Here’s a remix I made of FIona Apple’s “Hot Knife”

Let me explain how this happened…
Touring isn’t all parties and cocaine. In fact, it’s never either of those things for me. In most cases, it’s hanging in a hotel room , trolling people on the internet. In the case of my recent european tour, it was me, jet lagged out of my skull , awake at stupid hours with nothing to do and nowhere to go. When this happens, I’ve often found myself just playing around on Ableton , working on beats for the hell of it. During this recent tour, I found myself in the midst of a deep obsession with Fiona Apple’s newest album “The idler wheel…”. I mean, it’s literally all I listened to the entire week. I don’t wanna harp on it too much but , you know, it’s a great album. But what piqued my interest , from a remix perspective, is that many of the songs are made up of nothing but vocals, piano and some light percussion. It’s very open. I immediately wanted to remix one of the songs but her song writing style is so unpredictable it was hard to find one that stay in the same time signature and key. It took me a little time to pick but I landed on “Hot Knife” as it stayed in one key and had an almost hip hoppish quality to it in the sense of how her vocals flowed.
Now, I just wanna clarify a few things:
1)This is not a sanctioned remix. I did it 100% for fun.I have no intent of selling it ever and I’ll pretty much just be giving it away in this very post.
2)I’m not exactly trying to re-invent the wheel with this remix. It’s just me fucking around on my computer with whatever I had on my computer at that time. The drums and samples are both just things I had sitting around on my hard drive.
Okay, so , here it is…

On a side note, I kinda went to high school with Fiona Apple. I say “kinda” cause she went to the night school version of my high school. I think part of the night school deal was to work in the office during the day. She was “the hot girl in the office” that me (and many other 17 year old boys) would walk extra slowly by the office with hopes of catching a glimpse. I never spoke to her or anything but two years later I saw her on MTV and was like “Holy shit! That’s the hot girl from the office!”. So, yeah, that’s my Fiona Apple story. Cool story, me.

30 thoughts on “Here’s a remix I made of FIona Apple’s “Hot Knife”

  1. that’s pretty dope. i’m a big fiona fan but i only listened to the new album a couple times after i bought it. i just wasn’t feeling it. i think i need to revisit it a few more times. oh and definitely a cool story, bro.

    • I’d imagine it’s a preference thing with her music but I’m a fan of her when she goes super minimal. just a piano, bass and some light drums. Her song writing carries her so it doesn’t need a lot of bells a whistles , imo.

  2. I love the remix, and your fionna story is pretty dope. I look forward to your funny posts on fb daily…not many pOSTS have me laughing out loud, but its a common occurrance with yours and it makss fb a ljttle less lame. So thanx…p.s. u and fiona although very different artists happen to be two of my favs and hot knife was my fav song off her new album so u remixing this song was quite a treat for me!

  3. you forgot the part where you had sex with her and it was better than anything you’ve ever experienced in your life and it’s how you decided to make music…to try and recapture that magical feeling in your loins again.

  4. awesome remix. quick question, do you bring around a small midi controller around when you travel for shit like this or was this made 100% on the laptop only meaning like if you had to bang out the drum beat you’d use your laptop keyboard??

  5. Dope remix Bloc. Played it out last night at an early set, nice bass, heads were nodding. An 8 bar outro would be great for mixing purposes tho.

    Keep the freemixes coming.

  6. Yeah, my girl calls me demanding too. A beggar and a chooser.

    So that brings me to a question: I remember reading that you don’t crate dig much anymore, but “cyber dig” instead. Do pay attention to bit rates/quality when you pick out samples? If you find a dope potential sample but it’s like 192kbps, you still gonna use it if you can’t find it in WAV or FLAC? Or do you give a fuck about this type of audionerdery? (As a DJ it makes a big difference to me.)

    • I do not prescribe to that kinda of nerd-ery at all. I sample what i sample. I’ve sampled shit off dusty ass third generation cassette tapes. I honestly can never tell the difference between how something that’s 192 kpbs sounds from something that’s 320.

  7. Fiona Apple is a 50/50 chick. 50% of the time she looks hot as fuck….and 50% of the time she looks like Dumpster Dan.

  8. This remix is great. I stuck it on the end of the album on my Ipod. Sorry for the “producing” question, but how did you make it? Did you get an acapella, or just filter out everything but the vocals somehow? What software or whatever did you use to filter it?

    • I just used the original song and cut out the pat with piano. I toke out some lows on the mix so the vocals would pop. I used a basic hi/mids/lows equalizer. I did it on Abelton live.

      • Cool. Thank you. I’ve only listened to the original about two times. I didn’t remember there being many open vocal parts. I guess I need to start messing with equalizing more on stuff when I sample.

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