Ask Dr. Tony vol 18

So, when my hard drive recently ate shit I lost a ton of questions you guys had sent me. If you’ve ever sent me an advice related question that I didn’t answer, please resend it. Or, better yet, if you have a new advice related question send it over…email it to me at I definitely need new ones cause I’m starting from scratch. Help me help you. I’m here to right your romantic ship before you shit the bed. Trust me, it’s for the best.

Now that we got that covered, here’s another batch of wisdom courtesy a man who has a half year of college credits under his belt.

Alright I guess i’ll just get right to it. Basically, I cum too fast. With any girl i’ve ever been with I can’t seem to last very long. The ONLY way i’ve found on how to last longer than say a minute is to let her get on top and ride it out. Whenever i’m the one doing the movements be it missionary or doggystyle I just can’t seem to last long and would need to stop, collect myself, then go again only to have the issue again. I’ve tried thinking about something gross, masterbating before, and even being intoxicated or high. I just don’t know what to do. Do you have this problem and if so what do you do to last long enough for your girl to get off too?

This is not something I’ve ever really had an issue with (I mean, shit happens but it’s never been a reoccurring issue). I do have friends who’ve struggled with this and it sounds like a nightmare. Nothing fucks with a dude’s brain more than dick issues. Seeing as you’ve already tried the “jerk off first” thing, and “think about gross stuff” thing and it’s not effected by being drunk, it’s a tough call. I mean, are you wearing a condom? For me, busting a nut while being drunk and wearing a condom was a task that rivaled climbing a mountain covered in astro glide.
Have you tried just busting that first nut (with the girl, not by yourself) and then reloading for round two? Even if you can’t last THAT much longer the second time, I’m sure the girl would at least appreciate your enthusiasm.
Also, are you young? Sometimes all you need to do to fix a problem like this is just get more experience and mature sexually. If you’re the type who still gets geeked at tits , I’d imagine the whole idea of your penis in a vagina would cause a sensory overload. I think a problem a lot of young dudes have is they are always in a rush. Every part of fucking a girl is like getting to the next achievement. Like “Got the titties out? Check. Fingerbang? Check.” Just go at slower pace. it’ll maybe help you slow down your heart a little so when you finally do put your dork inside her , it’s not like you’re so wound up that all you can think about is busting that nut.
Another idea that might be you buy some of that dick numbing cream they sell at sex shops. I’ve never tried it , as it scares the shit out of me, but i’m sure that works on some level.
If all else fails, you just gotta go with what works. Let the girl ride you until she’s happy, then flip her over and bust your quick nut. At least she will get something out of it.

Alright blockhead theres this chick I’ve had my eye on for months, theres just something about her that has her in my mind alot idk. She works at the Little caesars we always go to I wasn’t even sure if she even still worked there because I was incarcerated for a while but shes still there!! Is it a sign Showing that I should talk to her? But how while I’m ordering a pizza?? Lol

I don’t think her still working her shitty job while you were in jail is a sign of anything except you both need to get out of whatever town you live in. The fact that cute girl anywhere on earth works at a Little Ceasers is pretty amazing in itself.

As far as the right way to approach a girl who works behind a counter, that’s a tough one. You can’t just ask her out…I mean, you can…but you gotta understand that it’s not really fair to force yourself on someone who can’t walk away. She’s trapped behind that counter (most likely in a some sort of paper hat) and you’re leaning in trying to get in her doughy , marinara stained pants. I’d say, you have to build a rapport with her. Flirt lightly. Smile a lot and be friendly. If you feel that she’s responding to this, keep pushing forward slowly. I wouldn’t make any drastic moves, unless you think you might be going back to jail. In which case, time if of the essence.

Hey blockhead. I was reading the most recent f/m/k and you asked people to send you more pleas for relationship advice so im puttong in my 2 cents(know what i mean?) Anyways, its not really about a relationship, but theres this girl that goes to college with me. I seriously love this girl with every fiber of my being. So i manned up and told her(through facebook, i know im a pussy sorry.) And i was f-zoned. But as much as i try to get the idea into my head that we wont be more than friends, i cant. seriously made me cry(as i said, i know im a pussy) my plea is for you to give me some advice on how to get over her. Seriously the first broad i feel this strongly for. Peace.

