Answers for questions vol. 110

Hello everyone. I just got back from a weekend of shows with Emancipator in Colorado. Thanks to all those of you who came out. It was a blast. People to the people of Fort Collins for not judging me too hard when I was blowing my nose on stage. It’s not a good look but it was that or have a face covered in snot. Getting sick on tour is the worst.
Anyway, I always need more questions! Send them my way. Leave them in the comment section below or email them to me at
Do your worst (but also do your best).
Here’s this weeks…starting off with a very inappropriate question.

What would you rather: You have to finger your mom, but no one will ever know about it, or NOT finger your mom, but everyone in the world thinks you did. There are no other options in the scenario.

I’d just like to point out that my mom often reads this blog so, congrats guy, you made my mom vomit today. I hope you’re proud of yourself.
As for the question, I’d go with the latter. people can think what they want but the idea of actually doing that makes me want to throw my computer out my window right now. My sanity>>>my reputation. Plus, I’m good at explaining things to people and dispelling that myth to anyone I encountered wouldn’t be that hard.

I’ve realized that any time anyone (white) under the age of 60 says something like “I don’t like rap”, “rap is crap” or “I only like X…I can’t stand other rappers”, that I instantly assume they are racist. I don’t mean that all of them drive around with a rebel flag bumper sticker on their truck yelling the “N word” at Mexicans or anything, but I think they have at least some conscious or subconscious racism going on in their head. I always end these conversations immediately and avoid any further contact with the person. I don’t ever consider trying to defend the artistic merit of rap or arguing, because really, what is the point?

I also find myself looking for any other subtle or outright signs that they are racist. If I am still around the person because we work together or something, 100% of the time they say or do something else later that supports my theory. (Throwing around the word ebonics, blurting out extreme political views, speaking in condescending tones, etc).

I just feel like for someone under the age of 60 to completely write off the whole genre of rap now in the year 2012, they must have some serious issues. I get it if it is not their favorite thing to listen to, and I completely understand how some of the language might be offensive…but not all of it. These people never focus their complaints on that anyway, and always just point out how they think the technical act of rapping, sampling, and using a drum machine requires no talent. That’s some bullshit, and a cover-up in my opinion.

Blockhead, you are obviously an expert in the field of sweeping generalizations. My question for you is, when you encounter these people that diss rap in its entirety, do you ever find yourself assuming that they are racist? Do you debate, change the conversation or end the conversation? If they are not all racist, at least 8 out of 10 must be, right?… Or does all of this make me the racist one because rap does not equal black? Whoa

First off, 60 years old is your cut off age for when people should respect rap? I’d say you’re off by about 20 years. I’d say MOST 60 year old’s don’t like rap. Black and white. They were already 30 when it started. That’s like telling me if I don’t like Dubstep I’m prejudice against people who do molly.
Secondly, your sweeping generalizations are way more sweeping than mine. Some people don’t like rap. It’s not that hard to fathom. It certainly doesn’t mean they’re racist. I mean, sure, SOME of them may have some racist in them but you could say the same thing for whigged out white kids from the suburbs who dress like gucci mane. It works both ways. I don’t like most current rock music. Does that mean I hate white people? It’s just musical preference.
In my experience, people who are youngish who dislike rap as a whole either one or a combination of these:
a)Don’t think people talking to a beat is music
b)Have only been exposed to what’s played on the radio so they assume rap is just one thing
c)Grew up in a heavily non-rap environment. If it’s not around from a somewhat young age, it’s less likely they’re going to gravitate towards it, as our youth is where many of our musical tastes evolve.
d)They listened to it, gave it a chance, and it simply wasn’t for them.
e) They’re racist.
As you can see, it’s not AS black and white as you think it may be. Just cause you like something doesn’t mean everyone else does.

i was just wiping my ass and it made me think, you know how besides fingerprints, your lips, iris, writer’s palm, etc all are unique and traceable also? do you think everyone’s asshole is unique? like if i murdered your girlfriend then took a shit in her toilet, and didnt flush the paper down, could the cops (theoretically) lift my brown eye print if i just dabbed instead of like, dragging across? i dont know why they’d have my buttprint on record but this is all hypothetical. i’d love to hear your opinion on this one

Yeah…no. I’d argue that they might be able to trace your shit back to you (does shit have DNA in it?) but that’s about it. You’re reachin’, bro.

