Song of the day 10/1/12 and an explanation

Bang Bang By Young Buck

I got interviewed recently and the guy bought up “pop rap” to me. Typically, this is what some journalists do to underground artists when they try to bait them into saying something stupid. Fortunately, I don’t really need the bait and I tend to just say stupid things without any prompting.
Anyway, the conversation meandered away from him trying to get me to complain about “The state of current rap” (which i’m actually okay with) and into me remembering how good we had it in late 90’s/early 2000’s , as far as radio hip hop went. You had Timbaland and the Neptunes producing about 75% of all music played on the radio. You had guys like Mystikal, Jay’z and Snoop getting regular run on the radio, which is now owned by Drake and Nicki Minaj. It was the best time for pop rap in my entire lifetime. Even in raps heyday, I don’t recall hearing such consistency on the radio. Then along came 50 cent. I liked 50 when he dropped. EVERYONE in NYC did. The only down side was, while he made good music, he also somewhat closed the door on that era. I wouldn’t say he bought back the shiny suit mind set but he was definitely more about making his money than making quality music.
This song is one of the last songs of that era that I remember grasping to. It wasn’t even popular on the radio but it was 50’s boy Young Buck just talking shit over a Nancy Sinatra loop. As usual with me, sampling is always welcome in mainstream rap. And this song is no different.

and now for the explanation, I was gonna post this on friday but my computer died on me while I was in eastern europe…on tour…using my computer to perform. I’ll get in to more details when i post about the euro tour but I just wanted to thank all the people who came to the euro shows with Dj Cam and I. We had a great time. I also want to apologize to the people who came out to moscow, St. Petersberg and Vilnius expecting a live set but actually got me just djing (Did i mention i’m not a dj?) but I’m afraid that was the only thing I could do considering I couldn’t even get my computer to register it had a hard drive at all. Hopefully, I’ll make it back to those places and be able to put on a proper show. Until then, I’m crossing my fingers that I can retrieve most of the stuff (if any) from my dead ass hard drive. That includes a Fiona Apple remix i did for fun on the road that I have a feeling may be lost forever. AWESOME!
Anyway, I’m writing this from my girls computer and all the content I use for this blog (answers for questions, fuck marry kill, demo review, ask dr. tony ect…) was all on that old computer so I have no clue what I’ll be posting this week, if anything. Just wanted to give you all a heads up on the off chance that you give a shit. If not, carry on!

5 thoughts on “Song of the day 10/1/12 and an explanation

  1. Hi Anthony! Great show in St. Pete!!
    What’s with your laptop? Are you using an Apple MacBook (pro or smth)? you just try to turn it on but screen is black… If so, maybe you need to forced reboot it by pressing Control-Command-POWER together. Have you tried this yet?

    • I used a macbook but it didn’t go black. it went white and a envelope with a question mark popped up. We went to mac store in Moscow and the guy who worked there said it wasn’t recognizing the hard drive. I’m gonna go get it checked out tomorrow.

    • I would but the old computer I had didn’t have it. The new one will definitely be clouded up.I got all the music backed up on a external HD (except a few very new things i did while on the road).

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