Answers for questions vol. 111

Yo yo…hello to all. It’s another week so that means I answer more questions that you have sent me. That’s kinda how this works. If you have any questions for me, send them my way. Either leave them in the comments below or email them to me at Get creative. I’m not above doing that thing where I just ignore a question cause it’s lame. A few of this weeks definitely walked that line but I let them through anyway cause, in the end, I’m a fair and honest ruler of my domain.
Anyway, here are this weeks questions…

I know you mentioned that you went to high school with Aaron Sanchez back in the day. My question is: what is with this dude? On Chopped, he sits there and examines food down to a T, whether it be presentation, or use of ingredients and how it affects certain flavors, etc. He acts like a world class chef. Then, on a show like Heat Seekers, he’s practically Carlos Mencia, jumping around and saying things like, “Yo, this is so hot, b! I thought I had Mexican power but I was wrong, yo!” Is he the ultimate chameleon? Or is he just a world-class tool?

I went to school with Aaron my senior year (he’s was a junior at the time). In high school he was both hilarious and a completely self absorbed prick. He was that guy, if he was snapping on you, you were getting served. He was not exactly a thug or anything but he definitely was closer to that than he was the guy who would sit in class making valid points. One of my only clear memories of him, actually, was discussing how dope the beat to “Crooklyn Dodgers” was. So, you know, he liked rap and shit.
From what i recall, his parents owned some restaurants so i guess he grew up around food but I never would have guessed it from how he acted in school.
He was kind of on some “pretty boy” shit actually. He had gel in his hair and his gear was always fairly fresh. He definitely thought very highly of himself. I had gym with him and he was decent at basketball in the way that people who grew up playing in the park are. I can’t say I interacted with him much but he was a character. He was hard to miss. Still, him becoming a chef…never woulda guessed it.
So, to answer your question, he was definitely more like the dude you see saying “yo, this tamale is hot, b!” than the quizzical food reviewer on “Chopped”.

1. On your records, are there any songs that you really felt like were going to be a hit (with the fans) only for it to be relatively underappreciated? Like something you put a lot of work into and felt like “damn, this is gonna blow some minds” and then when the album comes out, everyone always forgets about it because they like other tracks more.Conversely, were there any songs that were the opposite: someone you just kinda threw together and ended up surprising you with how much people liked it?

I don’t really work with the mind set of “hits”. I mean, I make either underground rap or instrumental hip hip. The ceiling for making “Hits” is pretty low. I mean, there have certainly been some songs I liked more that never seemed to hit with my fans as much as others.
Like “Pity Party” is one of my favorite songs off my album “The music scene”. In particular, the last half of it. But I can’t say I’ve every had anyone even mention that song to me.

Come to think about it, every time I’ve made a song was was one of my more popular songs, I kinda knew it would be. “Insomniac olympics”, “daylight” , “It’s raining clouds”, “None Shall Pass”, “The Art of walking”….all those are pretty popular and i kinda knew it when i made them that they would be.
Another time I was off was with Cage’s song “Scenester”. I loved the song and thought it would get kinda big. It didn’t.

Have you ever had to buy tampons for your girlfriend? Why are some guys so weirded out by doing this or even by hearing the word tampon?

I can’t recall but I’m sure I have. I can’t fathom why any guy would have an issue with this. Do guys think the person behind the counter will think it’s for their pussy? It’s like dudes who get weird about buying Toilet paper…Everyone shits , bro. OR dudes who get weird about buying condoms. If anything, that should be proud moment. Unless you’re getting those “snug fit” joints. That’s gotta be pretty humiliating.
But, to return to the original question, I’d say being embarrassed by that is some young guy shit. Much like the dudes who think queefing is taboo…

i seen on celebertynetworth that meek mills makes 10 grand a show and i couldn’t name a single of his if he paid me. i think 10k is a ton of money for him and anyone(i make 42k a year) but in this article they made it sound like peanuts campared to jayz or lil wayne. which brings me to my question do know if mainstream artist really see that kind of doe for shows? is 10k chump change? or are these figures inflated to cash in on the big money rapper act that we see in videos and interviews? do any indie artist get that kind of money at all? also why do u think everybodys shy talk about how much they make(besides rappers on a dj khaled songs)?

I too cannot name a Meek Mills song. That said, it wouldn’t shock me that he might pull that kind of money for a show. I don’t know what his label situation or , really, what his fan base is even like but if they’re paying him that much, it’s cause he gets people in the seats. When compared to what major artists like Jay and Lil Wayne are doing, it is peanuts though. I’m sure those guys make mid 6 figures per show. Sure, a lot of that goes to production and crew costs but that’s par for the course when you play a show in a stadium.
As for indie artists, the popular ones do great. I can’t say for sure how much they get per show but I’m sure a two/three week tour for any established indie artist results in at least 300-600k. Keep in mind, I’m not that established. I’m talking the next level of dudes. Guys playing for 2000 people or more a night.
As for why artists don’t talk about money, i’d say it’s the polite thing to do. Bragging about your income is some low class shit. Also, you don’t wanna discuss rates publicly cause that takes away bargaining chips when you’re trying to get paid.