How involved are you in creation of music videos? Are you happy how they’ve turned out?

I’ve had absolutely nothing to do with any of my music videos beyond agreeing to let them get made. This has worked both for and against me. In the case of “The music scene” It’s the best thing that ever happened. That video is amazing and it’s also probably the most viewed thing I’ve ever done.

In other cases, the videos were fine but nothing special. Like the “Insomniac Olympics” video. I don’t dislike it but I also don’t really care that much about it. Perhaps it’s cause it was my first video and everyone who saw it though I was the guy in the video.

Okay so my bf and I were discussing this the other night… What is your opinion on Serval cats? (or any other medium-large breed of domestic cat) I think you’ve mentioned a disdain for cats, and trust me, I’m definitely more of a dog person as well… but I think if I were to have a cat, it would be pretty kick-ass to have an exotic one like a Serval. My bf thinks that having a cat that large is creepy. He doesn’t think they would be trustworthy creatures, and that they’ll snap one day like a helper-monkey, and maul you. Also, if you’re not down with the medium-large cats, are there any other “exotic” animals you would consider owning if you had the land and resources to care for it?

A cat is a cat. The idea of a larger cat is actually worse than having a normal sized one. it’s still got a cat brain, therefore, it’s still an asshole.
As for exotic animals, I don’t think I’d want any pet under any circumstance. I’ve got mad love for sloths but I’ll be damned if I were to ever wanna live with one of those filthy, motherfuckers with their shit crusted fur and creepy long claws. I’m fine just going to and looking at pictures of those kinda things from a far. Keep shit civilized and stuff.

If there is a specific person, or at least a related incident, explain the most “wigged-out” guy you’ve ever met, or a situation you’ve been in. I know you’ve mentioned the thing where normal people figure out you’re a producer and change their voice to be “down” with you, but I’m sure there is some sort of hilarious person or story that you can share with us all.

Do you mean the most wigger-ish person or the craziest person? In both cases, I don’t really have a go to answer. I’ve met enough wiggers and crazy people in my life that they all blend seamlessly. I think I already wrote about this but , while I was in Russia a few months back, I met the funniest wigger ever. He was thugged out and from Kiev city and kept giving me pound after pound , while referring to his “Wu-tang Niggaz”. That guy was the best cause I’m pretty sure “Nigga” was one of like 50 english words he knew.

Do you find that there are certain types of foods that your body just can’t mess with anymore? I’m not talking about going to McDonalds and slamming back 5 cheeseburgers or something like that… For example, now that I’ve gotten older, I really can’t mess with dairy much anymore without immediately needing to visit the toilet. As you’ve gotten older, is there something you ate all the time growing up that is on the outs?

Well, taking fast food out the equation hurts my answer. I pretty much avoid that shit as much as possible (airports being the only exception). I’ve had a little more problems with dairy over the last few years. I still eat it and love it but I’ve noticed my stomach doesn’t handle it as well as it once did and that results in room clearing, eye searing farts. But, you know, I’m cool with that. It’s like having a tiny WMD at my disposal at all time.

Speaking of food – do you get joy out of eating as many animals as possible? I actually ate shark the other day for the first time, and I felt like I was that much more of an ultimate carnivore for eating a new animal. You down with Brazilian BBQs where they give you all sorts of tasty new beasts? Ever eat any awesome exotic animals?
I get joy out fo eating food that tastes good. I wouldn’t eat something just cause it’s
a weird animal. Like, if you give me a bbq’d rat on a stick, I’m not eating that shit. What your describing is kind of a demonstration of who’s at the top of the food chain. Like you’re proving to all animals that we run the show. It’s kinda how frat boys look at anal sex with girls. But me, personally, I’d rather just eat some tasty food. If it happens to be a braised cockatoo shoulder, then so be it. But I’d never go out of my way to eat something just cause it’s rare. Flavor comes first.

