Tim and I discuss music and stuff vol. 6

This week, Tim aka Alaska and I discuss the music of Joey Bada$$, Big deal and Freestyle fellowship. As always, we have fun. except for the part where tim basically says he hates me for loving freestyle fellowship. That hurt.

2 thoughts on “Tim and I discuss music and stuff vol. 6

  1. This freestyle kind of changed my mind about Joey Bada$$: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmUXgvkkqPs
    I’m still not going crazy over him, but it made me appreciate him more for sure. Also, (and I know you hate hearing questions about whether or not you “fuck” with specific artists) what’s your reaction to how Kendrick Lamar’s album is blowing up on blogs, and how much of the hype do you think is worth buying into?

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