Mixtapes for girls vol. 3 : The “Eclectic” guy mix

This is the third installment of “mixes for girls”.Be sure to go and find the other two as each mix if for a particular occasion.
This weeks mix is the one you give a girl when you want her to think you’re interesting. There’s no theme. No genre that dominates. It’s a very random collection of songs that a girl will peep and perhaps think, “hmm…this guy is sorta strange. Perhaps i will investigate further”. It spans different era’s, social scenes, moods and ranges from obscure to a song she might have made out with a guy to in college (That song, being, “So Anxious”)
Now, because i’m not really a rock and roll kinda guy, you’ll notice that my mixes tend to be kinda thin in that genre. I realize this is a gaping hole in my mixology. I know, the ladies love rock and roll. But the thing about making mixes for girls is that if you try and pander to the girls too much to the point where it’s not even your taste, you’re kinda playing yourself. Go with what you know. And besides, mixes have never been about omissions. They’re all about selections. And a mix like this shows a subtle versatility that a cool girl will pick up on. Even if she doesn’t like some of the songs you chose, she will , at least, respect where you’re coming from.
This mix also has a feminine touch. A few songs on here that a dude might not want to be caught listening to alone. Songs that border on acceptable for male consumption. But i think we , as men, should embrace those guilty pleasures. Especially when making mixes for girls. The great thing about songs like those for men is that ,9/10 times, girls like them. So, it’s a win/win…Also, bare in mind that I’m not “in the loop” with much super current music. If this mix seems like it could have been made five years ago, it totally could have. BUt, hey, a good song should be timeless. Just cause you’ve moved onto to some new genre like shoe-gaze, electro weep-step doesn’t mean that music made 5 years ago is no longer enjoyable.
Here’s the “eclectic guy” mix. Enjoy.

1)Nightcall: Kavinsky
2)Underwear: The magnetic fields
3)A modern promise: Francis and the lights
4)Aht uh mi hed: Shuggie Otis
5)Sheep: Gonjusufi
6)Cry: Godley and cream
7)I never cared for you: Willie Nelson
8)All i need: Air
9)Baby Bitch: Ween
10)A silver Key…: Lilliput
11)Love Dog: Tv on the Radio
12)I was a a landscape in your dream: Of Montreal
13)Dames a dime a dozen: Beat the devil
14)Hands away: Interpol
15)So anxious: Genuine
16)Innocent when you dream: Tom Waits

10 thoughts on “Mixtapes for girls vol. 3 : The “Eclectic” guy mix

  1. Nightcall as the first song…i fuckin love you man (pause). but for real. dont know if it’s because the song was in Drive (awesome movie) or if it’s because I heard the STS version and the Childish Gambino/Bun B version first, but i fuckin love that song.

  2. I must be retarded – every time I click the link it gives me ads – I get rid of them and the only option is sign up – I sign up and then I go back to the link and I’m back to square one. Do I actually have to pay for this service to get the mix tape? Ughhhh halp please.

      • THANKYOUKINDSIR! Haha. Yep. I got it now. Can’t wait to have a listen. Me and my partner actually did make mix tapes for each other when we first met, though I admit they were upgrades to CDs with texta drawn cover art etc. It was like a “no big deal, but I kinda love you” type thing. He still makes them for me now as a testament to his undying love… or some shit. Still living in the past to some extent. Cheers for the mixes (and help)!

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