Mixtapes for girls vol. 4: The “Close it out” mix

Okay, so we’ve covered a lot here with these “mixes for girls”.
We’ve done the “Eclectic guy” mix, we’ve done the “I’m sorry” mix and the initial upbeat “getting to know you” mix. This is the final chapter. This is the “close it out” mix. This is you at your most vulnerable. How vulnerable? How bout a fucking elton john song? yeah…THAT vulnerable. This mix is a blend of well known classics, obscure jewels and just enough corny syrupy shit to top it off perfectly. This is definitely the mix with the most guilty pleasure songs. I mean…it’s hard for me to skip “100 ways” when it comes on my ipod but I’d be embarrassed as fuck if anyone ever actually caught me listening to that song alone.
The one common factor these songs all have is that they play into a mood. Often, with mix tapes, you walk a fine line of romance and sadness. This one has songs like that coming out the ass.
So, enjoy it…and if you’ve used these and haven’t gotten the ass…I really don’t know what to tell you. She’s just not that into you, bro.


1)Colours: Donovan
2)Possibly Maybe Remix: Bjork
3)On Lovers Lane: The Giraffes
4)On a Clear Day: The Peddlers
5)Fire and Rain: The Isley Brothers
6)How come you don’t call me anymore: Prince
7)This train don’t stop: Elton John
8)Morning Sunrise:Weldon Irving
9)A change gonna come: Otis Redding
11)Don’t look down: Thundersticks
12)I love you: Eddie Holman
13)Intimate friends: Eddie Kendricks
14)One hundred ways: James Ingram
15)That’s you my love: Johnny Cool

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