Song of the day 11/23/12

Made it By Tree

Tree is a chicago based rapper with an interesting blend of styles going on. Aside from having a cool voice and rapping style that doesn’t really draw many comparisons, he also uses beats that seem to blend old school soul sampling with southern sounding drums. I’d be lying if I said i knew much about him. In fact, I’d be lying if I said I was even fully sold on him as an artist. But he’s been making mixtapes/albums for a while now and I think it’ safe to say he’s earned a chance in the spotlight.
I’m curious what you guys think of his. Peep this song…and watch these videos…
You like? Yes? No? Maybe so?

7 thoughts on “Song of the day 11/23/12

  1. The production is definitely something new. I’m usually not one for that slow kinda drunk style, but his voice makes that shit work nicely. I’m not gonna go looking for this guy but I’d be willing to keep an eye out.

  2. haha- “the introduction of soultrap”.
    the beats are def interesting and i dont mind his voice at all- he’s definitely got a unique style. thanks for sharing.

  3. i would put tree in the same catagory as GUNPLAY but i think his style and subject matter are a little more original. and as far as the beats…they bang…they bang hard. what i like about his sound is the contrast. i love to hear southern drums, with a boom bap sample and original voice and flow. hes doing something differnt. to me hearing originality is pretty exciting, even if the subject matter is the same thing deathrow did 20 years ago. in a way he sounds like a better/midwestern asap rocky or gunplay, but alot less cartoony/corny.

    so block its good. but the beats are on some next level shit, the contrast is genius.

    • Not for nothing, but I think you’re selling Gunplay short if you equate him with ASAP rocky on any level. Gunplay is clever. In fact, I’d take gunplay, as a rapper, over Tree as well. Not a diss to Tree, but more of a statement of how good I think Gunplay really is. His only down fall is his beats and , depending on who’s listening, his topic matter. But, obviously, I have no issue with that.

      • i do think gunplay is better lyrically then asap and i also think he has better concepts for songs then the bulk of most mixtape rappers. you posted a video of his that he directed which i think seperates him from the pack as well. if i had a knock outside of his beats it would be his character. dudes a dick. if you google him you dont find music at the top of the list, u find a video of a fist fight or a story about him robbing someone. lately man that kind of shit turns me off. idk if its seeing people in my own life making bad decisions or the fact that im a father but im growing away from gangster rap, fast. imma big fat soft pussy now. i seen an interview were slug from atmosphere said he doesnt like bragadoios songs anymore but i one time he love em. he felt like grew out of them…thats how i feel about gunplay and even tree to a point.

        also i didnt mean to compare gunplay to asap, i was comparing tree to them. so i have no idea y i decide to ramble about gangster rap.

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