Answers for questions vol. 102

What’s up bro’s. Back again for the first time for the 102nd time. As always, send me questions…ones like these,weirder one, love advice questions…any of that shit. Either leave them in the comments below or email them to me at
Word. Let’s go.

Yo, I actually had a question for you that I figured a few of your readers are probably curious about and I haven’t seen it asked in the short time that it could have been asked. So I remember the post where you were linking to another page right around the time you dropped ‘Interludes at Midnight’ and on that page they had a link to a youtube post for you and Aesop’s old group The Overground. It didn’t take long at all before it was forced to be taken down off of youtube and my question is; what the fuck!? It was actually cool to hear you two before you had your crafts worked out. I have a pretty good idea why it was taken down but I figured it might be nice to force you to answer something that you might not want to answer. It’s a long shot, but honestly, why was it taken down and any chance of that song or any others from your Overground days finding their way back onto the internet?

Well, first off I just need to clarify something. The Overground was the name of the rap group I was in during the mid 90’s. It consisted of me, Jer (from party fun action committee) , Dub-L (who is a producer as well now) and my boy Niles. Aesop wasn’t a part of the group but he did record a bunch of songs with us before we eventually threw in the towel. In fact, I’d say meeting Aesop kinda helped us all understand that maybe rapping wasn’t our calling as we were finally confronted with someone who was actually good at it.

The song you’re speaking of was called “Creepshow” and it was up on youtube for a while. It was Me, Jer and Niles featuring Aesop. It did get taken down but that was no
fault of mine. I suppose whoever uploaded it just felt weird about it and took it down. I actually had him put it back up once cause someone put a link to it in an article about me. I guess, since then, he nixed it. For the record, I had no problem with that song being on youtube.

I heard rumours a while back about a Cage film being produced. If it went through, and assuming you were in it, who would play the part of yourself?

I actually have no clue what’s going on with that. I heard rumors about it as well but , unfortunately, saying a movie is going to be made is far easier than actually getting that movie made. I know there was talk of Shia Labeouf’s involvement (and that kinda thing does help greatly) but I’d assume it’s not happening at this point.
As for my involvement in it, I most certainly would not be in it as I didn’t meet Cage till well after this movie was gonna take place. From what I hear, it was going to be about his time in a mental institutions right before he decided to become a rapper. I didn’t meet him till I made beats for him on “Hell’s Winter”. Regardless, If someone was to play me in movies it would probably be that shit head Emile Hirsch on some stilts.

What TV series would you like to be in as a brand new character? Assuming your acting chops were up to it.

I could see myself playing myself on the show “Girls” or maybe playing some scum bag that was trying to fuck one of the characters on the show. I could nail that roll. That would both be kinda fun and totally embarrassing (kinda like that show) but I can’t imagine myself playing some wacky next door neighbor type roll on a sitcom or playing anything too dramatic.

All over the place sports question.. What are your thoughts on the whole retirement game? Personally I get annoyed when players mess around with retiring, or the whole retire, come back, retire, come back. Also, do you feel for the old dudes just trying to get a ring? The only player on the Heat I was happy for was Juwan Howards old ass. I also am such a die hard Knicks fan that it makes me sad to this day that players like Ewing and Starks never got a ring. Have you ever seen Juwanna Man?
A three parter?
1) It’s par for the course. I think a lot of athletes get frustrated and retire because of that. Then, during the off season, they have time to miss the game and decide they wanna come back. Boxer’s especially cause I’d imagine once you get your ass kicked bad enough, you don’t ever wanna fight again. Then, four months down the line they start itching to get back into it. I doesn’t bother me at all. I think what would fix it would be if the media didn’t harp on it so much until it was a fact. Like once the next season starts and that player isn’t playing, then you can announce it.
2)I guess that’s a thing now. I mean, I fully understand why people do that. It’s like a last stab at immortality for a lot of these dudes. Lord knows it haunts a lot of the former greats who never got a ring. I do think it’s a little corny to just jump on a bandwagon of some great team to get that ring though cause, really, you gotta think they would want to at least contribute to the season. Juwan howard played like 15 minutes the entire season…fuck that guy.

3)Yes I have and I’ve seen enough trannies in my life to know that “Juwanna mann” would be getting called out within 2 minutes of their first practice. Forget his skills, that jawline would be the end of his career.

So, I have been Writing a Series of books regarding talking animals, so my question to you would be: If you could could have a talking animal, What would it be?
Hmm….As a dude that doesn’t really like animals that’s a tough one…cause , really, my biggest beef with them (outside of them giving me allergy attacks) is the lack of communication. I wouldn’t want a cat cause, as we all know, they are cunts. The last thing I need in my life is some furry little asshole running around my apartment rolling it’s eyes at everything and saying shit “Whatevs” all the time.
I wouldn’t want a dog cause , while they’re infinitely sweeter than cats, they’re also kinda like dumb frat guys. That would be fun for a little while but eventually, I’d be all Bro’d out by my dog. It would be like endless surface conversations with someone you don’t wanna be talking to in the first place. So, my choice? Obviously Sloths. I’d imagine they just kinda keep to themselves, hanging on whatever shit they’d be hanging on. I would be like “What’s up sloth?” and he’d be like “Chilling…” and that would be that.

