Answers for questions vol. 103

Hi there. Another week, another batch of questions. As always, I need more questions. This is where you come in. Send me questions to or leave them in the comment section below. Also, I could really use a bunch of new “Ask Dr. Tony” questions so if anyone needs some love advice, holler at your boy. I’m here to help.

I was reading over your previous a for q & dr.tony stuff and you wrote something about that it’s not that good of an idea to go to Hip Hop shows with girls. Is it because the male gaze factor? Female intricacies in a male dominated environment?

Did I write that it’s “not a good idea”? I feel like there is some context missing there. Cause, on a basic level, there’s nothing wrong with girls going to hip hop shows. If i recall, I may have been referring to a situation I’ve come across a few times where a dude will come up to an artist , with his girlfriend, and just unabashedly gush over said artist. Meanwhile, his girlfriend is sitting there watching her boyfriend basically give another man a mental blow job and slowly losing respect for that guy and his fleeting manhood. especially if she’s not a huge fan of the artist he’s fawning over (which, girls who get dragged to rap shows often aren’t).
Or there’s the other side of the coin where the girl is a huge fan and the boyfriend just sits there and watches as an artist contemplates how he might be able to have sex with this girl…right in front on her man. Both situations are super uncomfortable but, still, I don’t see either being a big enough issue to effect whether girls should go to hip hop shows or not. The only thing is that they’re always gonna be filled with more dudes than girls. As far as I see it, that can work both ways for a female hip hop fan. Either it’s a cock overload or a smorgasbord of men for them to chose from.

There seems to be a growing sentiment among a growing portion of females nowadays that “men are the new women”. What’s your take on this?

I’d say this is all due to the pussification of society that’s running wild. Instead of trying to find a happy medium between back when men ruled over women like barbaric animals and the current sniffling pussy that men have become, there seems to be a movement for men to embrace their inner woman (and vice versa). There’s nothing wrong with opening up a little but , at some point, it just gets out of hand. A sensitive man is one thing, but a pussy is another.
I tend to think it’s all an act. Well, in most cases. I’m sure there are some legitimately sensitive dudes out there who’ve been waiting for a time when they could let their emotional flag fly. But, for most, I think it’s dudes just doing what they think they’re supposed to do. Like most things on this planet, it’s guided by the underlying need for men to put their penises inside vaginas. If you were to tell men that women only liked guys who wore ballerina outfits, it would become a trend. That’s just how it is.
This topic is honestly the type of thing scholars could write a 45 page paper on so I really don’t know how deeply I can get into it off the top of my head. Just know, it’s very real and also very pathetic.

Got a question. What are your thoughts on the explosion of vomit related content over the past decade or so? Online, tv, movies, etc? I am close your age(57, right?) and I remember a time when you pretty much never someone throwing up outside of being near a drunk/sick person or maybe a horror flick. Now i find myself flipping channels, or running across endless videos that are all about puking. I guess it’s funny once in awhile, but WTF? Why do people need to see it so often? Do you enjoy its current status in culture? Do you even notice it/care? Do you want to see more?

First off, fuck your 57, brah. I’m 55.
I have noticed this and I’m not into it. It began with viral videos and then exploded once shows like Jackass and Tosh.0 took off. Personally, I NEVER need to see someone throw up. I look at it the same as I would videos of someone taking a shit. I get that there is humor in the urgency and surprise of it but the actual act is fucking revolting. It’s that “look away and groan” type of humor. The thing about it though is that it ALWAYS works. There’s no one who watches that kinda thing and doesn’t have the same visceral reaction.
I’m afraid this is just another case of how numb to things we’ve become. We’ve seen it all to the point where there is literally an entire porn subculture dedicated to vomiting. Hell, even blow jobs in normal porn have been walking the line with all that gagging and coughing. This is like the other side of the “Pussification of the world” I was referring to earlier. While men are starting to over accept their inner bitch ass, we got things on TV that are simply not acceptable for human eyes. It’s like our souls are simultaneously crying and fighting at the same time.

You’ve just been abducted by aliens and are now being forced to star in your own sit-com about life on earth for them. They tell you they are willing to go back to earth and another person to co-star in the sit-com with you, however this person must have at one-point or another been imprisoned for a felony offense (in order to spice things up a bit on the show). Who would you choose to be your co-star and why?

How high were you when you wrote this question? Seriously…I’m all for these random , completely non-sensical hypothetical situations but this may be the most abstract one ever.
I’d probably pick Robert Downey Jr. I’m pretty sure he’s a felon and he’s also a great actor with a lot of versatility. If not him, any rapper would suffice.

Thoughts on this “half-season” of Breaking Bad? The second to last episode was heavy but they better have some pretty good shit planned for the finale if they want their full audience back.

Obviously, this was sent to me a few weeks ago, but I kinda scoff at the idea of people who are watching “Breaking bad” in it’s 4th season who are checking out now. It’s one of those shows that, if you’re in, you’re in.
I thought the half season was awesome. But I think every season of Breaking BAd is awesome…because it is. It’s crazy to see people on the internet complain and pick apart the minutia of this show instead of just sitting back and enjoying what is possibly the greatest television drama of all time. Even crazier are the theories I’ve seen people post online. It’s gotten to the point where it’s all masturbatory fan fiction.
So, yeah, it’s an amazing show and , barring any total fuck up during the last 8 episodes, it will go down as a top 3 tv show of all time in my book.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of you without a hat on. You bald bro? And at what age are baseball caps a wrap? I rock a fitted myself, and I’m not getting any younger, so I was wondering what your thoughts are on that.

I’m not bald but my hair is definitely not kicking ass. I’m on some bruce willis in the later seasons of moonlighting type shit. It’s not dope but, hey, thank god for hip hop’s acceptance of wearing hats. As for an age when you can no longer wear baseball hats? Hmm…I mean, I’d say I’m past it but it’s also very situational. The hat wearing man must adapt with age I suppose. I’m not saying a guy who hits 30 should start rocking a fedora (Fuck those things) but maybe look into something without a sports team on it…or something more woolen. Not a wool beanie, I mean like a real hat with lining and definitive shape. I’ve been rocking the same stetson wool hat for years and it’s served me well. In fact, it’s become my “fancy” hat that I can wear to places that a baseball cap might not be accepted in.
Regardless, losing your hair fucking blows.

I have a friend that claims its not necessary to look at the paper when you wipe your ass. On several occasions, we’ve had him randomly wipe his ass, knowing his no-look stance, and there is ALWAYS some shit on the paper. Do you look or just go by feel alone? Or, as I see it, do you care if you have a shit-free asshole?

I think it’s good to take a peak but it’s also not crazy if you trust your sense of feel. As a thorough wiper, I’ve never had this problem but I’m sure there are plenty of dudes out there who treat wiping as an afterthought and leave all sorts of shit (literally) unattended to. For those guys, I think it just means they go through underwear quicker.

6 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 103

    • Dramas? I’d add the wire and…umm…Those two are pretty much far and away my two top shows ever. Throw in comedies and it gets confusing but, as far as drama’s are concerned, those two stand alone, imo.

  1. Are you really 55? I assumed you were in your early 40s. I can confirm that losing your hair really sucks though. I’m in the “Jason Stathom but less cool” stage myself. Its not that bad if you keep it shaved down.

  2. Lol,for a second there you really had me convinced you were 55 man,Lol you obviously had to be joking,you look way to young to be no damn 55 Lol,Luls oh sarcasm.

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