been acknowledged as individualistic. At the same time, there really are quite a few formal issues that are pretty solid, depending on what your goal in mind is. Materials and processes is an obvious one, along with color and design. But believe it or not, there really are conceptual things that most people respect and acknowledge as “right,” though even then, no ones gonna stop ya if you go against it. Going to art school gave me a vast overview of art history that I don’t think I could have gotten completely on my own too, even with the internet. There’s been times where I do feel like, “damn, guess I gotta finish what I started,” but I seriously can’t go as far as saying I regret going to art school. More growth/progress/exposure than bullshit, I find most days. Unfortunately, not everyone understands that being in academia can sometimes be stifling, and it’s them that kinda become robots with other people’s opinions. It’s good to question stuff. BAM. rantdun

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