Answers for questions vol. 112

Whattup. Another week, more questions. This batch is actually kinda fun. They hit the “random question” part out the park this week. Well done. If you have questions you wanna ask em, leave them in the comment section below or email them to me at
Also, a little blog note, I’m gonna be in europe for half of this week so I dunno how much I’ll be posting. Mot of those days will be spent traveling so it might be tough. I dunno…I’ll do my best.
Also, if you live in Paris or near Katowice Poland, come check out my shows. More info here:
Okay? great. Let’s get to the questions.

Do you still wear Phat Farm?
The real question would be “Did you ever wear Phat farm?”. The answer to that would be once. I owned a huge pair of navy blue Phat Farm pants that were my “special occasion” pants. This was in the early 90’s so wearing outlandishly large pants that weren’t blue jeans was how I would “dress up”. I think I still own them but I have no clue where they might be. Too bad cause they’d probably make great pajama pants. also, if Phat Farm was really savvy, they woulda spelled their name “Phat Pharm”. Just saying…

whats your take on the NYI moving to Brooklyn?
Is this a hockey question? I’m assuming NYI = The new york Islanders? Well, regardless, I have no take on it. Not only do I not watch hockey but I had no idea they might move to brooklyn. There are few things that effect me less than the prospect of the New York Islanders moving to Brooklyn. Some of those things?
The wind speed in the sahara desert at this very moment.
What Reggae artist Shaggy is doing right now.
What dog shit might taste like
The price of cigarettes
Whether of not , there is in fact , a heaven for a gangsta
You get the idea…

would you rather start going bald in your early twenties and only get dates with weird chicks or would you rather be like 5ft 3 and fuck decent chicks but can only get with ones shorter than you

Is going bald and not getting girls mutual? I don’t think it is. However, as a guy who has no issue with short girls, the second option doesn’t sound half bad. Only problem is, being 5’3” and a man would fucking suck.
Questions like this are hard to answer cause they deal with made up rules. Whenever i get them i imagine there’s some secret police officer that follows you around , enforcing these stupid fucking rules for your entire life. In reality, both these situations could work out fine. Except to be 5’3” and bald…then you should just kill yourself.

As a Canadian, I’ve always wondered what kind of stereotypes our brethren down south have about us. I mean, I feel like the stereotypical stereotype for the Canadian is some sort of hockey playing lumberjack who lives in an igloo, but I have to believe nobody is dumb enough to think that shit. So, being an American yourself, what kind of stereotypes/random thoughts do you have about Canadian people?

Well, it’s hard for me to say cause I’ve actually been to Canada a bunch of times and have met tons of Canadians. So, i don’t even recall what stereotypes I had for you guys…in fact, I’d guess I didn’t even have any cause I didn’t give Canada much thought until I went there. I’m sure, closer to the boarders, there are americans who think you guys are all yokels. You know, probably the same shit Canadians think of the americans.
I will say this though, having met Canadians, by and large, they are ridiculously friendly. Like almost to the point where you think they’re fucking with you. This exclude french Canadians who are more french than friendly. The have an edge to them. But the people I’ve met from Toronto and Vancouver? Revoltingly nice people.

Block, what is (or, was since youre locked down) your technique for picking up a lovely lady? I’m 27 but I’ve only been with 6 girls…and i want to increase that number.

I was never a dude who bagged tons of girls. I mean, I had my runs but I was never the type to go up to a girl in a bar, chat her up and take her home. That speedy pick up artist shit was a mystery to me (pun intended). I was more of a “slow burn” type who would , over time, just kinda slip into situations. Maybe i’m one of those “grow on you” types…i dunno. But fucking strangers was never my forte. I tended to get into what ever was around me with some sort of regularity. Friends friends, people I worked with, my friends girlfriends friends. Shit like that.
Around the time I turned 25, something clicked with me and I just began to understand how to communicate better with females. Maybe it was confidence or maybe it was just the desire began to outweigh the anxiety of it all…I dunno. But what I did notice was being honest worked. It sounds corny but putting you intentions out there made everything a lot easier. If you have no intention of wanting to date a girl seriously but you’d like to have sex with her, there is a way to get that across without coming off like an asshole.
It’s funny, it wasn’t until I started acting indifferent towards the whole thing that it really started coming together. I don’t know what it is but a lot of girls are attracted to a dude who doesn’t seem to care. Perhaps they’re so used to be jocked incessantly that the idea of a guy who’s a challenge excites them? I honestly don’t know what it is, but I can definitively tell you that indifference got me way more pussy than being thoughtful ever did. That said, you can’t fake indifference. Girls will see right through some bullshit aloof mask.
So, uh, yeah…I don’t really know what to tell you. The secret is finding your angle and perfecting it. But a mixture of honesty and indifference never hurt.

