Song of the day 10/26/12

Down and Out By Cam’ron

Last week I went on Cam’ron listening binge. I dunno what made it happen but his music had a renaissance in my Ipod.
I’d say there are a few ways to look at Cam. He’s either straight up great OR awesomely ridiculous and hilarious, both on purpose and accidentally OR he’s terrible . Now, when the people who feel the latter way are confronted with any of his music words like “real hip” and “Boom bap” seem to get thrown around as a way to disprove Cam’s worth as an MC. In my eyes, that’s a shame. Not cause Cam is the next coming of Rakim but cause those people who write him off are overlooking some of the facets that make a rapper great that Cam has more than his share of. Sure, he may not rap thought provoking lyrics with an intricate flow but he’s got presence, confidence , and an abstract creativity like few other rappers before or after him. It’s a shame that his topics and viewpoints are such a turn off to some cause I feel as if people are missing out. His run of music in the early 2000’s was awesome. Highly ignorant, negatively influential to all the rappers around him but awesome nonetheless.
He literally had little kids in the hood wearing huge pink t-shirts. CAM POPULARIZED PINK AS A COLOR CHOICE FOR MEN. He was gaudy, obnoxious, over the top and everything else…but , more than anything, he was clever. This song is my favorite example of that. It’s a album track off his peak achievement “Purple haze”. I was planning to write out some quotes on here but there are so many I don’t even know where to start.
Yes, many of you will not like this. Some of you might even be offended by it. I get it, you’re most likely fans of my music. It’s not like I have much in common with Killa Cam musically. I just ask you listen to it with an open mind. Also, the last 2 verses are pretty much two of my favorite verses he ever kicked.

15 thoughts on “Song of the day 10/26/12

  1. “harlem shake at your wake” is still one of the finest lines ever spit. i have a much better appreciation for Cam now that my hip hop elitism has essentially disappeared.
    And I’ll always love him for the “u mad, u maaaaad” interview with Bill O’reilly.

    • THat’s exactly the line i wanted to quote. It’s so fucking funny.
      Also, agree 100%. It’s that youthful hip hop elitism that create most of the backlash for Cam. Once you realize that none of this shit is THAT serious or THAT important, it’s like a cloud is lifted and the glory that is Cam’ron is revealed.

      • wouldnt impling u would kill a serial killer be snitchin on urself? is snitchin exceptable if it makes u look cool? i got a feeling cams calling the cops way before hed kick in jeffery dommers door.

  2. ive always had a love/hate relationship with dipset. i loved the slang(whats really really good?) the beats(heat makers?)and the flows they came up with(all the multies) but the subject matter left something to be desired(except the song about irritable bowel syndrome from killa season). purple haze was definetly my favorite album from cam. “killa cam” and “get em girl” both banged in my oldsmobile. one thing i hated about this era was every 5’7″ 150lbed kid buying up all the xxl tall shirts from stores(which is my actual size). and the pink thing went a little over board. did you paint your range rover pink block?

  3. Cam is one of my all time favs. He is a great diss rapper. But I remember when his first album came out, it was full of well thought out concepts. But I guess he got more responses from ignorant raps so he went that direction. On the song Death he has a convo with Death and as simple as it is it’s pretty genius. Nice write up…

  4. Yes he is one of the greats. As far as hip hop elitsts, he was in the Harlem Super group with Mase and Big L before this phase in his career. He defintely has some of the best one liners of all time.

  5. Those skits on Purple Haze fuckin’ priceless! “You say I’m a chicken I’ma act like a chicken..Quack, quack, quack, quack or whatever the fuck they say.” “…That’s a duck.” Then the next track is “Soap Opera”.

    Pure. Comic. Genius.

  6. i listened to nothing but Purple Haze and the Purple Mixtape for an embarrassingly long amount of time. Purple Citys Candyland was another dope mixtape that i had in my discman (lol) for a long ass time. Dipset released a lot of quality shit back in the day.

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