Some new tour dates! US and Europe!

Hey everyone…So, I got some fall/winter shows coming up all over the place…I want you to come to them. That’s all I ask.
Peep these dates and ,hopefully , I’m Playing near somewhere where you live. If I’m not, don’t think it’s because I don’t want to play there…it simply cause no one is booking me there. Trust me, I want to play everywhere. In fact, if you know people who put together legit shows and would seriously want to bring me somewhere, tell them to holler at my booking agent, colin ( ). Help me make it happen cause I pretty much only go where I’m invited.
Okay? great.
Now, the dates:

12.8 Los Angeles, CA @King King hollywood
12.12 Atlanta, GA “Trinumeral Fest” @ Terminal West
12.13 Fairfield, Conn. @Stageone
12.15 Brooklyn , NY @Paper Box
12.21 Austin, TX @ The Parish

Hope to see you at one of these!

30 thoughts on “Some new tour dates! US and Europe!

  1. Man, I would literally seriously consider donating my left testicle to the cause if it would bring you into Boston at some point.
    If it struck your fancy, I’d even set the whole show up over here at MassArt. Though we all know how lovely college gigs can be.
    Either way, whether my hand is involved or not, it would be awesome to see ya swing through these parts, as I can’t remember ever seeing a Boston date on your tours.

  2. hey Block. right on! more shows. would love a chance to see you sometime LIVE!. anyone ever talk to you about an Alaska show. i know its way up there and there isn’t really near anything else (city wise) but maybe coincide it with some Canada shows….maybe DJ Cam might want some Canada shows too. either way love your music( and your commentaries) no matter what. Alaska wants some Blockhead bad.

  3. When Do The L.A. Tickets Go On Sale?
    HopeFully they Don’t Sell Out Neither!
    There’s Nothing Posted On They’re WebSite?
    I’m Might Just Go, It’s Been Too Long Since I’ve SeenYou!

  4. I second the Boston request. Was there when you played at Church with Emancipator, and it was a helluva show. Hopefully whatever talks you’re in are progressing. Please come back asap

  5. I missed you in Denver with Emancipator. Been kicking myself in the teeth for missing it. You better get your white ass back up here sometime soon!!

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