Answers for questions vol. 8

Oh shit! A storms comin’! If you’re like me, on the east coast, you’re either riding a gnarly wave to the supermarket or awaiting hurricane sandy with a cupboard full of rice and beans. To all those out there, good luck…I hope to see you all in a few days when this is over.
anyway, assuming you don’t get washed away (of you don’t live anywhere near where this hurricane is), send me more questions. Email them to me at or leave them in the comments below. Do it. Do it right.

Is it wrong to completely be turned off by someone who listens to shitty music? Being a musician, do you think there needs to be some common ground on musical taste? I was dating a girl who only listened to country music, after a month of being subjected to that, and shitty reality tv (literally that’s all she watches), I had to call it quits. Not to mention she’s a 21 year old virgin, is uber religious and wasn’t dtf. Am I the asshole for having such refined taste?

I’d be way more turned off by the religion than the music taste. At least you can turn music off. I don’t think sharing musical tastes is crucial to relationships but it doesn’t hurt. It’s cool to be able to turn your girl onto cool music and vice versa but, at the same time, the last thing I’d ever want in a relationship is a girl who wants to talk about rap with me all day. That would be torture.
I’d say, Ideally, you and girl should share some taste but ultimately are into some different shit. Like if she likes classic rock and you like hip hop…that’s fine. Country music might be stretching it though and that girl you dated sounds more like a case of her being a fucking moron than her simply having bad taste in things.

So I am a big fan of both Anthony Burgess’s book and Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation “A Clockwork Orange.” I recently watched it with my older sister who is 24 and was bothered by the fact that she could only view the film as “disturbing and detestable.” She was mostly reacting to Alex Delarge’s “Ultraviolence” when him and his gang of toothless grinning bulldogs took to the streets, But I still find it irritating that she could not identify any of the underlying concepts the movie was trying to present. So I guess my question is do you think A Clockwork Orange has relevant concepts? and do you like personally? I also want to say that Alex Delarge might be the greatest charismatic villain ever.

I’m a big fan of that movie. And, instead of answer your question about it’s theme (as it seems like a film class test question and I honestly haven’t seen the movie recently enough to get that deep into it) I’d just like to comment more on the problem you’re speaking on where people can’t separate being disturbed by a movie and the quality of the film itself. One of my sisters is like that and it’s drives me insane. We’ll see an obviously well made movie and she’ll say it’s awful cause it made her feel uncomfortable…when that’s what it was supposed to do!
I saw “The Master” recently. I left kinda confused. I didn’t love it, had no urge to ever watch it again but I was also well aware that it was a very well made movie with some great performances in it. It sounds to me that your older sister is a lot like my older sister. My advice would be to simply learn to never discuss movies with her cause you will be infuriated constantly.

Do you collect a bunch of samples (like loops) and save them till it’s beat making time, or do you dig through different records during the beat making process?
I used to do it the latter way but , over the last 5 years I’ve organized my sampling much more cause I gotta keep track of what I use. Nowadays, I go through all the albums I have, mark off the songs that have possible samples on them, mark what the samples are (what instruments), if they’ve drums in them, and if they’re the type of sample I might use as a main part or a layer. Then, when I sit down to make a beat, I sift through them and just find things I might need. For instance, say I have a foundation laid and I need something to layer over the main sample, I’ll find anything with horns in it and go through those sounds. It’s definitely some OCD shit but it’s made beat making so much more efficient for me.

Thoughts on straight dudes with a very gay sense of humor. What I mean by that is my two best friends and I have always been very close, and often find it funny to talk about how hard we would blow each other if x happens, if you do this I’m gonna do that to your ass, nut shots, ass grabbing, texting pics of gay dudes fucking etc. We are all straight, and have no actual interest in fucking each other. Is that a common theme among guys?

Hmm…well, i think that , especially with white dudes, inside gay jokes are fairly normal. But I think there is a line where it’s just kinda weird. Like saying crazy shit to each other is pretty typical. Nut shots are less normal but not unusual. Ass grabbing? Hmmm….I don’t know about that. Do you also wrestle naked and laugh hysterically while you put each others penises in your mouths?
But , really, i draw the line with the texting of gay porn. I get texting each other ridiculous pictures that may be gross but just a normal scene pic from a gay porn? I don’t know what the point of that is.
So, to answer your question, i think elements of what you and your friends do are very normal but the lengths that you guys take it is not. Don’t be surprised if one of you guys comes out down the line and the rest of you feel like you’ve been takn advantage of. Props to that guy , though. He got you motherfuckers good.

Dear Readers Spoiler Alert if you haven’t caught up with Boardwalk Empire end of Season 2 Dear Block ,what is you’re opinion on Jimmy being killed? And now bringing in this Self Asphyxiation crazed lunatic as the new criminal mind trying to be Boss?

