Song of the day 10/19/12

Can U feel Me? By Saafir

When I first heard Saafir, I was listening to Casual’s “Fear itself” album. His one verse song “That’s bullshit” pretty much bodied the entire album (which is saying a lot considering how good that album is). Back then, this is how new artists were often introduced. They’d be given a verse or a short song on another artists album and all their fans would be put on to the next big thing. It happened with Jeru, it happened with Nas, and Saafir was no different.
I can honestly say Saafir is one of those rappers that has never sounded like anyone. Even to this day. I don’t think people even really bit him enough to create a sub genre of Saafir like rappers (like people did with Freestyle Fellowship). He was truly a one of a kind type of rapper.
His debut album “Boxcar Sessions” dropped in 1994 and I think it threw a lot of people off. It was just so out there that I’d guess a lot of people didn’t know what to think. Think of a west coast version of “Tical” but with extremely abstract rapping. Granted, there are also people out there who consider it one of the better albums of that era but I’d say ,more often than not, people were kinda scratching their heads when they initially heard it. Luckily, it was also an album that, when you went back to it a year or two later, it made more sense.
This song, in particular was always a standout track to me. It’s a lot less aggressive than many of the songs on the album. Perhaps that’s why it jumped out to me upon first listen. Whatever the case, check it out and if you’ve never peeped “Boxcar Sessions”, get familiar with it.

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