Teenaged love, don’t, don’t hurt me again… (it’s a slick rick song, look it up)

You are young. For some reason, a good deal of men who are between the ages of 15 and 21 are hopeless romantics. I like to think it’s cause they haven’t been introduced to the dark side yet. It’s ironic though cause, as we get older, I found that a lot of girls wish men were more like that but by that age, it’s too late. We’re grown up and fucked in the head. I say all that just to let you know that this will pass. You had a crush on a girl. It truly sucks when your feeling are unrequited but it’s par for the course. ESPECIALLY when you’re in that fragile “sucker for love” age group. In a short time, you will find another girl to focus on and the cycle will repeat. Perhaps to better results, perhaps not. But just know, that girl you went to college with that didn’t like you back, will not matter in a year or two. Perhaps you’ll get laid a few times and your life motives will change. Perhaps you’ll meet a girl who actually likes you back. It really could go either way but getting over a college crush WILL happen.

The thing about this that scares me is that this is your reaction without any physical contact. Imagine what a blubbering mess you’re gonna be when you get dumped by a girl you love. Hold your head, bro. If this is how it is now, it’s only gonna get crazier when the situation is deeper.

For the time being, cut her off. Not cause you’re a dickhead but because you obviously won’t be able to handle being around her. You might start seeing her with a dude and then completely lose you mind. No reason for that. I know she was you “friend” and all but , let’s be honest, the fact that you feel as strongly as you do towards her and that she isn’t into means this friendship will never be on even ground. And who knows, maybe you’re feigned indifference toward her will make her think twice about you. College girls eat that shit up.

12 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Tony vol 18

  1. I feel bad for dude who asked the first question. I’m 33 and have had the same exact problem my whole life (except alcohol does work for me to a certain extent). It’s torture because on top of the normal stress related to whether a girl is going to reject you, it’s always in the back of your mind that even if she doesn’t and you do fuck her, you won’t perform well and she will just think you’re lame and never talk to you again.

    If you’re young, you will eventually find things that work (stay away from the yayo. It works too good). For me, I can pretty much nut as many times as I want without going limp so I’ve learned to hone that craft and use it to my advantage. I’ve also found that if I’m fucking someone who I don’t give a shit about, I usually last much longer. There’s a type of condom (I think trojan makes them – they come in black wrappers) that have some numbing shit in there that help to prolong things a bit and they do work okay but the best thing for me is getting pussy every day (preferably two or more times a day). If the girl is down, get her to suck you off before you hit it and make sure you’re pussy eating game is impeccable because that’s a skill you’re definitely going to need.

  2. Female here, got a few comments about the 1st q. This seems obvious to me, but are you doing a lot of foreplay? Usually men don’t do enough and it can really help the girl get off. And have you tried any positions besides the three obvious ones mentioned? Tried different techniques or motions?

    It seems like guys get more concerned about this than the gals too (but I know that is very unlikely to make you feel better). For me, sounds weird, but I’d actually prefer a guy who cums too quick to a guy who takes to long. When the sex goes on so long I actually start losing interest that is really bad. It seems to happen more often then guys are aware of (ESPECIALLY younger guys). Unless I’m really drunk/high or something sex over 6 to 8 minutes sounds pretty bad.

    • Then why all the fucking hipe in the “mainstream” about lasting longer!? I don’t get why the world seems to say “if you last longer your better at sex”? Regardless I found this to be true with a couple of my x’s. It’s all about finding the girls “goldie locks” timing.

      • I had this convo with my friends, and it’s def just hype. I agree with the female above (i’m a female) just because we don’t want a guy who finishes in under 30 seconds, doesn’t mean the longer you last the better, which seems to be the misconception!

      • I think ideally, a guy needs what is known as “dick control”. This enables him to fuck a girl for however long he needs to. If she’s a girl that takes a lot of work (and you girls like that do exist) then he can hold out. If it’s a one and done type girl, then he can adjust to that. I’d say it’s best to be versatile.
        I’ve definitely been that drunk guy who couldn’t finish before and the result is usually going to bed without busting a nut and a sore girl.

  3. on first question
    its not about condoms or pussy eating dude
    train your back by simple exercises, especially spine. spinal cord control orgasm
    kegel exercises
    magnesium rich food/water
    practice and experience..

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