Are you a people-watcher? I have to figure that you are, and if so, where is your favorite place to watch? I went to a Renaissance Festival this weekend, and I couldn’t believe how many different types of mutants were there to delight my eyes.

I certainly am but only in the most casual sense. If I’m waiting somewhere, I’m watching everything. Like in an airport or on a long line at the post office. I often do that thing on trains and planes where I imagine ,if I were stuck in that room with the people in it, who I’d have sex with/be down with/would be forced to murder (lord of flies style). However, I don’t go out seeking places to watch people. If you do that alone, I think that’s called stalking. But, yeah, people watching is fun and great source of fodder for any self appointed sociologist, such as myself.

8 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 110

  1. Fun fact – Someone took a shit and left it in the bathroom in the Amanda Knox case. I was surprised to learn that shit itself does not have DNA on it, but the paper the guy used to wipe did.

  2. Lets talk fans and approachability. You have mentioned before that you don’t get recognized often, even at an Aesop show where you didn’t play but went to support i remember you saying in one interview how even in the crowd you weren’t really approached. To me, if i was in the music business, that would be amazing. I would hate to not have any privacy and people stalking me everywhere i go ex. bieber fever.

    So, do you think you have reached the sweet spot? You are known and respected but you still have your privacy intact and can go to restaurants and bars without being annoyed constantly?

    Do you wish you were recognized more often? Or less?

    Lastly, if your walking down the street, whats your preference of how a fan acknowledges you? Just a quick “hey block, ima big fan keep doing what your doing” as they walk with a head nod? Do you care for the hand shakes and pounds, or are you the type to prefer that nothing is said and just keep moving?

  3. If you had to spend the next year of your life method actor style, without breaking character or costume, would you rather be Ali G, Borat, or Bruno? Please explain why.

  4. i know either or type questions are an easy way out and everyone always thinks they have a good question but hear me out here.

    would you rather have an std that you constantly feel but could fuck w/o worrying about your partner getting it? or have an std you never feel but will transmit to your partners regardless of protection?

  5. Have you ever eatin your own boogers, and do you still? Do you think everyone has? If you caught your girl poking her nose and trying to secretly eat it, would you say anything?

  6. This is totally hypothetical, but let’s just say that KRS-One has gone completely batshit crazy. He is obsessed with creating a new nation deemed the “Temple Of Hip-Hop” and plans on succeeding from the US. He has built an army of S1Ws and will use them to destroy anything that stands in his way. He begins to target rap artists everywhere that do not fit into his vision of the future. He has killed Missy Elliot in a fat-suit sumo wrestling match, sent air-to-ground missiles into one of Russell Simmons’ beach houses, and forced Cam’ron to dye his entire body pink. Now he is coming for you. He has kidnapped everyone close to you as ransom, and promises that bad things will happen if you do not complete a series of tests to prove your allegiance to Hip-Hop. You cannot explain your actions, and must hope to stay alive through each test.

    1.) Ice Cube is throwing a back yard pool party. You must enter the party uninvited and take a dump in either the pool, the grill, or on top of a keg of beer. Which one do you choose? How do you escape?

    2.) You must survive 4 rounds of boxing with Freddie Foxxx, Willie D, or Melle Mel. You get a weapon handicap, either a single nunchuck, 20 throwing stars, or a pugil stick (one of those American Gladiator q-tip looking things). Who do you fight, and which weapon do you choose?

    3.) Stars have aligned and the Wu-Tang miraculously play a concert with all living members present. Before the concert has ended, you must steal at least one of their shoes right off their foot. It can be a Timberland boot, Wallaby or whatever whatever. Who’s shoe do you steal, and how do you escape?

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