Mixes for girls Vol. 2: The “I’m sorry/I want you back” Mix.

A couple weeks ago, I posted this. It was a little write up about the good old days of making mix tapes for a girl, with a mix included. It was so much fun, I made 4 of them. This is the second. This time around, this mix for girls is for that special occasion when you’ve fucked up. This is that mix you give to the girl to try and express how devastated you are that she is no longer in your life. It’s the “low blow” of mixes cause it’s full of beautiful and sad songs with all sorts of mixed messages. I’m not gonna lie, there is a sociopath element to making a decent mix tape for a girl. Especially when it’s purpose is to win her back after screwing her over. It’s manipulating emotions and trying to hit nerves that may or may not still be active. When you’ve fucked up , there is only so much “I’m sorry” you can say before it becomes a repetitive. That’s when the “I’m sorry” mix comes in handy.
Not only will it express your feelings better than you could ever do (most likely via a text message, you piece of shit) but it’s relentless. Song after song of heartbreak , regret, or even just a straight up pretty song that strikes a chord . It’s a real test to how dead in the water you are in this relationship cause , if she has any feelings for you still, this should bring them out. If not, the light switch in her head has been flicked and it’s time to move on. Perhaps start working on one of those ” Hey, I’m eclectic and interesting” type mixes for whatever future girl you might encounter (Btw, that’s gonna be the next volume).
All psychology of this mix aside, these are all awesome songs that actually play as well for a rainy day inside or a bad hangover as they do for burying your face in a pillow and weeping all day. That’s what’s so cool about music. It’s so flexible.
So, here’s the “last hope” mix. Use it wisely.

1)I love you more than you’ll ever know: Donny Hathaway
2)Strong as death (sweet as love): Al Green
3)You are mine: Eddie ray
4)I’ll take care of you: Bobby “Blue” Bland
5)In the rain: The Dramatics
6)Who’s gonna save my soul: Gnarls Barkley
7)With these hands: Les Mccann
8)Free Ride: Nick Drake
9)It’s a sad thing: Slims Twins
10)Between the bars: Madeleine Peyroux
11)I believe to my soul: Ray Charles
12)Hope there’s someone: Antony and the Johnsons
13)Wayfaring stranger: The Anita Kerr Quartet
14)Heartbeats: Jose Gonzales
15)Funny (not so much): Walter Jackson
16)Just to keep you satisfied: Marvin Gaye

7 thoughts on “Mixes for girls Vol. 2: The “I’m sorry/I want you back” Mix.

  1. Great list. Pretty much any track off Pink Moon would have done nicely for this kind of list but I like how you went with Free Ride. That Madeleine Peyroux cover of Between the Bars is a perfect fit as well- she has a great voice.

  2. I like where you’re going with this…but if a guy fucked me over that bad, no song in the world can make me forgive him. Rage Against the Machine would be the mix that would be playing as I made him eat his own dick cheese. Either way, nice playlist. #5 is my favorite.

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