I was wondering…

What is your opinion on those people who feel it’s necessary to repeat lines out loud while watching movies?

I think they’re fucking annoying. Does anyone not think that?
You know what’s worse though? It’s the people who constantly quote movies. Those same people who were walking around doing Austin Powers impressions and saying “Niiiiiice” like Borat. Beyond simply being annoying and tedious , doing that just shows a lack of personality and creativity. It’s like “hey brah, get your own fucking jokes”. Reminding me of another joke from another thing doesn’t make you funny. It’s make you referential. And, if you’re gonna be referential , AT LEAST be clever about it. The more obscure the better. But dudes like that are the reason funny shit gets played out. It’s similar to people who make one good joke and then beat it death cause they’re so insecure about ever being funny again…but that’s a whole other topic.

Let’s say Danny Brown and MF DOOM both called (or emailed) you saying they wanted to collaborate with you on a full-length album, but you only had enough time/money/energy to work with ONE of them. Which one would you choose to make beats for and why? And what do you think you would call your collaboration if you gave it a title? (maybe Block-Villain?)

I’m a big fan of both those dudes so it would be tough…but , at the moment, I’d probably pick Danny Brown. More cause I trust his work ethic and focus. Doom is one of my all time favorites but he’s not exactly known for his reliability. Danny seems like the type who sets his mind to something and knocks it out. That’s how i work so that would be a good pairing. Not to mention, I think he’d sound dope over my beats.
I suppose we could call it D-Block…oh wait…that’s taken. Maybe “Brownhead”? i dunno.
On a side note, I used to exchange myspace messages with Danny like 3 or 4 years ago when I first heard him. I sent him beats and everything. Nothing ever came of it though. Too bad cause he’s a dude i definitely wanted to work with.

10 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 112

  1. The worst of all is watching a new movie with someone who already saw it. “yo watch this part! watch this! this is the best part man”

  2. Hey Block,
    Seeing as you are in Europe this week, this question is kinda relevant. What is your opinion on hip hop in foreign accents or different languages altogether? I’m an Australian and like a lot of Australian hip hop that is delivered with an Aussie accent, but often wonder what an American would think of it. In other languages, French hip hop sounds pretty cool, but German is pretty horrible. Most of the Asian languages hip hop I have heard is too weird for me to process (Gangnam Style aside of course).

  3. when i think of a canadian i think of a redneck in warm clothes. maybe a rush t shirt and light colored jean jacket. i actually call jean jackets “canadian tuxedos”.

    but people from canada are really nice and polite. ive only been to winsor, which i guess is shit hole. my dad use to drive me and my brother across the border to buy pain pills. you could buy tylenol 3s over the counter for cheap. hed load up the whip, lie to border guard and wed go back to michigan. we never got searched, ever. to be honest thats the only time i ever left the US…outta my city really. father son smuggling trips.

  4. i gotta question thats serious as cancer! whos your top 3 favorite pornstars? you gotta favorite site? you dont pay for it do you? do you remember porn before the internet? your girl into it? you ever date a girl whos not into it?

  5. When you go to Europe, how big is your fanbase? Thats something I wonder about a lot when it comes to artists going over seas. I mean shit, if you were in my town 2 years ago, I never woulda known. Are people just out to see some random show and party or do they come out for YOU?
    Semi-followup question, what are your favorite places in Euro?

  6. “I used to exchange myspace messages with Danny like 3 or 4 years ago when I first heard him. I sent him beats and everything. Nothing ever came of it though. Too bad cause he’s a dude i definitely wanted to work with”

    stories like this make me sad

    btw (consider as question for next Q&A Session). what do you think about Marco Polo? he is kinda more then good beatmaker and had heard same stories, how MCs turned down his beats

    • I think Marco is really dope. I honestly haven’t heard a ton of shit but, what i have heard has been real solid.
      as for rappers turning down beats, it’s part of the job. Newsflash: lots of rappers have shitty taste in beats. If producers forced rappers to write and rap to the beats they liked, hip hop would be a much better genre.

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