I thought killing jimmy was a strong move. I like the direction that HBO has been going with their shows lately where no one is sacred. As for the new villain, I fucking love him. Gyp is the best. He’s hilarious, over the top and slightly dumb. All those things make for a far more interesting character than Jimmy ever was, in my opinion.

What’s your take on married couples in their 30′s with young kids who always go out to clubs together every weekend, and asking grandparents or babysitters to always watch their kids? Are these people not being responsible parents, or should they be given a break because it’s just what they enjoy doing?

I’m at that age where I have a good amount of friends who have young kids. You know what they don’t do? Go clubbing. I mean, to each his own but , it would appear, that most responsible people have a switch get flicked once they have kids that tells them the partying is over. This isn’t to say they can never go out. In fact, when they cut loose, they REALLY cut loose. But this can’t be a regular thing. for one, they’re too tired all the time but, more importantly, the desire to live that lifestyle is no longer there. We all like to party but once you are responsible for the life of another, that shit’s got to take a back seat. I think that’s an unspoken part of having a kid. A life choice adults make when they decide to bring a person into this world. It’s different for young parents but for parents in their 30’s? It’s not a good look.
I often tweet little things about young moms at the club and , without fail, a few people will get defensive about how they can balance those lifestyles. My point in all this is not that you can’t but more that you shouldn’t really have an urge to. You got a kid now. Get your fucking life together. Doing molly at a club till 6 am is now something you USED to do. Now go feed your crying child, you piece of shit.

12 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 8

  1. What’s wrong with a little grab-ass and gay porn texting? I do all of the above and am certainly secure in my sexuality… It’s funny sending a text to someone and BAM it’s a picture of your wrinkly sac! (the shaft should never enter the frame of the picture though, cuz that’s gay). It’s the same gross-out game as sending pics of bat-wings, floppy titties or fisting. I think the more offensive or distasteful or uncomfortable a topic or activity that you can openly share with your friends and them to accept it only reinforces the bonds of friendship. It’s not gay if the balls don’t touch.

      • there is no line when it comes to doing gay shit with your friends…. as long as its still funny and people around you get uncomfortable

      • I’d say this is true but when it eventually results in you and your boy giggling while on top of each other naked, just know your joking around style is pretty gay, bro.
        I’ve always said that I wouldn’t be shocked if the next Jackass movie would be those dudes blowing each others while laughing and vomiting.

  2. Boardwalk Empire: You are right about Gyp having more substance as a character,more interesting.He’s starting to grow on me.He’s definitely persistent.

    Haha, my feeling exactly on the last one. Having hung over parents is the worst fucking thing ever to deal with in the morning before school.Worthless.

    On the topic of strait dudes making all the gay references:This reminds me of a couple kids i went to school with.They would make all the we’re gay but not really gay jokes in the world. Then one night at a gay night club i saw them outside in the alleyway beating up a gay dude and shouting terrible terrible things at him.Turns out when one of them was busted ,(this wasn’t the first time they had done this) he was quoted as having gay guilt. Turns out he was gay,but was raised to hate homosexuals so he took it out on others with jokes and then violence. I don’t mean to say this is you or your friends..

  3. i watched the movie DRIVE with my friend the other day and we couldnt stop talking about how handsome ryan goslin is…like “gay” one uping each other. but blocks right about white guys doing this, ive never had a black friend gay one up me. and as far as sending pics to friends ill pass. half the fun of saying “id let ryan goslin drive my stick shift” is that its spontaneous humor. sending me the link to lemon party is just kinda gross. its like RICKROLLED thing on steriods!

  4. A line is definetley drawn when you start texting pictures of each others junk back and forth to each other. Even talking like that back and forth to friends would be weird to me.

    In any case, a question, I would have for you Blockhead, is if you would feel just as uncomfortable if your hanging out with your friend, and out of nowhere he shows you a video of his girl giving him a blowjob, or riding him. Would you just feel weird by it, especially if you see her pretty frequently? Would you feel more uncomfortable around your friend, or with his girlfriend afterwards, if at all? I only ask, because a friend of mine recently did this, and I actually felt bad for his girl afterwards, because she originally felt the filming would be for them only, and she’s a good girl for him, and deep down, I was just like “if you only knew what he shows to people.” Now, I’m just like, that’s a dick move to do to someone.

  5. As a Canadian, I’ve always wondered what kind of stereotypes our brethren down south have about us. I mean, I feel like the stereotypical stereotype for the Canadian is some sort of hockey playing lumberjack who lives in an igloo, but I have to believe nobody is dumb enough to think that shit. So, being an American yourself, what kind of stereotypes/random thoughts do you have about Canadian people?

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