* Have you ever had any friends / associates that reinvented themselves?? For example some straight laced kids deciding past the age of 20 that they are going to get deep into the clothing, music and lifestyle of punk rock, raves, hip hop etc.

But this also applies to born again christians… or any religion for that matter. And to people that were pretty loose and completely cleaned up their act.

The real question is, did these people not want anything to do with you anymore or did you not want anything to do with them anymore? Did it make you want to punch them in the face… not literally but you know…

I haven’t had THAT much experience with this. I mean, I know some heads that have changed a lot and gone their own direction in life. Especially guys from the high school era who used to just smoke weed and drink 40’s all day but went on to become investment bankers. I think that’s just maturing. After all, you can’t really sit around and smoke blunts and drink 40’s for the rest of your life if you actually wanna get shit done.
I’d say this is more common in my life with friends who have kids. Not all my friends who have kids but a good portion of them fall off the map (understandably so) once that child is born. I wouldn’t say this is them “not wanting anything to do with me” as much as them just being hyper focused on raising their child and that’s totally understandable.

Re-releases of your old works on vinyl? Would that be cool?

While that would be cool, I don’t see it happening. That’s 100% on Ninja Tune. There is definitely a want for those earlier releases on vinyl but I just can’t imagine they’d do it. It wouldn’t be cost effective.

how do you deal with noisy neighbors? i have the worst upstairs neighbors and i’m not really sure how to deal with them without getting cut. one of them stomps around without fail at 2:15am every night and sings awful R&B songs. last week they had a party that went on until 4:30am and you could hear their shitty music the whole fucking time. any advice? they’re driving me crazy.

Oh man…This is my life. The guy who lives next door to me is an older retired fire marshall who has a taste for young (legal) cross dressing latino boys. This is fine and dandy but , at some point, one of his boyfriends moved in and all hell broke loose. Well, not really…but that motherfucker STAYS blasting music all day. And not just any music. He literally only listens to three things: Rihanna, A live britney spears concert and Lady GaGa. That’s it. Nothing else. It actually kinda frightens me that someone can watch a live britney spears concert THAT many times over and over again. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been woken up by Brit Brit’s rendition of “I love rock and roll”.
anyway, to answer your questions, say something. GO talk to them. I did and the noise has since gone down considerably. You got all the rights in the world to shut down blasting music at 2 am. No matter what day of the week it is.I mean, you could also go the snitch rout and call the cops but I’d say going to their place and handling the situation like an adult is the correct response.

13 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 102

      • Well I’ve never met either of you in person, I’m just going by the shape of your heads. I wouldn’t say you look nothing like him… more so than people say I look like Edward Norton which I don’t see at all. (probably a head-shape thing too… or just cuz we’re both skinny and white… oh yeah, and there’s my lack of chin)

      • Nah man, I look nothing like him. Aside from both being white guys with dark hair there are not many similarities. I get told I look like people all the time and he’s not one of them. Trust me.

  1. I don’t want to spread further rumors of the Cage movie (i have zero inside info), but it may not exactly be nixed. Saw him perform the Maniac song at a Cudi concert last summer in MI ( I have NEVER fealt so old in MY LIFE til i went to that concert). They had mentioned that Cage and Shai were shooting parts of that movie in Detroit during that time ( Not a surprise, cuz also at the time everyone in the movie biz was trying to “bring money to Michigan” by shooting here). But what i’m getting at is, if they were still shooting last year, it may take a year or two to actually get the editting and technical isht done. And it also wouldnt be a bad idea to wait for Cage to release another album, to re-build some of his hype, before releasing the movie about him. Shit, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Shai to make another blockbuster to rebuild his hype too. But like you said, Block, saying a movie will get made IS far easier than actually getting that movie made. . . I guess only time will tell. . .

  2. Girl wrote her question wrong. Her upstairs neighbor is a total bitch with a thug-ass looking bro. And for the record, I couldn\ā€™t fall asleep until 6 because of that ghetto-ass party. Was pretty bad.

  3. I have a couple questions. #1 I’ve seen you write a couple times about your hatred of animals, yet you use animal pictures in all your question answering entries. Are they used ironically? Why this seeming contradiction?

    #2 If in the future robot servants are invented, what would you use yours for? Common chores, maybe pranks, sexual gratification, what?

  4. for question #2 assume you can easily afford or are given a robot servant, no ‘i probably couldn’t afford one b.s., i will consider that a cop out.

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