Tim and blockhead discuss music and stuff vol. 1

As you amy know, my buddy Tim AKA Alaska and I did an article called “trending topics” for 100 weeks. After 100 weeks of finding different ways to say Kim Kasdashian is a piece of shit, we have decided to move on. Here is our newest venture. It’s basically just our take on some videos. Old, new, weird and obscure. For more details, read the header that Alaska wrote but it’s not exactly rocket science.
Video’s this week include Kreayshawn and Lil’ debbie, The bushwackass, Slayer and The Skins. Good times guys.

2 thoughts on “Tim and blockhead discuss music and stuff vol. 1

  1. I had the most crazy dream with you in it last night. I was in some cross continental bike ride all down these vertical slopes. And the half way point was NY and I met you and you were telling me what all the best drinks and candy is in America. Then you decided you wanted to come with me for the rest of the trip but we fell off the bike at some point so then we were cuddled under a tree in the rain and mud you told me to tell you about this when i woke up because it’s more likely to come true haha. I wish x
    BTW your show with DJCam looks awesome. Good luck! I wish those kinds of nights came to the UK more often

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