From “idea in your head” to “totally completed”, what’s the shortest time you’ve ever spent working on one of your tracks? What’s the longest?

I don’t really work like that. I go in phases. I make the initial beat. Which could take anywhere from an hour and half to 5 hours. Then I sit on it until it’s time to use it for something. THen I refine it and add stuff on. But it would be hard to gauge how much time I spend on any given track. My album tracks are often three completely different beats blended together.

how often do you go to the Movies and what kind of stuff do you go to see? Also, what is your least favourite Nicholas Cage movie. not that i hate the guy or anything but just think most of his movis are crap.

I see movies all the time. I don’t really have a specific genre I look for. I’ll see Judge dredd (which was fucking awesome) one day and then see some random documentary the next. If it looks entertaining/interesting , I’m bout it. That said, I’ve reached a point in my life where i’m pretty much over most “Action” movies. Basically, any movie that relies on CGI too much, I don’t give a shit. I’d rather have something well written, well shot and well acted than some visual shit show that doesn’t really accomplish much.
As for Nic Cage, I’m a fan of some of his earlier movies. Can’t say I would ever go out of my way to see anything he’s in nowadays but, in his defense, there are very few actors out there that I find to be a selling point. Actually, there are no actors out there who make me want to see a movie simply of the strength of them being in that movie. As much as i respect some actors, I also think most of them are full of shit so , because of that, i go one a movie to movie basis.

would you feel uncomfortable if your hanging out with your friend, and out of nowhere he shows you a video of his girl giving him a blowjob, or riding him. Would you just feel weird by it, especially if you see her pretty frequently? Would you feel more uncomfortable around your friend, or with his girlfriend afterwards, if at all? I only ask, because a friend of mine recently did this, and I actually felt bad for his girl afterwards, because she originally felt the filming would be for them only, and she’s a good girl for him, and deep down, I was just like “if you only knew what he shows to people.” Now, I’m just like, that’s a dick move to do to someone.

While that is a dick move, when in the history of making home porns has it ever not been eventually shown to people? I would not feel uncomfortable about that in the slightest. I know this cause I’ve had enough friends show me home made porno shit and it never effected the way I acted around the girl or even the way I felt about the girl. If anything, it might of made her hotter to me.
The thing about dudes who make home porno’s and show them to people, they do it for a reason. A weird mixture of pride and insecurity. It’s like saying “Hey guys!Look! I fuck! I really fuck!”. I almost feel like some of the dudes get more joy out of sharing these videos with their boys than they do making them. It’s the ultimate brag under the guise of being the sexual free spirit.
But yeah, it’s a dick move and the girl who is in that video has all the right in the world to be mad. However, in 2012, feeling secure with your privacy when filming a home made porn with ANYONE is risky business. You never know when that intimate moment you and “the love of your life” shared on tape might end up on some website called “”. Shit happens.

12 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 111

  1. Hey Blockhead, would you ever consider dropping a beat making video? I would love to see the process & watch you setup an instrumental. Or maybe a studio tour? Sometimes shit like that is inspiring to other producers such as myself. it would be dope to get a behind the scenes view of what you’re actually doing to make music, there are plenty of nerds like me that would watch it!. Oh & thanks for all the great music thus far.

    • best soft drink??? in my head i picture block and aesop rock mountain biking up a trail. blockheads falling behind so the aesop throws him a 20oz of moutain dew. he twist the cap, holds it a foot above his head and pours it into his mouth like a waterfall. blockhead says “ahhh” then gives a small smile and a couple nods of aproval. DAYLIGHT kicks in and they ride up the trail full steam.

  2. Block, don’t feel underestimated about ‘Pity Party’. It’s one of my favourites as well. There is a hell of emotions starting from around 3:00 which when being in proper mood freaks me out. As far as this ’emmotion communication’ in instrumental hip hop is concerned, there is one other guy who mastered it, imho, RJD2 (‘A Spaceship For Now’). So, please do more songs like ‘PP’.

  3. i gotta question…TUPAC OR BIGGIE? EAST COAST VS WEST COAST?during this time period did you have a opinion? present day most of us look back on it as a big mistake but back then no one was thinking about what COULD happen. at this time you were rhyming, correct? as a artist from nyc, were u a participant? how did u feel about west coast artist shitting on ur town? i grew up in michigan but as embarrassing as this sounds i remember having an east coast bias. i remember praying to god for biggie to responed to tupacs “hit em up”.

    presently do u have prefence between east/west/midwest/south? is there a region that stands out good or bad? or with hip hop being as big as it is, have the region lines disappeared?

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